About Pop Culture Pathfinder

I’m Rockland Hardplace, the editor-in-chief of Pop Culture Pathfinder.

Always a GM, never a player. I started playing tabletop games 20 years ago and continue to enjoy them to this day. But from the time I started, poring over the beautiful hardcover editions of game rules has always been more fun that actually playing.

I love looking through character options to building out different combinations of feats and parties. I look forward to official supplement releases to see how new options affect my library of characters – original and homage. For years I made only original characters – from daring rangers to brooding sorcerers. I used names like Teylon and Jazix.

But we are all a sum of our influences, and over time trying to build my characters closer and closer to the pop culture references they were somewhat based on became more fun than anything else.

And so Pathfinder Builds was born. It has no point beyond showcasing my interpretation of those references as playable characters in Pathfinder 2e.

If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and email info@pathfinderbuilds.com


Why not DnD? Why not original Pathfinder?

Two good questions with no good answer. I just prefer Pathfinder 2e.

Partly it’s about the options available to characters. It feels like just the right amount, with more coming regularly. The original Pathfinder has so many supplements and rules it is simultaneously too easy to build reference characters and very difficult to track down every option.

DnD 5e is fine, but I prefer the style of Pathfinder 2e overall. This includes the addition of firearms, which I like to have in fantasy settings. I love westerns, first of all, and I can’t fathom pirate settings without at least flintlock.

You're bad at building characters.

That's not a question. But you might be right, I'm not sure that I am any good at this. I just love making them and might as well make a site to show the ones I've made.

How do you choose characters for Pop Culture Pathfinder?

The short answer is that the characters I pick are ones that a) I like and b) I think would be fun to build in Pathfinder.

They aren’t necessarily my favorite characters – although a lot of them are. They are characters that I either saw in a game, lore or other medium and thought “they would be fun to play on the tabletop”.

Do you have a Patreon?

No, but I have a Ko-Fi if you feel like supporting the site with a one-off donation. Funds are used for hosting and other services.

How do I get in touch with you?

Email info@pathfinderbuilds.com or DM us on Instagram @pathfinderbuilds


June 2024

Updating these builds to the remastered version is a sisyphean task. For almost all builds, some aspects have a remastered version, and some are legacy. We will update all builds eventually, but each build will probably not be updated until all its parts have a remastered rule.

On the other hand, some builds will be rewritten entirely to suit new upcoming classes, like Exemplar Thor and Guardian Captain America.

Meanwhile, new builds built with a hybrid of new and legacy rules are being added to the site weekly. Check them out!

August 2023

Rage of Elements is now out, and Kineticist builds will start to be published on the site soon!

July 2023

Thanks to a request from a reader, we've added Ability Score (soon to be Attribute Score) boosts to the builds. They can be seen in the newest builds, and we will be going back to update all the old builds as well. Thanks for the request!

Speaking of updating old builds, we want to announce that Pop Culture Pathfinder will be supporting the Pathfinder 2e Remaster. What that means is that we will be going back and updating all builds to fit in the updated rules coming out this November.

If you have feedback about that change, please reach out at our email info@pathfinderbuilds.com