A dancer, drummer and deft web-slinger, Gwen Stacy is the Spider Woman of her universe, with a bit more flair.

Who Is Spider-Gwen?

Who Are Spider-Gwen?

The Gwen Stacy that was best known for decades – the Gwen from Earth-616 – died tragically during a fight between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. The death haunted Peter for years. It haunted readers as well, because Gwen's famous death seemed like it followed in the vein of Uncle Ben and Bucky Barnes (at the time). Everyone in comics comes back to life, except then.

After the successful introduction of Miles Morales, the question of "what is Spider-Man?" became a lot more open-ended. Now, one of the most well-known pieces of Spider-Man history, and even Marvel history, is the "Spider-Verse".

It was during the 2014 launch of the Spider-Verse story that the idea of an alternate universe Gwen Stacy becoming Spider-Woman was formed. The character, known widely as Spider-Gwen or Ghost Spider, was an immediate sensation.

It was a different kind of introduction than Miles, who was a new character outright. Fans had knowledge of Gwen, and the characters around her. This made it possible to play on that knowledge to make this version of Gwen stand-out while being familiar. Earth-65 Gwen's best friend, Peter Parker, tragically becomes the Lizard. Her dad, George Stacy, blames Spider-Woman for the death, and vows to capture her at all costs. She plays in a band with Mary Jane. It's all there, just different, new and cool.

What characters have made such a big immediate impact as Spider-Gwen? It's only been since 2014 since she was introduced – no time at all in comic years.

So how do we build her in Pathfinder 2e?

Keys to the Character

gwen stacy's dance shoes

Dance Like Nobody's Webbing

Years of dance practice has given Spider-Gwen an even more graceful agility, among a cadre of incredible graceful and agile peers.

spider-gwen web shooters

Web and Flow

Like nearly all Spider-People, Gwen uses webs as part of her super-heroics. That could mean getting around, stopping foes, and nearly everything else.

drum sticks

Last Dance for Mary Jane

On Earth-65, Gwen is the drummer for the Mary Janes – a rock band featuring MJ Watson, Betty Brant, Glory Grant and sometimes Felicia Hardy. It's a who's who of Spider-Man 616 diary entries.

spidey sense

She Saw That Coming 

Like Peter, Miles and the other members of the Spider-Verse, Gwen possesses a spider-sense – a precognitive sixth sense alerting her to danger. Perhaps in a nod to "female intuition", Gwen's has been shown to be somewhat stronger than others.

Building Spider-Gwen

Our Spider-Man build set the template for how other Spider-Verse characters can be brought onto the tabletop. Now, it is about taking that example and changing it to suit the different character traits, alternate powers and personalities of the individual Spider-People.

So here's the question, what makes Spider-Gwen unique among the Spider-Verse?

First off, she's a trained dancer. Next, she's a drummer in a band. Lastly, her suit features a throwback to the old "webbed arms" of the 60's Spider-Man, letting her glide. Check, check, check. Sounds like an Adaptive Anadi Battledancer Swashbuckler with a Bard dedication. Let's go.

On the battlefield, Spider-Gwen is a supremely graceful skirmisher. She is always tumbling and vaulting around foes, looking for the best opportunities to deal out damage without getting hit. This movement boosts her damage by giving her panache, which she uses to power up the crane strikes from her Martial Artist dedication.

Our Spider-Man build focused primarily on webbing things up as much as possible, and using his spider-sense to know whether he can make a hard strike each round. Gwen does things differently – she is more focused on being a nimble damage-dealer.

However, her drummer background comes into play with a Bard dedication, which gives her just enough spellcasting to inspire allies from time to time, as well as use her spidey sense and webs.

Outside of battle, Gwen's spider-strength and agility can be the difference in helping the team get the things they need to the places they need them. She also has a little experience in being stealthy, if that becomes helpful.


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  • Keeps the team on-beat
  • Hard to hit cause she's always moving
  • Always something to do
  • Less webs than Peter and damage than Miles
  • Too many actions to choose from each turn
  • Hard to remember the right name


Adaptive Anadi - Human

As with our Peter Parker build, the Anadi ancestry stands in for being bit by a spider very well. Especially with the Adaptive heritage giving us access to Human feats as well.

The key feat is Hybrid Shape at level 5, making it possible for Gwen to be a bit less freakish and a bit more Gwenish. Beyond that, nearly every Anadi feat helps become Gwen fit the Ghost-Spider theme better.

Plus, that Human adaptation let's us grab a Bard dedication to show off that drumming ability.





Arcane Tattoos

An incredibly important tattoo, this gives Gwen the cantrip Tanglefoot. Otherwise known as a web blast.


Hybrid Shape

Turn from a hideous spider creature into something resembling a human, with spider abilities. Why couldn't this be level one?


Multitalented: Bard Dedication

Gwen is a drummer, after all. But this is mostly for her spidey sense and webslinging abilities through Bard spells.


Strand Strider

Some climb speed, always necessary for the spider crew.


Web Walker

From Ancestral Paragon. Immunity from the web spell – can't out spider a spider.



An innate Web spell on a short timer. Start slinging!



As drummer for the Mary Janes, Gwen knows how to put on a show. Not only that, but she has a dancing history. Those things combine to make a very entertaining background.

The Theatre: Lore skill will probably never, ever come up. But if it does, she's got the team set.

More useful is the Dexterity bonus, which is Spider-Gwen's key ability as a Swashbuckler.


Battledancer Swashbuckler

The build and spend gameplay loop of Swashbucklers doesn't fit every playstyle, but giving Spider-Gwen a reason to tumble around the battlefield, being nimbly annoying is perfect.

Tumble Through grants panache by default, which is great already, but the Battledancer style adds performing to the list of builders. While Gwen doesn't want to spend too many skill upgrades on Performance, the Acrobatic Performance feat lets her fascinate foes with her daring displays of dancrobatics, and earn panache for doing so.

To spend that panache, Ghost Spider uses crane wing attacks from a Martial Dedication she picks up early. These strikes are fairly straightforward as far as stance strikes go, but the stance also improves her high jump and long jump, which are very Spider-People actions.

The other benefit of Crane Stance, of course, is Crane Flutter – which acts as a kind of spidey sense dodge. The reaction offers a huge +3 bonus to AC against an incoming attack, and allows Gwen to strike back immediately if that strike misses.

The potential downside of Crane Stance is that it requires Ghost Spider to be unarmored. But with the added AC from Crane Stance, as well as the high AC reactions like Nimble Dodge and Crane Flutter, she will often be able to avoid damage despite this drawback.

The final piece of the spider-puzzle is a Bard Dedication through Multitalented. This represents Gwen's dummership as part of the Mary Janes, but really what we use it for is her web abilities. The Basic and Expert Bard Spellcasting from the Occult tradition is just enough to add some web and (more likely) spidey-sense flavored spells.





Nimble Dodge

Get started with that agility right from level one. No need to Raise a Shield if you can avoid hits entirely.


Martial Artist Dedication

No sense in delaying it, Gwen needs some added effects for her unarmed strikes.


Crane Stance

Gain a +1 AC bonus across the board, and Crane Wing strikes. Plus, the stance gives some extra vert and length on jumps.


Vexing Tumble

Move at half-speed through any number of foes, gaining panache and possibly making them off-guard.


Crane Stance

Why nimble dodge when you can Uno Reverse? Gain a +3 AC bonus to an incoming attack, and if it misses, strike back!


Basic Bard Spellcasting

Time to tap into the spidey sense and additional webs.


Mobile Finisher

Spend panache to move and attack in a single action.


Expert Bard Spellcasting

The peak of Gwen's spidey sense and webs, through Occult spells like Fly and Soft LAnding.


Deadly Grace

Crane Wing strikes don't have deadly, so this adds that effect for heavier crits.


Path of Iron

Dart around the battlefield undettered, striking up to three foes.


Panache Paragon

An extra action every round for acrobatic activities.

Skills & General Feats

Like most Spider-Verse adjacent people. Gwen is legendary in both Acrobatics and Athletics. The Acrobatics skill is especially important, as she makes up for her low Performance using Acrobatic Performance, for another way to gain panache.

Outside of those, Gwen is master in Occultism – necessary for her Expert Bard Spellcasting. Finally, she is somewhat practiced in Stealth, for the "ghost" part of Ghost Spider.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics

Master: Occultism

Expert: Stealth





Acrobatic Performer

Gwen can use her legendary acrobatics to gain panache through in-battle performing.



Are there any slow Spider-People? Gwen has to be quick!


Cat Fall

From Stylish Tricks. Land on those ballet shoes and be ready to leap.


Quick Jump

Two actions to jump? Not for Ghost Spider.


Powerful Leap

Add even more height and distance to those Crane Stance jumps.


Steady Balance

Walk along webs like a trapeze.


Rolling Landing

From Stylish Tricks. Stride after landing for some extra speed.


Bon Mot

Use that high Charisma to rattle opponents.


Kip Up

The day a Spider-Woman spends an action to stand is a bad day.


Incredible Scout

Use that spidey sense to help alert the group to trouble.


Quick Climb

It's kind of embarrassing that this is so far down the list.


Wall Jump

When the web cannister is out, it's time for parkour.


Ancestral Paragon

For Web Walker. Some immunity to those webs she's so fond of.


Aerobatics Mastery

From Stlyish Tricks. Glide through the air with the grace of a dancer.


Slippery Prey

Use that agility to escape grapples and grabs.


Cloud Jump

That first leap off a building before swinging on the web is what dreams are made of.


Incredible Investiture

Make room for some extra baubles and flair for that pink and white spider suit.


Nimble Crawl

If at this point faster crawling makes the difference, I don't know what to say.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 12 18 10 10 12 16
5 14 19 12 10 12 18
10 16 20 14 10 12 19
15 18 21 14 10 14 20
20 18 22 16 12 16 20


Suggested Starting Equipment

Spider-Gwen's Signature Items

Key Spells






Sling a web blast at a foes feet to slow them down.


Detect Magic

Use the Spidey Sense to feel around for arcane energy.


Anticipate Peril

Spidey Sense go! Gain a +1 initiative bonus for the next encounter.



Use that uncanny sense to feel if something is going to go wrong.



Need we say more?


Lashing Rope

Use a web to make some strikes with reach, if melee range becomes an issue.



Fire some webs in an area to slow everyone down.



Web swinging action around the battlefield!


Soft Landing

Sling a safe spot out of webs to catch falling creatures (including Gwen).


Spider-Gwen Resources