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Burst down targets and cause area destruction with these blasters based on characters from pop culture.
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How to Build Blasters in Pathfinder 2e

In a Pathfinder 2e  party, blaster characters take on the explosive role of unleashing devastating area-of-effect (AOE) spells or delivering massive burst damage to decimate groups of enemies. With their mastery of destructive magic or powerful ranged attacks, blasters excel at dealing high amounts of damage to multiple foes simultaneously, turning the tide of battle in their party's favor. Through their arsenal of explosive spells, elemental conjurations, or advanced weaponry, blasters can unleash devastating attacks that engulf entire areas, incinerate enemies, or shatter defenses.

Their abilities can be particularly effective against groups of adversaries or tightly packed enemies, making them invaluable during encounters that require crowd control or dealing with hordes of foes. Blasters are often adept at exploiting elemental weaknesses or manipulating the forces of nature, enabling them to wreak havoc on enemies vulnerable to specific elements or energy types. Their offensive capabilities can significantly reduce enemy numbers and create advantageous situations for their party members to capitalize on.

However, blasters often have limited defensive capabilities or lower health pools, making them reliant on the protection and support of their teammates. They rely on the party's tanks or healers to draw enemy attention away from them and ensure their survival on the battlefield. Effective positioning and timing of their devastating attacks are crucial for blasters to maximize their impact and avoid friendly fire.

Overall, the role of a blasters in a Pathfinder party is to be the explosive force, raining down destructive power upon groups of enemies, and creating opportunities for their party members to achieve victory through overwhelming firepower.

Key Blaster Responsibilities


Since spell slots are a finite (daily) resource, they are balanced to pack a punch. Or, more accurately, a ton of punches. Even low-level spells pile on the dice compared to the swing of a sword or the shooting of a bow. Sure, you can only cast them a couple of times a day, but when that moment strikes, lookout. Blasters are experts at saving those slots to burst down the right target at the right time, popping their cooldowns to turn a foe into ash.


When the fates align, and the bad guys are clumped, it's the perfect time for a blaster to let loose an Area of Effect spell and do as much damage as possible with a single slot – often called nuking. These spells are dangerous, of course, because allies can be caught in the blast. But a the right time, look out, everything's burning.