Healer Builds

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In a Pathfinder 2e party, healer characters fulfill a crucial role by providing vital support and ensuring the well-being of their allies throughout their adventures. With their mastery of restorative magic, potent potions, or advanced medical skills, healers excel at keeping the party healthy, mending wounds, and alleviating ailments. Their primary focus is to restore lost health points, revive fallen comrades, and alleviate the negative effects of injuries or status conditions.

Healers possess a variety of spells, abilities, or items that can mend injuries, cure diseases, and even reverse the effects of debilitating curses or magical afflictions. Additionally, healers often excel at bolstering their allies' resilience by casting protective spells or providing temporary boosts to attributes like endurance or stamina. Their support extends beyond combat as well, as healers are often skilled in tending to wounds, administering first aid, and providing essential care during downtime or exploration phases. In social encounters, healers can utilize their empathetic nature and knowledge of restorative arts to aid in negotiations or offer counsel to their teammates.

While healers excel at keeping their allies alive, they may have limited offensive capabilities themselves. They rely on their teammates to provide the necessary damage and protection during encounters. Effective communication and strategic positioning are key for a healer to ensure they can reach injured allies and optimize their healing abilities.

In summary, the role of a healer in a Pathfinder party is to be the nurturing presence, providing essential support and maintaining the health and well-being of their comrades, allowing the group to face challenges with confidence and endurance.


Pretty straightforward, right? Healers recover their allies health, either through magic, first aid or some other means. This may happen during rest periods, but is super valuable during battles, when a party member might be just one hit away from swinging their last sword. Pathfinder is meant to be very adaptable, allowing for parties without dedicated Healers. Sure, but it's always nice to have one.


What does a Healer do when they aren't healing? There are lots of other ways that allies can be supported in Pathfinder. Aid on checks, Ready Actions to prepare for adverse scenarios, chip away at enemy health and supply the right spell at just the right time. As long as their teammatees health is high, Healers are ready to do anything else they can to help win the fight.