The silent bodyguard of the many Princess Zeldas through the ages, Link is a master swordsman, archer and explorer.

Who Is Link?

Who Are Link?

Link – or, as he is known to countless parents across the glove, Zelda – is the silent protagonist of 29 video games since 1986. He is the pointy-eared, tunic-wearing Hyrulian who is forever bound to a generational quest to protect the princess of Hyrule.

Generational is key here. The timeline of the main entries in the franchise spans thousands of years and three distinct timelines. In some of those alternate futures, the world is covered in water. In others, trains are important.

No matter the timeline or state of the land, though, Link is on a mission to solves puzzles and explore 3-7 dungeons, unite some macguffin, and stop calamity.

I was born just about the same time as Link, in the late 80s. I had a NES, but the first Zelda I played was A Link To The Past – one that many tout as the best of the series. I loved it, yes. And of course Ocarina of Time was incredible. But Majora's Mask is where it all came together for me.

I distinctly remember playing those 72 hours out for the first time, stopping the moon and restarting the timeline just before it crashed. That game is what hooked me completely on the franchise, and I went back to the beginning to form a greater appreciation for our quiet hero.

Keys to the Character

Master Sword

Master Swordsman

The Master Sword is as iconic a symbol as it gets in video games. And that is almost a shame, because it is ugly. But aesthetics and 28 games aside, when Young Link pulls that sword out and we see Adult Link for the first time... wow.

Link's Hyrulian shield

Hyrule Rules

It floods, it glooms, it grows & shrinks. Hyrule, the setting of the franchise, may look different from game to game, but it has a lot of similarities to make us feel at home every time.

a bomb

We're an Item

Link's backpack is somehow filled with thousands of pounds of items. Consumable, combustable and configurable... these are the special sauce that makes these games so replayable.

the triforce

You Don't Know Unless You Triforce

Sometimes it is Sages, other times it is Divine Beasts. No matter what they're called, Link will always be on a quest to unite them and use them against an enemy whose name probably starts with Gan.

Building Link

In many ways, this is the easiest, most straight-forward build on the entire site.

Link is a Fighter. In fact, he is such an archetypal fighter that it is possible that he has inspired many tabletop rpg character designs, rather than the other way around. So what can we do within that class to really hit that fantasy?

Here, we focused on another time-honored mechanic present in every Zelda entry: items.

Potions. Bombs. Hookshots. Ocarinas. Magnet boots. Gliders. Boomarangs. The list continues forever. This isn't your regular unlocks and item hoarding present in many RPGs. Every entry in the franchise features puzzles that require more and more combinations of these items to solve.

On the battlefield, Link uses his skills as an exceptional swordsman to stay toe-to-toe with enemies. Additionally, his prowess with a shield can help him play an "off-tank" role, or even a main tank when needed.

And between sword strikes and shield blocks, those ever-present items do their thing.


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Ancient Elf

Link checks several "Elf" boxes. He's got pointy ears, lives in the woods. That's pretty clear cut – the heritage is a little harder.

Woodland would have been fine, but we're going with Ancient. Link isn't technically ancient – in some entries, he's literally a child – but the Hero of Hyrule is old as a concept. It could be argued that some knowledge, some kernel of experience is passed on through the generations to the Links of the future, ensuring that they become the princesse's protector.

So in this way, the "Ancient" heritage is a genetic one. And it really helps the build by granting a dedication at level 1.

Level Feat Notes
1 Nimble Elf Gotta be nimble to dodge, climb, duck, jump and so on.
5 Elven Instincts A bodyguard needs to stay alert.
9 Elf Step Use those dashes and dodges to escape unharmed.
13 Avenge Ally Link has a lot of allies. His instincts kick in when they’re down.
17 Tree Climber Maybe it’s Great Deku Tree climber?



Wandering across Hyrule, solving the problems of the citizens – Link fits the idea of a Nomad perfectly. He's also a bit of a nomad through time, but usually not in a specific time-travel type way.

The Nomad background gives Link training in an environment-specific Lore. Forest works well for him, since he often begins in the Great Deku Forest, or some variation thereof.

The Constitution bonus helps to bring back some that was lost by the Elf flaw.



This class gives Link the weapon proficiency and combat actions he needs to feel like the real Swordsman of Hyrule. The great thing about the proficiency scaling is that – like in the games – Link can take along many different weapons and still score big hits. Bows, boomerangs, spears – whatever he picks up, he can use.

Additionally, Link gets an Alchemist Dedication to craft bombs and other consumables on the go, in the heat of things – like a pause menu.

Level Feat Notes
1 Alchemist Dedication From Ancient Elf. Bombs and other throwables for Link.
1 Power Attack Perhaps the up slash.
2 Lunge For hitting enemies a step away with the Master Sword.
4 Quick Alchemy Craft bombs or potions on-the-go.
6 Basic Concoction - Quick Bomber Make it take an action to hurl those bombs.
8 Sudden Leap Striking in the air is one of Link’s go-to moves.
9 Quick Shield Block From Combat Flexibility. Get ready to block!
10 Combat Reflexes A free Attack of Opportunity reaction per turn.
12 Expert Alchemy Better items!
14 Whirlwind Strike Maybe the most iconic attack in Link’s arsenal. Charge spin!
15 Spring Attack From Improved Flexibility.
16 Master Alchemy Even better items!
18 Savage Critical Cashing in Korok seeds for a damage upgrade.
20 Weapon Supremacy Master Sword attack!

Skills & General Feats

Exploring and crafting. In a way, that is the Legend of Zelda experience distilled into two actions. Link's skills reflect that in a big way, going ultra top heavy into three skills, only briefly branching out to Survival.

Legendary: Athletics, Crafting
Master: Acrobatics
Expert: Survival

Level Feat Notes
2 Cat Fall Jumping off a tree? Or a wall? Land well.
3 Fleet Keep moving!
4 Rolling Landing Make those landings count.
6 Rapid Mantel Channel the Breath of the Wild. Wink.
7 Combat Climber Stave off those Keese while you’re scaling the cliff.
8 Improvise Tool Repair on the go
10 Magical Crafting Expand the breadth of items available for Link to craft.
11 Toughness Age up into Adult Link.
12 Kip Up Hyuh!
14 Inventor Keep adding to stash of tools.
15 Cloud Jump HYUH!
16 Rapid Affixture Upgrade weapons and armor during battle!
18 Craft Anything Including a hookshot?
19 Incredible Scout But you couldn’t see Calamity Ganon coming
20 Water Sprint Like a Zora

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Link's Signature Items

Key Spells


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