Barret Wallace

The leader of the eco-terrorist cell Avalanche and the owner of a nifty gun-arm, Barret Wallace is fighting for his cause.

Who Is Barret Wallace?

Who Are Barret Wallace?

Barret Wallace was the leader of the eco-terrorist cell Avalanche, a group dedicated to stopping Shinra draining the life force of the planet. Operating out of 7th Heaven, a bar in the Sector 7 slums of Midgar, Barret planned and executed bombing missions on mako reactors. For one of these missions, he contracted Cloud Strife, bringing him into a tangled web that would change his life forever.

Besides being the Avalanche leader, Barret is a dedicated father to his adopted daughter Marlene. Barret took Marlene as his own after her father, Barret’s best friend Dyne, was seemingly killed by Shinra troops. In fact, it was this attack on Dyne and Barret’s home town of Corel that resulted in his signature gun-arm.

Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite game of all time, and I have played through it again and again. On many of those playthroughs, Barret is a main member of my party. His high health and defense is a real boon for the group, and I always loved the dichotomy of a ranged tank.

Pathfinder is very flexible about party composition – there isn’t quite the requirement for a traditional tank character. So, then, this is the perfect environment for a hulking, gun-arm toting protector.

Keys to the Character

Barret's gun hand

A Ticket To The Gun Show

After being shot in the hand by a Shinra soldier, Barret received a gattling-gun prosthetic. He uses it to shoot at foes, lay down cover fire and even block blows as a proto-shield.

Avalanche logo

Extreme Green Peace

Avalanche is an organization committed to stopping Shinra from destroying the planet by draining its Mako-energy lifeforce. Their current strategy is targeted bombings on Mako reactors.

Barret's large size

The Avalanche’s Mountain

Barret is comically larger than his party mates – a hulking, top-heavy giant of a man. His personality is likewise larger-than-life. He uses both to protect his allies, even if he gives them a hard time.

Barret and Marlene

Daddy Daycare

When his best friend Dyne was thought dead after Shinra destroyed their hometown of Corel, Barret adopted his daughter Marlene. He is fiercely protective of Marlene, and fights for a better future for her.

Building Barret Wallace

Barret needs to be a presence in a party – a big, loud leader. Despite his weaponry being ranged (most of the time), Barret leads the charge, the first one in. He uses his large frame to protect his smaller allies, blocking blows with his gun-arm.

Speaking of the gun-arm, it is Barret’s primary weapon and calling card. It is a boon and a hindrance, obviously, as he forgoes a more traditional prosthetic in favor of the gun. He will therefore take a big penalty to checks like climbing.

Outside of battle, Barret uses his intimidation to coerce strangers.


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Orc – Hold-Scarred Orc

Barret’s comically large size and shape is outside the scope of humanity. Therefore, we’ll go with the Orc ancestry.

This comes along with some great feats that fit the Barret fantasy pretty well. For instance, the Hold-Scarred Orc Heritage itself increases the starting hit points. This is perfect for the meat-shield Barret is in FF7.

Level Feat Notes
1 Orc Ferocity What would kill someone else just kinda makes Barret pause.
5 Victorious Vigor Adrenaline pushes Barret to stay on the front lines longer.
9 Undying Ferocity Now he’s not even pausing.
13 Incredible Ferocity Barret can get to the brink of death over and over again.
17 Defy Death The sign of a true tank: tanking death.



The insurgent background is thematically perfect for the Avalanche leader. It offers a Strength boost, which isn’t his key class ability, but it is an important ability for the amount of Athletics checks he will be doing as he pushes and grapples enemies near him constantly.


Gunslinger – Vanguard

The first build of Barret was a bit more complicated – a fighter utilizing a one-handed firearm and a shield. It worked mechanically, but it was clunky and weird to imagine.

The Vanguard Gunslinger way is a lot more clear – with one caveat: it requires a two-handed firearm. That’s no problem, he will just make sure that the gun connected to his prosthetic arm requires two hands, like a blunderbuss, and will only be able to fire it when using his other hand to hold on to it.

Barret will dip into two dedications down the build to augment the Gunslinger class with additional tankiness and leadership abilities.

The Marshal Dedication makes use of his high intimidation to boost allies damage and provide some useful assistance.

The Sentinel Dedication increases his armor proficiency and gives some feats that improve his overall tankiness, allowing him to be that up-front tank that we know and love.

Level Feat Notes
1 Cover Fire Good start to supporting teammates through gunfire.
2 Defensive Armaments Gun-arm becomes a parry tool.
4 Marshall Dedication Bark orders as the leader of Avalanche.
6 Phalanx Breaker Tank vs. Tank!
8 Dread Marshal Stance Intimidate foes to spur on allies!
10 Steel Yourself! The closest thing to first aid Barret is going to offer. Harsh words.
12 Sentinel Dedication All that time spent in the front line can benefit from extra armor.
14 Blast Tackle Hold em with the good hand, shoot em with the gun hand.
16 Armored Rebuff Barret’s big enough to stagger enemies who graze him.
18 Final Shot LIMIT BREAK!
20 Perfect Readiness Reload that gun arm for free.

Skills & General Feats

Barret needs high Athletics in order to use his free hand to grapple, trip, push and otherwise control foes in his reach – including during actions that combine those things with his gunplay, which his class provides.

In addition, he will need high Intimidation as leader of Avalanche, alongside Society and Survival.

Legendary: Athletics, Intimidation
Expert: Society, Survival

Level Feat Notes
2 Titan Wrestler Barret uses that non-gun hand to grapple giants.
3 Toughness Even harder to take down.
4 Intimidating Prowess Making people unnerved is second nature.
6 Terrifying Resistance Nothing worries Barret (don’t tell foes where Marlene is hiding)
7 Hefty Hauler Who carries more?
8 Battle Cry Lead from the front with a giant call.
10 Terrified Retreat Get foes running.
11 Canny Acumen Nothing is knocking Barret down.
12 Streetwise Avalanche members need to know the streets.
14 Armor Specialist Gotta use every inch of that AC.
15 Steel Skin Rest even with armor on.
16 Intimidating Glare Any look he gives is pretty nerve-wracking.
18 Lasting Coercion People don’t change their minds when Barret tells him what to do.
19 Fast Recovery Bounce back to action quick.
20 Criminal Connections Or freedom fighters?

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

– A two handed, spreading firearm. It’s not a gatling gun, but the spread of shot accomplishes the same outcome. A lot of pullets all over the place.

Splint Mail – Once Barret gets his Sentinel Dedication he will upgrade to Heavy Armor. Before that, Medium like Scale Mail will do.

Barret Wallace's Signature Items

Key Spells


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