The Flash

Barry Allen holds the key to the Speedforce, and nothing can outrun him. He thinks fast, punches fast and runs faster.

Who Is The Flash?

Who Are The Flash?

Barry Allen became The Flash – the fastest man on earth – after an accident allowed him to tap into the mysterious power known as the Speed Force.

As a forensic scientist in the Central City Police Department, Barry was known for being very slow, methodical and often late. All of this changed when a lightning bolt struck his lab, covering him in a strange mix of chemicals. The mixture boosted his speed and reflexes to unimaginable heights.

From that point, he put on the classic red tights – complete with yellow lightning bolt – and became The Flash, the Scarlet Speedster, Mr. Fast Pants.

As the archetypal “speedster” hero, The Flash is often the hero that other fast heroes are measured up to. It's a big deal in the Justice League movie, for instance, when Barry realizes Superman is keeping up with him. "Whoa" we all say, "Superman must be fast".

I've been a bit of a Flash fan since my playing Justice League Task Force on Super Nintendo. The Flash was my go-to character on that game (mainly because my brother would take my beloved Green Arrow). As a result, I kept this tradition going in recent years, keeping The Flash as my main in Injustice and Injustice 2.

There's something satisfying about him in those fighter games – the barrage of punches he can dish out, the way he seems to teleport across the stage to deliver a big hit, the way enemies go into slow motion to represent how fast he's moving.

Can we build that in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

The Flash running

A Need For Speed

No one is faster than The Flash. He moves as a blur, travelling long distances in no time flat. In fact, Barry can move his molecules so fast that he can vibrate through walls.

Lightning speed

May The (Speed) Force Be With You

Barry uses the speed force to traverse time and space itself, using the speedforce to break the fabric of time and access the multiverse.

Fast thinking

Thinking Ahead

It’s not just that he moves fast, Barry thinks fast too. He can comprehend what is going on around him as he moves at breakneck speeds, giving him a leg up on any foe.

Lightning quick punches

C-C-C-Combo Puncher!

The Flash hits enemies with a left right left right before they’ve even cocked their fist. His incredible speed also lends his punches extra power.

Building The Flash

As the archetypal speedster character, The Flash fills the skirmisher role perfectly in a Pathfinder party. He uses his incredible speed to get in, hit quick and get out – moving across the entire battlefield to deliver targeted hits when needed.

It is a no-brainer, then, to start with the Monk class. Even just the base Monk without any feat choices gives us the Flurry of Blows feature, which is a huge step into the flavor of Barry. With Flurry of Blows allowing The Flash to deliver multiple strikes with a single action, he can choose to spend the other two actions on his turn moving to a target and then moving back away from the target, staying safe on the fringes of combat.

Add to that the major movement shenanigans that come with Monk Ki Spells, and we’re really starting to look like our speedster. Specifically, Ki Rush and Abundant Step are taken to give unmatched speed. Ki Rush even grants concealment for a turn, as The Flash is moving so fast he is hard to hit.

Since the build already uses Focus Points, we splash into the Magus Dedication to grab Dimensional Assault. This adds to the already potent movement options with a move/strike option to round out the trifecta.

An earlier version of this build took a few Magus feats to take advantage of that dedication, getting Spellstriker and a few spells for a once-per-combat Speed Force wallop. Since then, Secrets of Magic added the Stoked Flame Stance for Monks, which is a way better use of class feats.

The Stoked Flames Stance – available from level one – adds even more speed to the character (5 ft. immediately and another 5 ft. at level three!) and gives the Flash access to flashing spark unarmed attacks. These strikes are forceful, so the second strike in a flurry of blows deals more damage. Plus, with critical specialization, they deal persistent fire damage on crits. We'll imagine that as the friction burn from being attacked at such a high speed.

Taking this stance, and the super-on-brand Blazing Streak feat that follows, are way better choices than a single Spellstrike, so we aren't missing anything.

Outside of combat, the Flash makes a great scout. His speed, perception and reflexes makes him able to spot threats and make it back to the party to alert them quickly – even if he has to scale walls to get there.


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  • Fast running
  • Fast punching
  • Fast everything
  • Doesn't offer much utility outside of encounters
  • Hungry for focus points
  • Teammates can't keep up


Human – Half Elf

The Human / Half Elf heritage combo is without a doubt the best choice for Barry. Every ancestry feat along the way adds flavor and utility to the build.

On the human side, access to Natural Ambition lets The Flash start out with both ki spells and his stance, making him feel whole right from the begininng of the campaign. On the Half Elf side, feats like Nimble Elf and Elven Instincts add to the already blistering speed and flexible movement of the build.

Finally, the two combine at level 9 with Multitalented, allowing us to choose a class archetype without needing to reach the prerequisite attributes. That is huge, because we want the Magus focus spells, but don't care about getting 14 Int.





Natural Ambition

For Stoked Flame Stance. The base of The Flash's unarmed attacks and even more speed.


Nimble Elf

Another 5 feet of speed for the speedster.



For a Magus Dedication that will eventually be Dimensional Assault.


Elven Instincts

It's not just Barry's feet that are fast, it's the ole brain too.


Pinch Time

A daily dose of Haste for an extra action. More punches? More strides? More speed!


Time Traveler

This represents Barry’s connection to the speed force. It is through that power that he can travel across time and space – in this case, using Bend Time to get an extra action at the perfect moment.

Plus, the Dexterity boost is just what this speedster needs.



This is really the only option for The Flash. The build is tightly packed with class feats, every level adds important functionality and flavor – there are really no filler feats.

The Monk offers the punching speed he needs to attack with blurred fists – unmatched by any other class. Plus, the Ki Spells available to the Monk offer so much flavor for moving at incredible speeds.

Ki Rush, Abundant Step and even Ki Form seem tailor-made for a Flash build – enabling the character to zip around the battlefield in an instant.

Plus, the build adds an additional focus spell with Magus Dedication. Dimensional Assault, which allows the Flash to teleport and attack with a single action, might be the spell that ties everything together. And since it doesn't require any saving throw, it doesn't matter that we dump the stat the magus spelsl are tied to.

With Dimensional Assault in the arsenal at level fourteen, the Flash can use just three actions to unleash an incredible barrage of speed and punches. He can teleport 25 feet and make a flashing spark attack with the one action Dimensional Assault. Use Flurry of Blows with another action to make two more flashing spark attacks, each of which adding more forceful damage if they hit. Then, with one more action and Winding flow, he can Step out of melee range of the enemy and then stride 55 ft. away to absolute safety.

That's the Flash!





Ki Rush

Get those focus spells early with two movements in one action. This combined with high speed equals Flash!


Stoked Flame Stance

From Natural Ambition. More speed and a specialized unarmed attack. Leave 'em burnt by speed.


Brawling Focus

To unlock the persistent fire damage critical effect of The Flash's flashing spark attacks.


Guarded Movement

With all that speed, it would be assume to have to stop to Attacks of Opportunity. Avoid them without steps!


Abundant Step

Speaking of avoiding opportunity attacks... why not just teleport? That's true speed.


Wall Run

Ah, yes. Wall-running. The ole "speedster's climb".


Blazing Streak

For three actions: stride twice and attack four times. This is peak Flash, zipping around the place, leaving burns in his wake.


Hybrid Study Spell

For Dimensional Assault. Teleport up to an enemy and smack then with a flashing spark.


Winding Flow

Stand, step or stride. Then do one of the ones you didn't do. All for one action.


Flinging Blow

Add an extra action to a strike to push a foe back up to 20 ft, dealing damage to anyone they hit.


Ki Form

Enter the Speed Force. The Flash becomes so fast he can run on air. The molecules around him vibrate so fast they injure nearby creatures. His attacks do more damage. He shines.


Enduring Quickness

An extra action to do flashy things. Pun inteded.

Skills & General Feats

The Flash puts almost all his focus into Athletics. It takes some athleticism to move with such speed, hero or not.

Beyond that, Acrobatics are helpful for squeezing and other movements while moving so fast. And since he can get almost anywhere, it is helpful to hide there with some Stealth.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics
Master: –
Expert: Stealth, Survival





Steady Balance

Gotta be careful when moving at the speed of time!



5 more feet per stride. Keep going!


Rapid Mantel

The Flash can climb fast too.


Quick Jump

What kind of jump?


Incredible Initiative

Being this fast means being more alert.


Quick Climber

What kind of climber?


Water Sprint

Flash is so fast that the surface tension of water might as well be a track.



Barry can crawl almost as fast as he runs.


Wall Jump

Just slow down a bit before hitting the wall.


Powerful Leap

Speed = power



You can't hurt what you can't hit.


Cloud Jump

Flash never skips leg day. Put it to use.


Nimble Crawl

What type of crawl?


Prescient Planner

Forget something? Barry zips back to town to grab it.


Quick Swim

What kind of swim?

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 18 16 12 10 10 12
5 19 18 14 10 10 14
10 20 19 16 10 10 16
15 21 20 18 10 10 18
20 22 21 18 12 12 18


Suggested Starting Equipment

Handwraps – Some cloth to keep the knuckles safe is all Barry needs to dole out punches in bunches.

Explorer’s Clothing – As a monk, The Flash can’t wear armor. Therefore, that nifty red suit has to be made out of explorer clothing. Get tailoring Barry!

The Flash's Signature Items

Key Spells

Level Spell Notes
Cantrip Electric Arc Rubbing feet against the floor at Flash’s speed is serious static!
Cantrip Gale Blast Just by stopping suddenly, people can get blown over.
2 Sudden Bolt Discharge that static out of nowhere.
3 Lightning The biggest static discharge Flash will fulminate in this build.



  • Removed Elven Instincts, Spellstriker, Basic Martial Magic - Expansive Spellstriker, Basic Magus Spellcasting
  • Added Natural Ambition, Stoked Flame Stance, Blazing Streak, Winding Flow, Flinging Blow

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