Controller Builds

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In a Pathfinder 2e party, controller characters play a crucial role in manipulating the battlefield and restricting the movement of enemies, granting their allies a significant advantage in combat. Controllers specialize in various abilities that disrupt and hinder opponents, altering the flow of battle to favor their party. Whether through spells, traps, or strategic positioning, controllers excel at creating zones of control, hindering enemy movement and limiting their options.

By confining enemies within certain areas or impeding their mobility, controllers enable their teammates to position themselves more effectively and capitalize on vulnerable targets. Moreover, controllers often possess powerful crowd control abilities that can immobilize or disable groups of adversaries, rendering them helpless or at a severe disadvantage. Their contributions extend beyond combat as well, as their ability to manipulate the environment can aid the party in traversing treacherous terrain or bypassing obstacles.

However, controllers may require the support of their allies to maximize their effectiveness, relying on the party's damage dealers to capitalize on the opportunities they create.

In summary, the role of a controller in a Pathfinder party is to exert tactical dominance by restricting enemy movement, creating favorable conditions for their allies to target and dispatch foes with precision and efficiency.


Controllers excel at putting enemies right where their team wants them to be. Whether that is through magic, gadgets or sheer brute strength, Controllers move their foes around the battlefield.


The best defense is not having to worry about enemy offense at all. Any actions wasted by an enemy are actions that aren't spent whomping on your team, and that's a very powerful thing. Controllers lock foes down with stuns and other effects to keep them from taking the actions they want to take.