Mimir once served Odin using his skills as the smartest man in the world. Now he's just a head carried around by brutes. But he's still smart.

Who Is Mimir?

Who Are Mimir?

The Norse God of Knowledge and Wisdom, Mimir served as an advisor of Odin, until he was accused by the Allfather of aiding the giants. As punishment for this suspected betrayal, Odin had Mimir placed on the highest peak in Midgard, trapped in tree branches that no one could break. Mimir was tortured daily by Odin for 109 years.

As the smartest man alive, Mimir used his cunning to convince Kratos to chop off his head and bring it to Freya to be revived. Thus begins a long and deep friendship between the two, as the revived head of Mimir accompanies Kratos on his travels, tied to his belt.

Together, alongside Kratos' son Atreus, they are victorious over Baldur in God of War, and eventually triumphant over Odin himself in God of War: Ragnarok.

Mimir is great in God of War, but it is in that second entry that he really shines. Many games have a "Clippy" – a somewhat annoying tagalong entity that spends its time either suggesting clues to puzzles you've already figured out or otherwise spouting lore that you may or may not care about. Tatl, the Fairy that joins Link in Ocarina of Time, comes to mind.

Without a doubt, Mimir is my favorite version of this I have ever seen. It starts with his voice acting, with an infectious Scottish voice supplied by Alastair Duncan. He is unquestionably listenable, whether he is providing backstory, clues to puzzles or just a joke. It is a treat to have him tied to Kratos' belt for the entire game, a brilliant, imobile, tritagonist.

So, how do we build his head in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

mimir head

No Body To Call His Own

After 109 winters trapped in an unbreakable tree on Midgard's highest peak, Mimir was fine with taking the gamble that Kratos would help revive his head after chopping it off.

mimir smartest man

The Smartest Man Alive

As the God of Information and Knowledge, Mimir has an endless trove of brain power to be exploited. He served for years as an advisor to Odin himself. Surely he can help a Pathfinder party.

norse symbol

Long Lifespan (At Least Part of Him)

Like many gods, Mimir has an extended longevity. In Pathfinder terms this means some extra healing – which can be helpful for his friends, not just him.

bifrost eyes

Windows to the Asgard

The Giants imbued Mimir's eyes with Bifrost Crystals, allowing him passage. Those eyes can be used to open up other kinds of fast-travel portals too.

Building Mimir

This may be my favorite build ever on Pop Culture Pathfinder.

Mimir is a lot different than the other builds found on this site, for one obvious reason – he's just a head. But, he's also the smartest man in the world, and a great conversationalist for his party. The combination makes him uniquely possible as a build. Think about it: if he was the greatest swordsman in the world, he's a bust. No one want's the head of a swordsman with the arms nowhere to be found.

But Mimir's greatest gifts are still with him, his brain, his tongue and – powered by Bifrost – his eyes. In fact, we can bet that he wouldn't have been able to hit that hard if he had arms anyway.

Pathfinder 2e offers rules for characters with disabilities – including assistive items like wheelchairs. It also has rules for one character "riding" another. And they also have rules for a talking head familiar! So it isn't too much of a stretch for your GM to combine these fragments, tweak them a bit, and come up with a fun, rule-abiding way to make a head-only build work.

It will look something like this: 

"Mimir can only move by rolling around, reducing his speed to 15 on his own. He can't wear armor. He can't use actions with the manipulate trait in most cases – however, he is able to provide the somatic components for spells with the use of his eyes, rather than his hands. He can be attached to the armor of an ally in a way that does not hinder either of them, leaving them their full actions each turn (rather than reducing each by 1)."

Make sense? Then tie this head to the belt of another player on in the party and get to helping out as only Mimir does!

On the tabletop, Mimir fits the role of an Enchanter – buffing his group through inspiring turns of phrase and unlimited information. As an Enigma Bard, Mimir is trained in many different types of lore, and can chant to give his allies courage. Daze becomes a solid use of those extra actions that go unspent on movement – Mimir is tethered to an ally.

Outside of battle, Mimir shines bright as a source of knowledge and guidance. His Investigator dedication helps give him a keen eye for tracking down information and recalling extra knowledge. And speaking of his eye, the power of the Bifrost (and his Occult spell tradition) gives him access to many types of teleportation spells, helpful for the whole party.


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  • Non-stop support for allies
  • Knows everything
  • Packs light
  • Ain't got nobody
  • No, seriously
  • Ain't got no body


Aasimar Human

The Aasimar heritage is the tried and true representation of some godhood lineage, even though Mimir doesn't focus on feats from the heritage too much. Celestial Eyes, of course, is the exception.

Unlike most builds with the human ancestry, Mimir doesn't take advantage of Natural Ambition or Multitlented. However, he makes use of several of the less common feats – like Sense Allies, which is especially important for a disembodied head.





Celestial Eyes

Mimir's eyes aren't just celestial – they're imbued with bifrost crystals. So at minimum they have low-light vision.


Sense Allies

When you don't necessarily have a neck to look around, you rely on a special sense to know if your buds are present.


General Training

For Dubious Knowledge. Mimir never really fails a Recall Knowledge check... he just misremembers it.


Stubborn Persistence

Is there anything more stubborn than willing to be decapitated and revived to keep going after a century of torture?


Heroic Presence

Some extra team-boosting ability, courtesy the talking head.



What do you get the man who's read everything? More to read?

This is a great background to represent Mimir's status as the God of Knowledge – he is a loremaster, abreast of as many topics as you can imagine. Even better, he is always eager to learn about those that he doesn't yet know about.

This background also gives a Charisma boost, which is what the bard side of him wants, and a Library Lore skill.


Enigma Bard

What would Mimir's class be if he still had his body? An Investigator or Thaumaturge, with a Loremaster Dedication, perhaps? 

Maybe, but as it stands with how we know Mimir, he is a perfect Enigma Bard. His thirst for knowledge, combined with his playful attitude and encouragement of his allies, is a great representation of the class and muse.

Part of it is the focus spells, which are very flavorful executions on how Mimir bolsters his allies with a turn of phrase or helpful cheer. These are great and helpful whether you are a rapier-wielding swordsman or a head tied to an ally's belt. (Mimir is the second one).

But a sometimes looked over thing is that being a Bard also gives legendary proficiency in Occult spells – which are full of other extremely powerful and flavorful tools for Mimir to use. These include direct damage, sure, but mostly he focuses on more ways to buff up his allies while hindering his enemies. Plus, most teleportation spells are found in the Occult tradition, making his Bifrost Eyes work overtime.

The Enigma muse is a more roleplay, less fighting oriented muse. The feats he gains through the build tied to his muse are deeply tied knowledge – specifically Recall Knowledge – and play into his role as the God of that domain.

And speaking of procuring information, Mimir takes an Investigator Dedication early for two things: 1. Pursue a Lead, to learn more about a subject he doesn't yet know about, and 2. That's Odd, to immediately know if something is not right upon entering a room.





Loremaster's Etude

As a free action (and a focus point) tap into that vast well of information to roll twice on a Recall Knowledge check.


Investigator Dedication

Mainly for the Pursue a Lead action. Be the knowledge trove for the party on what the clues are, and what you're doing next.


Basic Deduction: That's Odd

Mimir knows enough to know when something is off.



When Mimir succeeds at a Recall Knowledge check, he really succeeds.



Open those bifrost-powered eyes to see beyond the flesh. That means gain spiritsense.



If Mimir can't physically help in a fight, you can be sure he will help strategically. Offer a focus point to an ally, in place of thier own.


Soothing Ballad

Share some of that longevity with a ballad that heals the entire party.



A mini-haste chant. Often targeting the ally that Mimir is literally tied to.


Discordant Voice

While inspired by Mimir, his allies do more damage with their strikes.


Pied Piping

Let that wonderful Scottish voice lull enemies into a sort of hypnosis, doing Mimir's bidding.

Skills & General Feats

As a member of Odin's court, a high emphasis on Diplomacy and Society are incredibly important. Mimir focuses on those, alongside an emphasis on Performance, for certain Bard skills and abilities.

Legendary: Diplomacy, Society

Master: Performance

Expert: -





Bon Mot

This is Mimir's version of a standard Strike – a cutting jab delivered mid-battle.


Fascinating Performance

Fascinate a viewer, Perhaps with a display of some incredibly obscure fun fact.


Schooled in Secrets

Bifrost eyes lets Mimir see members of the Giants in disguise.


Eye For Numbers

After centuries, Mimir is pretty good at estimating.


Biographical Eye

Mimir can pick up subtle hints through conversation to put together a pretty good picture of who someone is.


Discreet Inquiry

To be the Allfather's advisor one must get good at getting information without making it obvious that's what they're doing.


Dubious Knowledge

From General Training. Is it better to remember kind of incorrectly rather than not remember at all?


Glean Contents

Imagine of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom wasn't a quick study?



Extol the virtues of Asgard to stump non-believers.


Shameless Request

Is "Chop off my head and revive me at the Witch" shameless?


Eyes of the City

When you understand city planning, all urban areas are kind of the same. Makes it easy to find a mark.


Legendary Codebreaker

Mimir can crack everything but Brok's riddle.


Student of the Canon

It's not just the Norse pantheon that Mimir is familiar with. He can recall knowledge about religions fairly adeptly.


Legendary Negotation

Without the rest of his body, his mighty tongue is the greatest weapon he has left.


Incredible Scout

Mimir uses those bifrost eyes to warn allies of coming danger.


Magical Shorthand

Faster spell learning, though Mimir has time to read through spellbooks, as long as he's placed near them.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 10 10 12 16 12 18
5 10 10 14 18 14 19
10 10 10 16 19 16 20
15 10 10 18 20 18 21
20 10 10 19 21 19 22


Suggested Starting Equipment

Mimir's Signature Items

Key Spells






A low damage cantrip that may stun an opponent with a low Will save.


Phase Bolt

A go-to damage cantrip with a spell attack roll.


Biting Words

Without weapons at his disposal, Mimir uses his words to make attacks.



Look, "Clippy" style characters can be annoying. Sometimes people want to get away, or else the annoyance literally hurts.


Mind Games

Trap enemies in a logic puzzle, stunning them.


Infectious Ennui

Confront a foe with the realities of existence, turning them into a nihilist instead of a combatant.


Occular Overload

Not everyone can handle having the bifrost in their eyes. Give an enemy a brief taste of it.


Collective Transposition

Open a brief portal to the bifrost to move the party to a new location on the battlefield.



Use those bifrost eyes to open a portal nearly anywhere.


Inexhaustible Cynicism

Knowledge-dump so much info onto an enemy that they refuse to deal with the present reality.


Mimir Resources

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