Tardif the Bounty Hunter

Tardif is a stoic, silent killer for hire, who strikes with incredible precision, always finding the weak point in his target.

Who Is Tardif the Bounty Hunter?

Who Are Tardif the Bounty Hunter?

Little is known about Dismas, the Highwayman or Amani, the Shieldbreaker, but even those small biographies speak volumes compared to what we know about the strong, silent killer for hire on the road to the darkest dungeon: Tardif, the Bounty Hunter.

What we do know is what his marks fear. He is a master at taking down a target, all on his own. His strikes land with unparalleled precision, often finding their target stunned, dazed, off-balance or otherwise weakened.

His arsenal of choice speaks to his unflinching, tactical approach. A combat grapnel for grappling and positioning, flashbangs for dazing, caltrops for hindering and, of course, an axe for finishing.

In my many playthroughs of Darkest Dungeon, the Bounty Hunter was always a welcome addition to the party. His ability to set himself up with stuns and marks makes him an easy plug into any composition, but his true value comes when he can take advantage of the set ups made by his allies. In a stun-heavy comp, Bounty Hunter can finish. In a comp with marks, Bounty Hunter can finish.

You put a weakened enemy in front of Tardif, that enemy is finished.

So how do we build him in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

assassin's mark

That'll Leave a Mark

Once Tardif marks someone for death, there is little that can be done to keep them from that fate. A good thing, since it takes 3 actions.

axe and grapple

Axe and Hook

The Bounty Hunter uses a combat grapnel for ranged attacks and grappling, and a hatchet for... hatcheting.

assassin sight

Very Glare-y

Beyond the more slashing and smashing, Tardif's mask makes him a very intimidating figure. He can demoralize enemies with ease.



Tardif doesn't just use normal weaponry to complete his bounties. Grenades, caltrops and other tools are all part of the arsenal.

Building Tardif the Bounty Hunter

One does not simply make dozens of Pathfinder builds without making a few pure assassins. Most often, they are built around Rogues. Rogues have the scaling sneak attack damage, and the many stealth-abusing feats to start assassinating out of the gate.

But in Pathfinder 2e, unlike some other similar tabletop rpgs, the Ranger class can hold its own as an alternative. Especially, with the Precision hunter's edge and the sneak attacker feat, on the first attack of the round.

The scaling Rogue sneak attack – 4d6 on every successful attack against a flat-footed foe at level 20 – is tough to match by anyone. That's an average of 14 extra damage per attack. But the 3d8 from the Precision edge is just behind, at 13.5 extra damage (on the first attack, at least). And with a few extra bonuses from the Assassin dedication, that first attack can be among the hardest in the game to outmatch.

The throughput falls off compared to the Rogue after that first attack, but there are lots of other things that Tardif wants to do with his Ranger feats beyond just attacking. His alchemical tools can be used to dazzle and confuse foes, his combat grapnel can grapple a foe to leave them vulnerable – and his Assassinate ability can add a devastating amount of bonus damage to a Marked target.

The Marked for Death action is somewhat maligned in the Pathfinder community. In terms of action economy, it is an entire 3 action round just to mark a single foe. That means no movements, no attacks. In a tight battle, that is hard to come back from.

But flavor wise, Tardif wants to mark his enemies for the devastating effects that he can trigger afterward. And, since Mark doesn't need to be done in-combat, the Bounty Hunter can even Mark an enemy for death before the battle begins, for maximum assassination efficiency.


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  • Strong silent type
  • Always leaves his mark
  • Delete's single target enemies from the game
  • Requires set up and target selection
  • Not particularly robust
  • Kind of rude, if we're honest


Versatile Human

The human ancestry is often picked for big flavor boosts at level 1 (Versatile Heritage / Natural Ambition) and level 9 (Multitalented). This build doesn't use Multitalented, but it does take many feats from the Assassin dedication. Natural Ambition at level 1 is a helpful way to add some more specific Ranger flavor to make up for that.

Beyond that, the Bounty Hunter makes use of General Training multiple times, picking up extra skill feats to make hunting bounties easier.





Natural Ambition

For Twin Takedown. A powerful early feat, allowing Tardif to strike with both the Hatchet and the Combat Grapnel for one action.


Sense Allies

Being a bounty hunter often means getting separated from the rest of the team to take down a foe. This helps Tardif know where his friends are.


General Training

For Assurance: Athletics. To smooth out the curve for those grapple checks.


Advanced General Training

For Titan Wrestler. Make the combat grapnel effective against big targets. Really big.


Bounce Back

In other words, survive the DEATH'S DOOR check!


Bounty Hunter

Does anything more need to be written here?

Fine, I will. This background gives a Strength bonus, which Tardif wants for swinging that hatchet. As well, it gives him the Experienced Tracker skill feat, all the better to hunt down his quarry with.


Precision Edge Ranger

The Precision hunters edge is all about striking at an enemy's weak points, dealing a big boost of precision damage on the first strike of the round. This fits the flavor of the Bounty Hunter perfectly, putting all of his eggs into one basket for a strike that ends it all for an opponent.

The Ranger class also offers some very useful dual wielding feats that Tardif can take advantage of. He isn't the traditional two-sword flurry fighter, but he does make use of two different weapons where appropriate: a hatchet and a combat grapnel. Second Sting is particularly useful, guaranteeing a hit (without extra bonuses) on a later strike in a round.

Alongside the Ranger class, Tardif takes the Assassin Dedication, and many of the feats associated with it. This lets Tardif mark enemies for death – a big part of his Darkest Dungeon gameplay – as well as giving him access to features like Sneak Attack, Backstabber and the big Assassinate.

Finally, Tardif takes an early feat in Alchemical Crafting, which he will use for his extra tools that we know and love – flashbangs et all.





Monster Hunter

Gain a +1 bonus to the first attack against a hunted foe, pending a Recall Knowledge check. More ammo for the "big first attack" gameplay.


Assassin Dedication

Gain the Marked for Death action, to set up the ability to delete an enemy.


Quick Draw

Especially useful for Tardif, who has two weapons and a number of alchemical items all waiting to be used.


Sneak Attacker

An extra 1d6 damage against flat-footed targets. It doesn't scale, but it adds very nicely to the Precision edge.


Expert Backstabber

Marked for Death grants backstabber, so this improves it up to 4 additional free damage. If we imagine a Rogue whiffs all 4 sneak attack dice, it's equal!


Hamstringing Strike

Not many of Tardif's abilities help his allies, but this at least is something they can benefit from, as it slows an enemy's speed.



Delete an enemy from the battle, with an extra 6d6 damage on a strike.


Second Sting

Guarantee a strike with an offhand weapon, in the event the main strike doesn't work. Great for attacks with high MAP.


Dazzling Display

After Tardif quickly dispatches his first enemy, every other enemy is rightfully terrified.


Impossible Flurry

Three actions for six attacks. Not all of them will hit. Most won't. But wow, it's a lot of strikes.


Superior Sight

Gain that full bounty hunter vision, with higher perception and low-light vision.

Skills & General Feats

A legendary intimidation is a key part of Tardif's bounty hunting repertoire – it's easier to catch foes when they are too afraid to run, after all. Additionally, having a high Athletics skill is key to making the combat grapnel shine, those grapple checks don't succeed on their own, after all.

Finally, a legendary Stealth is kind of required to make the Assassination dedication work. Assassinate, for instance, requires the target to be completely unaware of Tardif's presence.

Legendary: Athletics, Intimidation, Stealth

Master: -

Expert: -





Alchemical Crafting

From Versatile Heritage. Tardif gains the ability to craft some of those flashbangs himself.


Slippery Prey

Bounty hunter's know how to capture their prey... so they learn a thing or two about how to escape.



When the combat grapnel doesn't work, it's nice to be able to chase down the target.


Armored Stealth

Tardif wants to thread the needle between being tough enough to go toe-to-toe, and stealthy enough to strike with surpise. This helps a lot.


Shadow Mark

Make it hard for a foe to know they're being followed by the Bounty Hunter, making it easier for him to strike.


Swift Sneak

It makes it a lot easier to assassinate a mark if Tardif can move fast while doing it.


Foil Senses

The bounty hunter's ability to hide starts to become superhuman, evading special senses.


Assurance: Athletics

From General Training. Curve out those errant low rolls on run-of-the-mill grapple checks.


Wall Jump

Mark escaping with parkour? Parkour them back!


Incredible Scout

Increase that perception to true hunter levels. The prey won't thank you.


Get to advantagous terrain quicker. Then jump down to start killing.


Titan Wrestler

From Advanced General Training. Whip that rope around a giant.


Battle Cry

Some battles begin with Tardif being stealthy. Others begin with Tardif screaming into the abyss.


Legendary Sneak

It makes it easy for Tardif to assassinate targets if he truly just cannont be seen.


Terrified Retreat

Get intimiated enemies running, so the Bounty Hunter can pick them off.


Intimidating Prowess

Improv Tardif's ability to spook enemies out of their gourd.


True Perception

Tardif's perception becomes near-magical, being able to sense nearly anything.


Scare to Death

Who needs to assassinate a mark when you can just scare the life out of them?

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 18 16 12 10 10 12
5 19 18 14 10 10 14
10 20 19 16 10 12 14
15 21 20 16 10 14 16
20 22 21 18 10 14 18


Suggested Starting Equipment

Tardif the Bounty Hunter's Signature Items

Key Spells


Tardif the Bounty Hunter Resources