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Snipe enemies from afar and lay down cover for allies with these shooter builds based on pop culture characters.
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How to Build Shooters in Pathfinder 2e

In a Pathfinder 2e party, shooter characters specialize in unleashing deadly ranged attacks and employing suppression strategies to control the battlefield. Armed with precision weaponry or powerful projectiles, shooters excel at dealing damage from a distance, keeping enemies at bay, and providing cover fire for their allies. Their primary role is to eliminate targets efficiently and strategically, often targeting high-value or distant adversaries. Shooters can unleash a barrage of accurate attacks, relying on their keen aim and mastery of their chosen weapons. They may utilize firearms, bows, or other ranged implements to rain down a storm of projectiles upon their foes.

Additionally, shooters can employ suppression tactics, using their firepower to keep enemies pinned down or force them into cover, limiting their mobility and reducing their effectiveness. By keeping enemies under constant threat, shooters create opportunities for their allies to maneuver, flank, or focus on priority targets. Shooters are often versatile in their approach, adapting to different combat situations by utilizing specialized ammunition, gadgets, or stealthy techniques. They may also possess scouting abilities, providing valuable reconnaissance for the party and ensuring they are aware of potential threats before engaging in combat.

However, shooters may be more vulnerable in close-quarters combat or if caught off-guard, often relying on their party members for protection against melee-focused adversaries. Coordination and communication within the party are essential for shooters to maintain advantageous positions and maximize their ranged capabilities.

In summary, the role of a shooter in a Pathfinder party is to be the precise and deadly force from afar, utilizing ranged attacks and suppression tactics to control the battlefield and ensure the success of their party.

Key Shooter Responsibilities


Shooters use their long range to focus on priority targets among their enemies. That usually means the mages and supports, or even other shooters, who hide along the backline. It's the Shooters job to pepper them with arrows, bullets, beams, blasts or bombs – whatever gets the job done, as long as it isn't up close and personal.


Likewise, Shooters can use their range to get in favorable positions, so that they can use as many actions as possible per turn firing at enemies. These volleys can help provide suppressing fire for allies, keeping enemies wary of moving forward and getting hit multiple times before reaching their destination.