Harry Potter

Harry Potter was an orphan under the stairs until a letter arrived inviting him to enter the wizarding world, where the adventure began.

Who Is Harry Potter?

Who Are Harry Potter?

The Boy Who Lived. That round-framed, lightning-scarred, messy-haired, owl-owning, Ginny-snogging, butterbeer-guzzling, mischief-managing little scamp. For seven great novels and a so-so play, Harry Potter captivated a generation – not just with his own adventure, but as the mascot for the greater Wizarding World, the universe that Joanne built. Btw, Joanne sucks now.

Harry Potter was a smash hit from the first run of Philosopher's Stone, and the Hogwarts Express didn't stop rolling across multiple decades and 8 giant movies. Plus another few Newt Scamander movies that I guess were really Dumbledore origins. Let's ignore those.

The first time I ever heard of Harry Potter was from a teacher who was excitedly telling our class how he had a copy of the book at the ready Halloween night, to gift to the first kid dressed as Harry to come trick or treating. I remember this some 25 years later because it always stuck out to me as strange: surely the kid dressed as Harry Potter already has the book, right? Shouldn't he have gifted it to some kid dressed as John Cena, to change that kid's life? Oh well.

I was a bit aged out of the first few books, but read them to join in on the zeitgeist. After that, it was hard not to read along with the releases, as the fever pitch over the story reached insane heights. I remember working somewhere that had to hire a security guard to watch over the pallets of books the night before release.

So, as such an iconic figure, beloved by countless fans – how do we build him in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

harry potter wand

The Wand-erer

Who can forget Harry's first steps into the wand shop, where he got his trusty wand? Not Harry, for sure, because he used expelliarmus with it a million times since.

harry potter scar


Voldemort's killing curse reflected off of the infant Harry, leaving him with a lightning-shaped scar and an unbreakable connection with the evil wizard.


Pig Pimples

The famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts, is as iconic as it's name is disgusting. How have we never realized this?


The Good Guys

The sorting hat let Harry choose between Slytherin and Gryffindor. This would be like if the tournament organizers like Daniel choose to join Cobra Kai at the last second.

Building Harry Potter

Sometimes a whole universe of characters have fairly similar overall powers and "classes". The Wizarding World fits this description – it's in the universe name, Wizarding world. All of the wizards (and witches) that we meet at Hogwarts have a basic backbone of the same powers – some are stronger in some things over others of course, but they are all wizards.

Well we are certainly not going to make every character from that universe a Wizard. Instead we'll focus on those things that set them apart a bit, and choose classes and dedications based on that. It's the methodology we have with the "Spider" characters like Spider-Man and Ghost Spider.

So what is that for Harry Potter? I'd argue it's the wand. That's the throughline for a lot of his story – how his wand has a twin with Voldemort, or the history of the Elder Wand, or how Harry really favors the disarming and reflecting spells over almost any other spell in existence.

If we're going wand, the Thaumaturge is really the only way to go. So we'll start there, add some magic, add a bunch of luck and boom! We've got the ole' scarface himself, The Boy Who Lived.

On the battlefield, Harry uses his wand to Fling Magic at foes, opting to target Basic Reflex saves over AC. The magic fling has some extra effects as well. For one, it can add status effects like slow and persistent damage based on the elemental choice of the wand. Secondly, the wand can be overcharged to increase the damage from d4 to d6. Finally, at higher levels the wand blasts can benefit from the Thaumaturge Exploit Vulnerability, adding up to 11 extra base damage as levels increase.

For min-maxers, it isn't the highest damage a Thaumaturge can do, but it is flavorful. If damage is lacking, throughput can be increased substantially by first letting Harry strike with a sling or other one-handed ranged weapon. Since the wand isn't affected by MAP, it is a very powerful second attack.

But HP purists might forgo the sling and just focus on those wand strikes. And that's fine. The damage is nothing to sniff at.

Outside of combat, Harry uses his not-quite-Hermione-level magic to help the team in a multitude of ways, and his celebrity status can open a lot of doors for the team (good and bad).


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  • Tons of options for playstyle
  • Chicks dig scars
  • Wand-flinging is totally unique
  • Not min-max optimized for damage
  • Spellcasting not legendary
  • Doesn't end up with Hermione


Gutsy Halfling

Sometimes I spend time explaining the ancestry choice for characters. I can't do it this time. It's just vibes. I can't explain it.

I'll try to go a bit deeper: Harry is a bit of a little stinker, with more luck than anything else most of the time. Plus he's kind of short.

The Halfling heritage gets all of that right – the mischief, the size and (importantly) the luck. Halfling Luck, which allows Harry to reroll a skill check or saving throw once per day, is just the kind of thing he needs to get out of all those jams he gets himself into.





Halfling Luck

Just when it seems Harry has met his match, some incredibly turn of fate gets him over the finish line.


Halfling Ingenuity

Flying, Quidditch, etc. Call it beginners luck, but Harry seems to somehow do great at most things the first time he tries them.


Guiding Luck

Use those snitch-tracking senses for an extra use of Halfling Luck per day on perception checks.


Incredible Luck

Talk about a glow-up. Use Halfling luck an extra 23 times per day (once per hour).



Don't succumb to the seduction of the dark arts! Gain extra protection from emotion effects.



Okay, maybe Harry isn't the *best* student Hogwarts has ever had. But being a student is a huge part of what makes Harry Potter tick. I mean, if it wasn't for Hogwarts, it would just be 7 books about a kid living under the stairs and maybe talking to a snake now and then.

The background doesn't give the Charisma boost we're looking for, but a Wisdom boost is good for perception, which Harry needs to track down clues and solve mysteries at school that are way too dangerous for his age bracket.

We also get a free extra Skill Training, and Acedemia Lore.


Thaumaturge - Wand Implement

Obviously, there is a Pathfinder class called *Wizard*. But I think you'll agree, just as obviously, it doesn't fit Harry Potter.

Yes, Harry casts spells. Yes, he learns spells. The similarities end there. Harry – unlike, say, Dumbledore – treats his spellcasting as somewhat secondary compared to uncovering the clues, mysteries and esoteric tidbits of information about the Wizarding World. Often he bests his enemies not through sheer spellpower, but by learning a weakness or other vulnerability in their approach.

And nine times out of ten, he uses his wand to disarm their wand.

The combination of these traits is available in a neat little package in Pathfinder, in the Thaumaturge class. There, Harry can focus on flinging magic with his wand, while using his unflinching curiosity to learn more and more about the obstacles and foes he is up against, weakening them for himself and allies.

Of course, he wouldn't be complete without SOME spellcasting. To that end, we add a Sorcerer Dedication and follow it through Master Sorcery Spellcasting. Why not a Wizard dedication? That would be great, but Sorcerer spellcasting uses the same Charisma key attribute as the Thaumaturge, so it wins by default. And honestly, the wizarding in Harry Potter is kind of Pathfinder sorceryesque anyway.






Hedwig is coming to party. Just hope he doesn't catch strays.


Wand Implement

Start flinging magic right from level 0.


Sorcerer Dedication

Imperial Bloodline. Get that magic flowing through Harry's wizard blood with a few cantrips.


Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting

Add a few spellslots to Harry's repetoire. Mostly used for supportive, non-attack spells.


Second Implement: Amulet

Gain some protection through a famous amulet. Is it Slytherin's? Hufflepuffs? Googlegorps?


Call Implement

Obviously one of the main wizard attacks is wand-disarming, so it is helpful to be able to summon it back.


Implement Adept: Wand

Empower those magic flings from the wand with status effects based on the elemental damage type.


Bloodline Breadth

Extra spells and spell slots for Harry, showing his improvement in magic as he learns.


Thaumaturge's Investitures

Harry picks up quite a few artifacts throughout his school career... invisibility cloaks, famous cups, the sword of Gryffindor, etc.


Second Adept: Amulet

After being protected by the amulet, it continues to protect Harry (or a Harry pal) for another turn.


Expert Sorcerer Spellcasting

Higher spells and spell slots for taking on bigger and badder Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers.


Esoteric Reflexes

An extra use of the life-saving magic amulet, taken right out of the Room of Requirement.


Third Implement: Bell

Disrupt a Vulnerable foe with a clash of sound and energy. Maybe it's a Patronus? Maybe?


Implement's Flight

Harry probably has access to his broom for flying. But if not, swing a leg over that little wand pal.


Implemenet Paragon: Wand

Go from single target magic flings to huge area of effect blasts.


Master Sorcerer Spellcasting

The peak of Harry's magic career, ready to take on the O.W.L.S.


Wonder Worker

Just more luck for Harry – cast an 8th level Arcane or Occult spell once per day.

Skills & General Feats

Despite paying more attention to the mysteries of the school, and straight up dropping out in his Sr. Year, Harry learned enough at Hogwarts to be legendarily skilled in Arcana, Occultism and Esoteric Lore.

Plus, owing to his incredible celebrity status, he is also legendary in Diplomacy. Hard to blend in as someone who wasn't fatefully entwined with a dark wizard when you have a giant lightning bolt scar.

Legendary: Arcana, Diplomacy, Lore: Esoteric, Occultism

Master: -

Expert: Acrobatics





Arcane Sense

Harry always kind of felt a bit different. Guess what, that was the Arcane sense.


Trick Magic Item

It seems like half of getting through Hogwarts is convincing the school itself you're supposed to be there.


Quick Identification

When dealing with rogue DAtDA teachers, identifing a potential rescue fast is pivotal.


Assured Identification

Otherwise known as a "Pocket Hermione". Just identify things more often than not.


Recognize Spell

Has Harry been reading his textbooks? If so, this is easier.


Quick Recognition

Recognize a spell being cast fast. But then what?


Shameless Request

People as famous as Harry can get away with requests that are... big.


Consult the Spirits: Occult

Ask those portraits a question.


Quick Contacts

Saying "I'm Princess" tends to make it even quicker.



In this case, it's never shutting up about how great Hogwarts and Dumbledore are. We get it!


Legendary Negotiation

Harry is a good wizard, but he's better at talking his way into things.


Hefty Hauler

Potter isn't the strongest, so this will help him to carry all those artifacts around.



Basically Harry's entire first year at the school was about shaking hands and kissing babies. And stopping Quirrel.


A Home In Every Port

When you're Harry Potter famous, the world is your oyster. Except for like, Dark Wizard homes.


Bizarre Magic

Is it bizarre, or is he just casting it wrong?

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 8 14 12 12 14 18
5 8 16 14 12 16 19
10 8 18 16 12 18 20
15 8 19 16 14 19 21
20 10 20 16 14 20 22


Suggested Starting Equipment

Harry Potter's Signature Items

Key Spells






Deflect a spell away from hitting Harry with a flick of the wand.



What good is being a wizard if you don't use magic for all minor chores?



Put a foe to sleep to focus on other enemies.



No cloak required.



How else will Zelda call out to Link for help?



Protect allies with a boost AC.


Loose Time's Arrow

Give the whole group an extra movement action.



Get a free action for striding, so the rest can be spent on Vulnerabilities and Magic Flinging.


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