Green Lantern

Hal Jordan was a skilled pilot who was chosen to be the first human inducted into the Green Lantern Corps.

Who Is Green Lantern?

Who Are Green Lantern?

Hal Jordan is one of the many – but perhaps best known – heroes known as the Green Lantern. As Green Lantern, he is one of the most prominent members of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force that harnesses the power of will to protect the universe.

While working as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft, Hal Jordan became the first human to be chosen as a member of the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians of the Universe, a group of ancient beings. They grant him a power ring and a lantern, which are fueled by the green energy of willpower. For those who don't know, that's the power that prevents you from ordering delivery at 2am.

The power ring Green Lantern wields allows him to create green energy constructs limited only by his imagination and willpower. We've seen everything form simple hammers to giant mech suits. Additionally, he can fly, create force fields, and project energy beams. The ring also provides him with a protective suit and a universal translator. Also he can make a bad movie.

The Green Lantern Corps doesn't just come with a ring, it comes with a nifty motto: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might beware my power… Green Lantern's light!”

I missed out on Green Lantern as a kid, mainly because he wasn't a playable character in Justice League Task Force, the videogame that lifted DC (and Green Arrow) to the top of my list for a time in the 90s. I also missed out on the Ryan Reynolds movie, but apparently it isn't great anyway.

It wasn't until the Injustice games that I realized how much I was missing out on the character, and how fun his power of constructs can be. Thankfully, with the Dark Archive introducing Psychic rules, he can be realized in Pathfinder in an equally fun way.

Keys to the Character

Green lantern symbol

Step Into The Ring

The sky is the limit on what can be created with the Green Lantern power ring – literally, flying is included. Plus, everything that is made with the ring gets a nifty green, translucent quality.

Green lantern ring power

Galactic Punch

Move over Mr. Fantastic and Ms. Marvel, there's a new giant fist in town. Of all the ways the power ring can be used, manifesting a hammer, bat or just a big fist seems to be most of them.


Will They Won't They

The Green Lantern Corps are powered by the emotion of Willpower. Other lantern corps use different emotions – fear, rage and compassion are on the list. Willpower is thought of as the balance between the others, and can be the most powerful.


The Human Lanternpede

As the first human inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan has a lot of work ahead of him being an ambassador for the 3rd planet. And humanity doesn't make it easy.

Building Green Lantern

A paragon of willpower, who fights injustice throughout the cosmos, Green Lantern is a heroic figure in any universe. His power ring gives him the power to create nifty green constructs – manifested from anything he can imagine. That's a lot of potential!

On the battlefield, Green Lantern should fit a balance between creating constructs that affect foes – perhaps by hindering their movement and interrupting their plan – and using those constructs to beat on his enemies. It is an interesting balance to build for, and I wasn't sure which of the two roles – Bruiser and Controller – should be the primary.

Thankfully, the Tangible Dream Conscious Mind helped to answer that question for us. Imaginary Weapon – the unique focus cantrip that Tangible Dream Psychics get access to at level 1 – is all about manifesting a weapon from one's imagination and hitting someone with it, pretty hard. So with that in mind, we'll start as a primary Bruiser and build the Controller aspects over time.

Imaginary Weapon gives a nice d8 strike that uses a spell attack – great for a character with Charisma as a Key Ability Modifier. The downside is that it takes 2 actions, but it scales very quickly – auto heightening with every spell level. Plus, it can be amped for extra damage and targets.

As the build goes on, Green Lantern can weave a lot of additional utility into rounds, summoning constructs like walls, mirror images and entities to hinder and harm enemies.

Outside of battle, Hal has a little less utility than some of his other Justice League peers. His Master Diplomacy can be helpful, and his flight can get him to places that others cannot, but there's not a ton more outside of that.

But, who knows: if he can dream it, he can do it.


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Human - Versatile Heritage

As the first Human to join the Green Lantern Corps, it would feel like sacrilege to choose any ancestry than Human. That said, going from a terrestrial life to a galactic life makes him pretty versatile, which he uses for an extra general feat.

Aeromancer at level nine has an ethnicity requirement RAW, but let's say his Lantern Corps induction counts and assume your GM isn't a dick.





Natural Ambition

For Mental Buffer, hard to break through Green Lantern's Will.


Haughty Obstinacy

It's harder to break Hal mentally.



Innate flying, before the ring really powers up.



Use that test pilot bravado for ring-powered flying tricks.


Heroic Presence

Kind of a given for any member of the Justice League.



Like Tracer, Hal was a pilot of experimental planes before becoming a superpowered hero. He can use that experience to help drive any number of vehicles his group might come across, usually pretty well.

The background also gives a Strength or Dexterity boost, which Hal will split between his ancestry boosts to be evenly strong and agile.


Psychic – Tangible Dream /  Wandering Reverie

The Tangible Dream Conscious Mind unlocks the fantasy of Green Lantern very well – what can be imagined can be created. That power starts with a dazzling light, a powerful shield and the real fun: an imaginary weapon.

It was covered above, but since it is os vital to the build, it's worth pointing out a few more features of the Imaginary Weapon cantrip. One is that it can be either bludgeoning or slashing damage each time it is used – Hal can choose to make something blunt or something sharp. The versatility can be useful against certain enemy types. As well, critical hits have the added effect of optionally pushing enemies away. A bit of extra control for a character that wants it.

The Wandering Reverie Subconscious Mind is also interesting, but a bit less directly thematic for Green Lantern. It can be used to Fade Into Daydreams for a single action, creating concealment until the next round. Perhaps the ring is making a giant green fog.





Mental Buffer

From Natural Ambition. Embracing the power of Will makes mental attacks more difficult.


Warp Space

A new amp to make Imaginary Weapon strike from 30 feet away.


Thoughtform Summoning

Give those entities summoned later a greeny, translucent quality.


Parallel Breakthrough

For the Mage Hand focus cantrip. Literally a giant green hand.


Steady Spellcasting

It is very important for Green Lantern to not get interrupted when casting from melee range.


Whispering Steps

Some extra control of a foe after smacking them with a big green shovel or something.


Foreseen Failure

Try something different after failing a spell cast or attack.



Hal has seen many allies bested in battle. It's how he works best.


Constant Levitation

Get that ring doing the heavy lifting. Green Lantern can always fly, and can push to fly even faster.


Deepest Wellspring

Focus Points are a big "focus" for Green Lantern, who wants to amp Imaginary Weapon and Mage Hand as much as possible.


Unlimited Potential

A free spellcast level 5 and under once per minute. If he can imagine it, the ring can do it.

Skills & General Feats

Hal Jordan was a great pilot, and as a ring-powered flyer he is incredibly acrobatic. Beyond that, he is't the most uniquely skilled character. He does have a bit of extra diplomacy, which is necessary for negotiating with all those Lantern Corps.

Legendary: Acrobatics
Master: Diplomacy, Society
Expert: Athletics, Lore: Piloting





Incredible Initiative

From Versatile Heritage. Training as a pilot has Hal's reflexes ready.


Cat Fall

Even when flying doesn't work, the ring can help slow his descent.


Bon Mot

If no other version is equipped to quip, the Ryan Reynolds version was.


Rolling Landing

Start striding right after a fall.


Acrobatic Performer

Years spent flying – with planes and rings – has instilled some daredevil confidence.



This is that free suit that comes with Lantern Corps membership.


Glad Hand

Being around all different types of species in the Lantern Corps helps perfect politicking.



Human streets, galactic streets. Act like you've been there before.


Aerobatics Mastery

Have more control over flying, and maybe do a barrel roll.


Kip Up

There's no sense in training all that flying if Hal doesn't get off the ground.


Eyes of the City

Everyone is willing to help a member of the Lantern Corps.



Add some extra speed now that flying is the regular way to get around.



Honestly, just saying the motto opens a lot of conversations.


Shameless Request

And what he doesn't recieve, he just creates with green light.


Incredible Investiture

Add some extra baubles and magic items to that nice green suit.


No Cause For Alarm

Impart some of that tried and tested Willpower into teammates.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Green Lantern's Signature Items

Key Spells





Warp Step

Aim that ring backward for a burst of speed.


Mage Armor

Manifest an awesome green suit of light.


Phantom Steed

Is Bessie okay? That horse is looking a bit green.


Phantom Prison

Lock down foes with a ring-powered prison.


Occular Overload

Quickly manifest something – anything – when under attack.


Summon Entity

Here we go. Summon a giant, green creature of a species the rest of humanity has never seen.


Forceful Hand

An extra big hand comes from the ring to help defend, push, cover and do basically what hands do.


Wall of Force

Do we have to make a whole reflavor entry to call it Wall of Green Force?.


Prismatic Shield

Green Lantern protects himself with the power of ALL the emotions of the Lantern Corps. Take that Sinestro!


Alter Reality

Say the motto, activate the ring, do something huge.


Shadow Army

No one said Green Lantern can't use the ring to manifest Green Lanterns...


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