Assassin Builds

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Pick off low health enemies using underhanded tactics with these assassin builds based on pop culture characters.
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How to Build Assassins in Pathfinder 2e

In a Pathfinder 2e party, assassins play a unique and specialized role that can bring a thrilling dynamic to the group's adventures. With their lethal skills and stealthy approach, assassins excel at eliminating high-value targets, gathering critical information covertly, and creating opportunities for the party's success.

Assassins typically have access to high-damage, long "cooldown" abilities that can only be used once per encounter, or even once per day. These attacks or spells can turn the tide of a battle by instantly eliminating one or more opponents. Successful assassins choose their targets and strike windows very carefully, to ensure the biggest impact.

Their expertise in infiltration, sabotage, and assassination adds an element of intrigue and tactical finesse to the party's strategies. While their abilities may be lethal, assassins can also provide a valuable edge in diplomacy and negotiation, using their intimidating presence and reputation to sway the course of events.

However, the presence of an assassin in a party can sometimes raise moral and ethical questions, challenging the group's unity and forcing them to navigate complex moral dilemmas.

Ultimately, the role of an assassin in a Pathfinder party adds an element of danger, suspense, and moral ambiguity, making for a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience.

Key Assassin Responsibilites


Assassins often deal high damage in big bursts, perhaps utilizing critical hits and feats or equipment that adds or augments dice around them. Because they have low health and flimsy defensive saves, finishers can’t stay in the fray for long. Especially when there are multiple enemies around. Instead, finishers must choose the perfect opportunity to move in and strike hard, eliminating foes before they have the chance to retaliate.


Some assassins have unparalleled defenses when they are up against a single foe. Not only that, but they have the pinpoint precision to strike exactly when needed to take down their enemies. They still melt when surrounded, and may be weak to a certain type of opponent – a mage or ranged attacker, perhaps. But in a tet a tet, mano a mano, they win the duel every time.