A small toy brought to life after being inhabited by a warrior from Star Road, sent from above to restore peace.

Who Is Geno?

Who Are Geno?

When the Smithy Gang attacked Mario's World, during the events of Super Mario RPG, Exor smashed through the Star Road on his way down to Bowser's Keep.

The collateral damage had a bigger effect than initially thought – the pieces of the smashed Star Road were scattered around the world, and without the Star Road being whole, no wishes could be granted.

To restore the road and bring back wishes, the Stars sent down a warrior, known in their language as ♡♪!?, to defeat the Smithy Gang and find the star pieces. Upon reaching Mario's World, ♡♪!? took control of a small toy doll. Calling himself Geno, he went out to complete his mission, and a legend was born.

Geno's niche popularity has endured over the last 30 years, despite depictions of him being few and far between because of an ownership disagreement between Nintendo and Square Enix. He has popped up in cameos here and there, but never in a meaningful way – despite calls for him to appear as a fighter in Smash.

Count me as part of that group. I loved Super Mario RPG, it was one of my favorite SNES games for sure. And Geno was, as many agree, my favorite character. The game had all those markings of Square, that I would come to recognize in the future with Final Fantasy. The interesting or off-kilter character backstories is one of them. You can imagine Geno fitting in alongside Vivi or Barret (concidentally an automaton and a guy with a gun arm).

But how do we build him in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

star warrior

I'm a Mother-effing Starboy

The entity embodying Geno is really named ♡♪!?. He is a member of the Star species, who call Star Road home. This is really all very straightforward.

geno doll form

Hello Dolly

When ♡♪!? came down to Mario's World, aiming to defeat the Smithy Gang, he chose a small toy doll as a vessel for his earthly form. Like a cosmic Pinocchio.

geno powers

Starlight, Starbright, Starblast

As a member of the team in Super Mario RPG, Geno is a heavy blaster. One of his moves, the Geno Whirl, deals 9999 to an enemy. Goodnight!

star gun

A New Type of Handgun

Geno's weapons in Super Mario RPG alter his doll hands into different types of guns and lasers. The best, the Star Gun, fires three star-like projectiles at enemies. Can we call them shooting stars?

Building Geno

There is no question what role Geno filled in the party in Super Mario RPG. He had only one team support skill, which was an attack boost, and had one of the lowest defenses in the game. He was DPS, pure and simple. Big, blasting DPS to be specific.

So in Pop Culture Pathfinder terms, Geno will be a Nuker – either using giant single target spells to delete a foe, or wide ranging AOE spells to rain down damage over many enemies.

To accomplish this, Geno will be a Wizard with a focus on Evocation – blasting, learning spells, and blasting some more.

On the battlefield, Geno is a backline blaster who does not want to be up-close-and-personal with enemies in any way. He has feats to carefully manage his spell slots and focus points, getting the most use out of his daily spell limit as he can.

When those are spent, Geno continues blasting with cantrips and his integrated hand blaster, which apparently is standard issue on this child's doll. The 90s were a different time in terms of safety standards.

Outside of battle, Geno is just kind of nice to have around. Despite being trained at the base level in many skills, Geno is not specialized in almost any. He can sure recognize magic and other spells though!


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  • Big power in a small package
  • Ancestry feats provide backup power
  • Who doesn't want a living toy?
  • Automaton fits better than Poppet
  • Focused solely on damage
  • Will leave back to Star Road one day


Mage Automaton

This one was a real problem.

Geno is a Poppet. He is. He is a Star Warrior inhabiting the body of a toy poppet. It is one of the most cut and dry, 1-to-1 ancestries we've done so far.

But the thing is, after the initial choice of Toy Poppet, the ancestry does not do very much as far as helping us make the build come to life.

Automaton, on the other hand, makes the build feel more like Geno with every feat! The energy blast is an excellent stand-in for Geno's handgun, and the level 17 feat even lets him turn into a cannon – one of his actual abilities from Super Mario RPG.

The kicker, though, is that the ancestry also allows for the Small size, like Poppet. That is enough for us to choose practical over perfect, and imagine that the Star Warrior inhabited some kind of wooden marionette, bringing it to life like an automaton.





Automaton Size: Small

It might not perfectly match the Poppet, but a Small Automaton gets us pretty close to a pinocchio-style marrionette toy.


Energy Beam

Blasts from the fings of Geno's "handgun".


Arcane Eye

Darkvision makes sense for a Star creature, living in the black void of space.


Lesser Augmentation: Energy Beam

Geno's star gun energy beams are now d6s, up from d4s.


Magical Resistance: Electricity

You can burn a doll, you can freeze a doll. Can you shock a doll?


Core Cannon

Otherwise known as "Geno Flash". Become a cannon, blast fools.



♡♪!? is on a mission from Star Road, bring word to Mario and his team about the trouble the Smithy Gang has wrought there, and the importance of defeating them on Mario's World.


Wizard (Evocation) - Metamagical Experimentation Thesis

When it comes to "magic" users in pop culture, more often than not they fit the bill of Sorcerers, rather than Wizards. Perhaps the "born-with-power" nature of spontaneous casting lends itself more easily to storytelling than meticulous, hard-earned study in magical skill.

With Geno, there are a lot of blanks to fill in when it comes to the Star race and the source of their power. We know Geno (or ♡♪!?) is a Star Warrior, so we can assume he trained to reach his current skill level. We also know that he uses giant, star-based blasts, discs and waves. So, let's assume that he trained to achieve his magical prowess, and that Star Warriors are Wizards. Deal?

As an evocation-focused Wizard, Geno gets access to feats that bump up his power even more – like spell penetration, splash damage, and other metamagic abilities. All the more power for Geno, the nuker of the Super Mario RPG team!

Besides the Wizard class, Geno also takes an archetype at level 2 – the Living Vessel Dedication. We won't go any further down the feats list with this, but the first feat offers a lot of flavor, and some decent functionality too.

Living Vessel represents the fact that Geno is being puppeted by a greater being – the Star Warrior ♡♪!?. The archetype offers a get-out-of-death free card, where upon reaching 0 health, ♡♪!? takes over completely. Geno is saved from dying, but the Star Warrior calls the shots entirely – acting through the GM for one minute.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.





Reach Spell

From Metamagical Experimentation. Main use of this is to give Touch spells a 30ft range.


Living Vessel Dedication

Geno's Star Warrior emerges at the brink of the doll's death, doing Star things for 1 min.


Linked Focus

Geno gains a focus point when using Drain Focus. Extra foce bolt!


Spell Penetration

Saving throw bonuses are reduced – or even negated – when Geno comes blasting.


Advanced School Spell

Geno prefers the Force Bolt, but this is an extra focus point if not a cool spell.


Quickened Casting

Reduce a two-action spell to one, or a three-action spell to two. Get zooming like a star!


Magic Sense

Geno's Star Warrior training means he is always under the effects of Detect Magic, maybe on the lookout for other Star folk pretending to be dolls..


Superior Bond

Gain an extra use of Drain Focus for more casting. Unfortunately doesn't work with Linked Focus for extra force bolts.


Vessel's Form

Our Star Warrior releases himself from the shackles of a doll form, gaining size, health and damage for one minute.


Infinite Possibilities

Pull up your Sorcerer pants and dedicate one spell slot for spontaneous casting.


Spell Master

Four extra spell slots for Geno's four favorite spells.

Skills & General Feats

Skill-wise, Geno isn't the most advanced character out there. He has a legendary Arcana, which helps him learn new skills – and even avoid those of enemies. Beyond that, Geno needs some decent Deception, to fit in among the non Star species on Mario's world. Though, they may ask how a toy is talking.

Legendary: Arcana

Master: Deception, Diplomacy

Expert: Performance, Survival





Trick Magic Item

Use magic items that Geno shouldn't be allowed to use. Technically, being a doll, that should be all of them.



It's hard to kill a doll.


Magical Shorthand

Learn new spells for Geno's spellbook much quicker.


Fleeing Diversion

It's important to low-health, low-armor dolls like Geno to get out of dodge when they can.


Glean Contents

As a Star on a mission to find star pieces, Geno keeps a close watch as he searches.


Recognize Spell

Geno recognizes magic from his studies, gaining a bonus to avoiding them.


Quick Recognition

Recognize Spell can be used as a free action.


Breath Control

Do dolls breathe? That should make this feat easy to use.


Discreet Inquiry

Ask things like "Can I join your quest to take down the Smithy Gang?"


Schooled in Secrets

The Star Road race is mysterious and bright. Geno has a lot of information on thier society, being from there and all.


Unified Theory

Years of study have made Geno able to assume things about Nature, Occultism and Dive traditions, based on his mastery of Arcana.


Quick Disguise

Can he just jump into another toy body?


Slippery Secrets

It's hard for enemies to read the mind of stars, or dolls for that matter.


Incredible Investiture

Put those collected star pieces and artifacts to work.


Shameless Request

Like "can I borrow this doll toy as my corporeal body?".

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 12 10 12 18 12 14
5 12 12 12 19 14 16
10 12 12 14 20 16 18
15 12 14 14 21 18 19
20 12 16 16 22 18 20


Suggested Starting Equipment

Geno's Signature Items

Key Spells





Phase Bolt

A cosmic blast that avoids bonuses like shields and cover.



A flaming blast of starlight, which can sunburn foes.


Magic Missile

The tried and true force spell. Up to three unavoidable force missiles.


Scorching Blast

Manifest that starlight and blast foes a few times.


Mage Armor

The closest thing Geno will get to having decent defense.


Sudden Bolt

A quick blast on a single foe.


Scorching Ray

Geno's main blast of star energy, which can be powered up.



The classic big burst of starfire. Try to avoid friends.


Lightning Bolt

An overwhelming energy blast in a long line.


Chromatic Ray

Light energy that can have multiple effects.


Elemental Breath

Breath in and expel a huge cone of surging starfire.


Etheric Shards

The fallen pieces of Star Road make an entire area dangerous to traverse.


Chain Lightning

A burst of energy that jumps from one foe to another, possibly forever.



A ray of energy that can turn objects to dust and people to other types of dust.


Vitryfing Blast

A cone of radiation that can turn foes to glass.


Eclipse Burst

You know all the starlight we've been blasting? See what happens when it's taken away.


Blightburn Blast

Some more scientifically accurate starlight... sickening radiation.


Polar Ray

Reverse the energy of Geno's blast to bring a cold ray of slowing power.



Adjust the gravity of Star Road to buckle foes from the skeletons in.


Meteor Swarm

Drop the remaining pieces of Star Road down on to the battlefield.



Star Road is whole again! Wishes are back!


Geno Resources