Ash & Pikachu

A young Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town, Ash is on a quest to become a Pokémon Master with his trusty pal Pikachu.

Who Is Ash & Pikachu?

Who Are Ash & Pikachu?

Ash Ketchum was introduced as the main character of the Pokemon anime in 1997, just a few years after Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green made a Gameboy worth having. Since then, Ash has gone on adventures in over 1200 main series episodes, over 20 movies, and tons of other comics, side stories and appearances. Most of them feature the same goal, his never-ending quest to become Pokemon Master, alongside his faithful first pokemon, Pikachu.

Pikachu has been the star of the show almost as often as Ash, of course. As the informal mascot of the entire Pokemon franchise, Pikachu has appeared in every kind of merch imaginable. As well, they've been the solo star of videogames, series and even a major movie – Detective Pikachu.

I was introduced to Pokemon shortly after its release in North America. A relative had a copy of Pokemon Blue, which they had tried but didn't "catch" on. It's funny how clearly I can remember it, even 20 years later. While staying over at their place, the blue cartridge caught my eye. I put it in, started a new game (choosing Charmander as my first pokemon) and was instantly and irrevocably hooked.

I never got into the anime or the movies, or even the offshoot games, but the mainline game series has always been a must-buy for me. Although, lately the series has been tough on me as they reduce the overall number of species per game – very often my favorite Pokemon, Beedrill, is left in the lurch. Oh well.

Keys to the Character

A pokeball

Belle of the Pokeball

Who is Ash without a huge, rotating roster of pocket monsters, ready to help him become a Master.

Ash getting shocked by Pikachu

A Shocking Partnership

Ash and Pikachu are the best of buds, but Ash can get in over his head with his training. He's gotta remember that his friends are a lot more powerful than his frail, human body.

A Pokemon Champion trophy

We Are The Champions, Furret

Ash is on a mission to become the Pokemon Champion in every region he steps foot. It's a never-ending quest, a lifetime goal. Honestly, he's got blinders on.

An electric energy from the Pokemon Trading Card Game

That's My Type

There are 18 types in Pokemon, but Pikachu has made Electric iconic. I mean, come on, can you even name a Fighting type right now?

Building Ash & Pikachu

Building Ash & Pikachu is obviously about one thing and one thing only: summoning pokemon.

As a Summoner, Ash can build a bond with his main eidolon (Pikachu) while filling his spell slots with summon spells to round out his roster on the battlefield. Luckily there are so many dozens of pokemon species, it is easy to flavor any of the summon spells with a pokemon lens. Summon Animal? Might be a Rattata or a Growlithe. Summon Plant? Victreebell or Vileplume. Summon Dragon? You get the idea.

Choosing the Magic feats down the Summoner line gives Pikachu a ton of possibilities for letting off big electric spells, which fits perfectly for what Pikachu wants to do on the battlefield.

Speaking of the battlefield, most rounds as Ash are spent summoning creatures, sustaining those summons, or commanding Pikachu. A typical turn in the middle of a fight might be using a two action Act Together so Pikachu can let of a big spell while Ash sustains another summon, then using the remaining Action to stride, staying out of danger.


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Human - Versatile Heritage

Not much to say here, Ash is human. The Versatile Heritage and Natural Ambition gives Ash some extra feats at level one, which fits with his eagerness to get out on the road (as a like 10 year old) and become a master.

Level Feat Notes
1 Natural Ambition Extend Boost. Boost Pikachu for longer.
5 Sense Allies Gotta make sure you know where your Pokemon are!
9 Hardy Traveler Searching for Gyms is tiring
13 Stubborn Persistence Who is more persistent than Ash?
17 Heroic Presence Inspire your allies!



Okay, hear me out: What are Pokemon battles, if not gladiatorial entertainment? Not only is this a pretty close fit for a Pokemon Master, but it gives a Charisma boost, which Ash wants as a Summoner.


Summoner - Beast Eidolon

While his spell slots will be filled with Summon spells, having a Beast Eidolon (with an Electricity Energy Heart) is the perfect analogy for Pikachu, who eschews his poke ball in favor of walking alongside Ash.

Pikachu's build is what we would call "Special Damage" in Pokemon – it's a magic-based build that focuses on nuking down enemies though high AEO damage and very high single target damage. Most of the class-feats are focused on improving that magic ability of Pikachu, and most actions will be spent by him in encounters.

Level Feat Notes
1 Eidolon Type - Beast Technically Pikachu is a "mouse" Pokemon. Beast type: check.
1 Energy Heart - Electricity Electric-type, lowkey a big help against the original Elite Four.
1 Extend Boost From Natural Ambition. Boost Pikachu for longer with the Boost Eidolon focus spell.
2 Magical Understudy Get Pikachu shocking foes!
4 Tandem Movement Make it easier to move around together
6 Eidolon’s Wrath - Electricity A focus point-based Electric attack. Just think of focus points as PP.
8 Magical Adept Improve Pikachu's ability to destroy with Special Attacks.
10 Boost Summons Make the Boost Eidolon focus spell affect all the summoned pokemon. Go go go!
12 Master Summoner Ash gains an extra spell slot (poke ball) as long as he uses two spells of that type.
14 Share Eidolon Magic Pikachu has taught Ash a thing or two about shocking.
16 Effortless Concentration Keep multiple Pokemon active!
18 Magical Master Pikachu's Special Attack stat gets off the charts.
20 Legendary Summoner Legendary is higher than Master? We aren't in Kanto anymore.

Skills & General Feats

Most of Ash's skills are around finding new species for the Pokedex, plus travelling the world in search of new Leagues!

Legendary: Nature
Master: Survival, Crafting
Expert: -

Level Feat Notes
1 Versatile Heritage - Train Animal Who is better at bringing creatures to his side?
2 Tame Animal Ash's empathy toward pokemon is what makes him such a legendary trainer.
3 Survey Wildlife Gotta keep the eyes open for the moving grass.
4 Natural Medicine Make first aid from natural ingredients. All Natural "Potions".
6 Wilderness Spotter - Forest Keep an eye out for those insect types. Beedrill mains unite.
7 Ride Riding pokemon is as old as catching them.
8 Experienced Tracker When you're filling out a Pokedex, you gotta learn to track down the rare ones.
10 Snare Crafting Does this count as pokemon catching?
11 Incredible Investiture Add more sashes and other magical items.
12 Glad-Hand Go meet those gym leaders before doing the challenge.
14 Folk Dowsing Use a natural tool to help track down those legendaries.
15 A Home In Every Port ..and every Pokemon League
16 No Cause for Alarm "Calm down everyone, there's a Pokemon Center ahead."
18 Shameless Request He has no problem making requests of pokemon, is it as easy to request from humans?
19 Untrained Improvisation Ash is unafraid of learning new things. Just dive in!
20 Rapid Affixture Add some stickers to those pokeballs fast!

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Ash & Pikachu's Signature Items

Key Spells

Ash’s Spells
Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Guidance Some extra help for your Pokemon
Cantrip Stabilize Calling Nurse Joy! Keep your Pokemon from fainting
Cantrip Tame It beats throwing a poke ball
Cantrip Protect Companion Keep an eye out for your pals, don’t let Team Rocket get ‘em!
Cantrip Healing Plaster Have those Potions ready to for your team.
1 Summon Animal Heightened to your Summoner Repertoire
1 Summon Fey Heightened to your Summoner Repertoire
1 Summon Plant or Fungus Heightened to your Summoner Repertoire
2 Summon Elemental Heightened to your Summoner Repertoire
5 Summon Giant Heightened to your Summoner Repertoire

Pikachu’s Spells
Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Electric Arc A classic, repeatable zap from Pikachu.
Cantrip Light Some help lighting the way through an electric buzz.
1 Shocking Grasp Otherwise known as Volt Tackle.
2 Sudden Bolt A quick, medium-strength blast of electricity.
3 Lightning Bolt The iconing electric spell. Pika pika boom.
4 Electric Current Reflavor of Scorching Ray. Send off electric beams in several directions.
5 Lightning Storm
A giant AOE zapping foes across the battlefield.
6 Chain Lightning Treat enemies like conduits to hop a current between them.
7 Shocking Body Reflavor of Fiery Body. Become the storm and sling bolts with ease.


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