Harley Quinn

An arkham psychiatrist driven mad by a patient, Dr. Quinzel is a force whether partnered with the Joker or out on her own.

Who Is Harley Quinn?

Who Are Harley Quinn?

Something I love about the DC Universe is Arkham Asylum. Marvel has some famous prisons, but none rival the namesake institution of Amadeus Arkham, one of the founding members of Gotham City.

It is there where many of Batman's rogues gallery get interred after meeting his justice. That includes Joker, on multiple occasions.

One of the things that makes the asylum so interesting is the many supporting characters we've seen there – like Jonathan Crane, working on his fear-based therapeutic experiments, or Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist to the criminally insane.

But unfortunately, one of her patients was too much for even the good doctor to handle. The patient – the aforementioned Joker – broke Harleen in a way, causing her to adopt the moniker Harley Quinn and become a lover and subservient follower to "Mister J."

That was how we knew Harley for years, until recently, when the character was expanded in many ways. Her cartoon, in which she is in a relationship with Poison Ivy, is genuinely funny. And her movie turn, where she is played by Margot Robbie, is one of the shining spots of the DCEU franchise.

I remember Poison Ivy from Batman the Animated Series, but she was in her "Mister J" phase there, complete with the harlequin hat that annoyed me. It wasn't until the recent, meta / ironic takes on the character that she has really blossomed for me into one of the best characters in the DC universe. Often, even more interesting and fun than Mister J himself.

But how can we bring her to life in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

dr. harleen quinzel

The Doctor Is Out (Of Her Mind)

Once a well-respected, accomplished psychiatrist working at Arkham, Harlene fell from grace after the influence of a certain patient. Can you guess who?

harley quinn's bat

Good Night

Whether it's her original giant mallet, or the more recent baseball bat, Harley is no stranger to whomping enemies with bludgeoning damage.

harley's pet hyena

Bud and Lou

The less common a pet is, the more unhinged the owner seems, right? I'd say that twin hyena pets are right up there on the unhinged level.

bang pistol

Another Killing Joke

She may have evolved into her own character in her own right, but Harley Quinn still has echoes of her original Joker influence. Like some of his gadgets, for instance.

Building Harley Quinn

Like many of our builds based on comics characters, Harley has a long history to draw inspiration from for a Pathfinder build. So the first step is deciding which Harley Quinn we want to create.

For me, it is the most recent takes on the character that are interesting and exciting, so we'll draw largely from her solo animated series and the Margot Robbie live action takes.

It is there where she is a witty, manic, bat-swinging, hyena-owning, acrobat of destruction. Sounds like fun. A bit like a Human Swasbuckler with a splash of Beastmaster and Inventor coupled with a Goblin adopted ancestry. Let's go with that.

On the battlefield, Harley Quinn is a mobile skirmisher, deftly moving past enemies with panache, stopping briefly to smoke them with her baseball bat. Meanwhile, her hyena is causing chaos, chomping at the ankles of enemies, leaving them frightened.

As a gymnast swashbuckler, Harley gains panache when she's doing the things she wants to do in the melee – tumbling around, tripping and shoving enemies away. These activities can wreak havoc on enemy plans, making her strikes – and finishers – all the more potent.

Alongside her bat (a probing cane that she modifies with her Inventor Dedication to add the two-handed trait) she also carries a dragon mouth pistol. This weapon doesn't benefit from her swashbuckler panache, but hey, it's a gun.

Outside of battle, Harley can tap into her old profession a bit to help with medical concerns – although she wasn't a physician, so her first aid is still somewhat limited.


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Versatile Human

The human ancestry and versatile heritage helps Harley stack level one with tons of extra feats, including an extra General Feat for Adopted Ancestry, to pick up Goblin feats along the build.

This is a great flavor for Harley, who doesn't feel right as a full goblin, but is influenced by their manic unruliness.

As well, Harley uses the Human Multitalented feat for an Inventor Dedication at level 9, which she uses mainly to upgrade her trusty bat weapon with some extra cool modifications.





General Training: Fleet

Fleet feels like a must-pick on almost every build – the flavor is in how early it comes. Level one means nimble!.



Use that Goblin chaos to target a foes legjoints with an attack, slowing them considerably.


Multitalented: Inventor Dedication

A free multiclass dedication is hard to ignore for any human, and the inventor dedication offers some great gadgets for Harley.



Need some free movement? Why not try simply holding onto your foe and being dragged along with their stride?


Reckless Abandon

For a free action, Harley can move with all caution to the wind, ignoring the worst effects of traps and opportunity attacks.


Secular Medic

A science-based medic background will fill in well for her doctorate in psychiatry. The Anatomy Lore skill will be more useful than many background lores often are, and the Battle Medicine feat is always a useful feat to pick up, even if this is basically as far as she focuses in Medicine.

The Dexterity boost is right on track for her class as well.


Swashbuckler – Gymnast Style

So much of the swashbuckler class fits the theme we want for Harley Quinn –

The class choice works especially well with the Probing Cane standing in for her baseball bat. It is one of the only 1-hand bludgeoning weapons with the finesse trait but not the agile trait. This distinction becomes important later, when we add the Dynamic Weighting modification from the Inventor Dedication, which isn't allowed on agile weapons.

The modification lets Harley choose weather to keep a hand open for important actions like Shoving, Tripping and other panache-generating things, or grip the bat with both hands for a real walloping finisher strike.

Speaking of panache, the baseline generator of Tumble Through is already great for a skirmisher like Harley, but the Gymnast additions of Shove, Trip and Grapple make her a more beneficial teammate to the rest of the party, as those actions can greatly affect how easy it is for allies to strike.

Harley takes two dedications in the build. The first, early on, is the Beastmaster Dedication, for her hyena pet (either Bud of Lou). By level 4, this pet can act on its own with one action per turn – this is as specialized as we need to go, as that is already a lot of extra help with just two feats. Plus, the Support action for Hyena's is a nice frighten condition applier.

The second is the aforementioned Inventor Dedication, which is used to represent some classic Joker & Harley funhouse gadgets.





Nimble Dodge

This feat is like shields for characters who are too cool for shields.


Beastmaster Dedication

Welcome to the fight, Bud and Lou.


Master Beastmaster Companion

Allows Harley's Hyena to either Stride or Strike once per turn without Harley needing to use an action.


Vexing Tumble

An ultra fun way to hop around the melee of battle, and gain panche.


Stunning Finisher

There's no better way to spend panache than to stop a foe from acting entirely.


Basic Modification

For Dynamic Weighting, for an extra grip on that baseball bat.


Basic Breakthrough: Explosive Leap

Strap on some rocket boots and get a boosted leap across the battlefield.


Mobile Finisher

For when the action economy is strapped, but Harley needs to take down a foe.


Deadly Grace

Even more upgrades for the bat, with deadly d8.


Advanced Breakthrough: Megavolt

Hook up that handshake buzzer and blast electricity in a line.


Panache Paragon

A free action for something that gains panache, which in Harley Quinn's case includes great actions like Trip.

Skills & General Feats

Athletics is the most important, with Harley needing successful Trips, Grapples and Shoves to earn panache when she's not tumbling through foes. Acrobatics is also legendary, though, because that just feels right.

Beyond that, Harley puts an emphasis on Deception and Crafting, the latter of which she uses for the extra gadgets.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics

Master: Deception

Expert: Crafting





Adopted Ancestry: Goblin

From Versatile Heritage. Gotta get those chaotic Goblin feats later!



From General Training. Extra speed for skirmishing.


Bon Mot

What's a Harley Quinn build without quips?


Titan Wrestler

Harley gains panache from Grappling, so it's important she can grapple any target.


Cat Fall

From Stylish Tricks. Land on the feet and be ready to tumble.


Charming Liar

Charm being the operative word. You just kind of believe Harley.


Risky Surgery

If you're accepting some medical help from Harley Quin... just be warned.



Being broken mentally and physically by the Joker has left Harley resistant to dying.


Rolling Landing

From Stylish Tricks. Stride after landing for some extra action economy.


Wall Jump

Use those gymnast tricks to get extra height.


Assurance: Athletics

Smooth out the curve when Tripping lower level foes.


Kip Up

A free action to get back up from prone, ready to tumble around.


Say That Again

A reaction for a Shove attempt against being lied to. Something all therapists wish they could do.


Alchemical Crafting

Craft some funhouse things. Like bombs. Good ole fun.


Numb to Death

Harley's resistant enough to dying that she heals faster when she sees that white light.


Rapid Mantel

From Stlyish Tricks. Hop up onto ledges with ease.


Quick Climb

Don't waste actions climbing when Harley could be beating fools with a bat.



By this point, Harley's allies understand the way she speaks. It's quirky.


Incredible Scout

Being a good psychiatrist means picking up on subtle things.


Slippery Secrets

When telepaths read Harley's mind, they get very afraid. It's chaos.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 14 18 12 12 10 12
5 16 19 14 14 10 12
10 18 20 16 14 10 14
15 19 21 18 14 10 16
20 20 22 19 14 10 18


Suggested Starting Equipment

Probing Cane - Maybe the only option to represent a baseball bat that has finesse and can get Dynamic Weighting.

Harley Quinn's Signature Items

Key Spells


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