Skirmisher Builds

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In a Pathfinder 2e party, skirmisher characters take on the agile and elusive role of utilizing their mobility to engage in hit-and-run tactics, relentlessly chipping away at enemies while maneuvering in and out of range. Their primary objective is to exploit vulnerabilities and wear down opponents by delivering rapid, targeted strikes. Skirmishers excel at darting in and out of combat, relying on their speed, nimbleness, and precision strikes to keep foes off balance. With their quick reflexes and dexterity, skirmishers can close the distance swiftly or create distance when needed, maintaining a fluid and dynamic presence on the battlefield.

Skirmishers often rely on weapons that allow for quick and agile attacks, such as dual-wielding blades, lightweight ranged weapons, or specialized gadgets. They may also possess special abilities or techniques that enhance their mobility, such as teleportation, parkour-like maneuvers, or temporary bursts of enhanced speed. By utilizing hit-and-run tactics, skirmishers can harass enemies, disrupt formations, and create opportunities for their allies to capitalize on the chaos they sow.

However, skirmishers typically have lower defenses or health pools compared to other party members, necessitating careful positioning and timing to avoid becoming overwhelmed by enemy forces. They often rely on their teammates to provide cover fire, distractions, or additional support during encounters. Communication and coordination within the party are crucial for skirmishers to optimize their hit-and-run tactics and contribute effectively to the party's overall success.

In summary, the role of a skirmisher in a Pathfinder party is to be the nimble and elusive presence, utilizing their mobility and precise strikes to continuously chip away at enemies, disrupt their plans, and create advantageous situations for their party members.


Skirmishers are experts at getting in, striking, and getting out. Chipping away at an opponents health can be extremely annoying, especially when they aren't able to land a square hit back. Skirmishers use their unparalleled movement to get around the battlefield, hitting the right targets before moving on to the next one.


What happens when an enemy makes a break for it? That's when the Skirmishers uncanny movement speed and abilities really come into play, chasing down foes to end their escape in one way or another.