Han Solo

A smuggler, pilot and reluctant hero who made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs... and helped defeat the Empire.

Who Is Han Solo?

Who Are Han Solo?

A witty smuggler hired by Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker for a transport mission to Alderaan, Han Solo becomes swept up in the Rebel Alliance's fight against the Galactic Empire. Eventually, he becomes one of the Alliance's most revered heroes.

Han Solo accomplishes something amazing in that first Star Wars movie, as a character. His effortless swagger jumps off the screen showing us that even in this world of magical laser-sword wielding Jedis, some of the coolest characters will be just regular folks who can fly fast and shoot faster.

The coolness of Han Solo has persisted and inspired characters for 50 years. Just picturing him – the hair, the vest, the aloofness – oozes cool to me, someone who has missed out on most Star Wars media.

Han Solo is one of those pop culture icons that leaks through the media they are from into the general consciousness. Even if you've never seen Star Wars, you've undoubtedly heard "I love you" "I know", or 12 parsecs, or even Han Shot First.

So how do translate that cool to Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

the millennium falcon

Thousand Year Bird

The millennium falcon sits alongside the Starship Enterprise and the Battlestar Galactica when it comes to famous fictional spaceships. Just by looking at its iconic shape you are sure the Kessel Run is a breeze.

han solo's blaster

What A Blast!

In a world where laser swords exist, you really gotta be good with a blaster to get noticed. The best way to do that? Shoot first.

han solo's vest

Smug Outfit

When we think of Star Wars Jedis, we think of robes. When we think Bounty Hunters, we think jetpacks. When we think smugglers, it's the vest. Does every smuggler wear a vest? No, but the cool one does.


I Bent My Wookie

As much as he likes to act like a loner, Han isn't much without his friends. He's made a lot of allies over the years – including his faithful first mate Chewbacca – and he would likewise do anything for them.

Building Han Solo

One of the key ways we want to build characters on Pop Culture Pathfinder is to focus on what makes them different or special. There are some versions of a Han Solo build that end up like any generic Gunslinger or Swashbuckler. So why Han?

Well a Han Solo build gives us the opportunity to focus on some actions and skills that are often overlooked for the sake of optimization: driving. Luckily, we're going for flavor over min-maxing, so we can make Han the best driver / pilot Golarian has ever seen.

This will primarily be achieved through the Trick Driver dedication – which offers a few nice feats, but a lot of great skills.

On the battlefield, Han is equally at home firing at enemies with his pistol, firing at enemies with his wit, or firing off ideas on how to get out of the situation. The mix makes him as adept a shooter as he is a supporter, always looking out for his friends (and vice versa).

Outside of battle, Han is an adept smuggler who has a keen knowledge of the criminal underworld and how to operate clandestinely. If there's something that needs transporting, Han and his team are the people to do it.

And if he ever gets access to a vehicle – any vehicle – all bets are off.


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Human - Versatile Heritage

Some builds just rely on the Human ancestry's Skilled, Versatile or Multitalented feats to give them the leg up they need to reach that perfect flavor. Han is one of those, but luckily he's also Human, so it's a perfect match.

Versatile Heritage + Natural Ambition gives Han a few extra toys at level one to get the build off on the right foot. And Multitalented lets us focus on the Trick Driver skills instead of the feats and still pick up the Swashbuckler dedication.





Natural Ambition

For Blast Lock. There's a lot of flavor to pack into this build. It helps to get an extra class feat off the top to start strong.


Clever Improviser

Han has enough experience to at least try plans that probably require a lot more nuanced expertise.



For Swashbuckler Dedication. Han is a modern day pirate – daring, witty and full of panache.


Advanced General Training

For Thorough Search. Another extra skill feat for a character who has a ton of tricks up his sleeve.


Stubborn Persistence

Han embodies the Human trait of just never giving up.



This seems maybe a little harsh, but he is a smuggler after all. Criminal gives Underworld lore – an important piece of knowledge for a smuggler. Plus, the real treat: Experienced Smuggler.

Plus, the Dexterity modifier is a plus for a Gunslinger.


Pistolero Gunslinger

Han has to take a few dedications to get the flavor right, but Gunslinger sets a great baseline to add those on top of. After all, as Greedo would tell us, Han is a hell of a shot.

There are other Gunslinger builds on Pop Culture Pathfinder, but the way this one is built really shows the versatility of the Pathfinder ruleset. Take our Tracer build for example, another Pistolero Gunslinger – there's almost no crossover.

Han uses his Gunslinger feats mainly to help himself and his allies out of sticky situations, and capitalize on opportunities when it counts.

Meanwhile, he takes Trick Driver Dedication at level 2 to start his progression toward being a legendary pilot. No other class feats from this dedication will be taken, but it unlocks a lot of great and flavorful skill feats.

Lastly, the build uses the Human Multitalented ancestry feat to take a Swashbuckler dedication at level 9. Precise strikes and finishers aren't compatible with a pistol, or any ranged weapon, so we don't go any further into those feats either. But panache still gives +5 speed and bonuses to dodging through bad guys to make a daring escape.





Hit the Dirt!

Sure, Stormtroopers are notoriously bad shots. Still, it helps to dodge out of the way of their blaster fire.


Blast Lock

From Natural Ambition. With his high Thievery, Han can pick locks with ease. Or just shoot them.


Trick Driver Dedication

You don't make the Kessel Run in just 12 parsecs without having a few hotshot tricks.


Fake Out

Help an ally land thier blow by forcing an enemy to react to Han's threat.



Hopefully the group has better healing options available, but if not, this will work in a pinch.


Leap and Fire

Now whenever Han hits the dirt he can fire a blaster shot back.


Trick Shot

This feels right. Use the pistol to do something more interesting than just hit a bad guy. Like knock a chandelier onto that bad guy.


Redirecting Shot

Han shoots so fast he can redirect his allies shots to hit more true.


Drive-by Attack

Just because Han is driving the vehicle doesn't mean he can't shoot.


Hair Trigger



Piercing Critical

Don't just shoot first, shoot better. Get critical hits on a 19.


Slinger's Reflexes

Be prepared to hit the dirt more times per round. Like every time an enemy does something.

Skills & General Feats

Has it been said enough so far? Han Solo is a legendary pilot. The Trick Driver dedication gives a Driving lore skill that scales to legendary on its own as Han goes up in levels.

Alongside that, he'll need to be legendary in Society and Thievery to get the goods smuggled without raising eyebrows or alarms.

Legendary: Lore: Driving, Society, Thievery
Master: Deception
Expert: Diplomacy

Level Feat Notes
1 Charming Liar From Versatile Heritage. We just have to take anything that says "Charming", right?
2 Express Driver Get some extra speed out of whatever Han is driving.
3 Bon Mot Most of Han's ability to get what he wants comes through deception rather than diplomacy, but he can quip.
4 Power Slide The Fast and the Furious: Golarian Drift.
6 Streetwise Any smuggler who isn't streetsmart is behind bars.
7 Push It Get that vehicle going even faster for a round.
8 Underground Network It's a lot easier to find ways to get goods in and out if you know a guy.
10 Fleeing Diversion Take the opportunity of a distracted foe to get out of dodge.
11 Prescient Planner Is it luck or preparedness? Sometimes it helps to have just the thing needed for the exact situation.
12 Criminal Connections Being a smuggler tends to mean you get mixed up with more unsavory types. That can have its benefits.
13 Thorough Search From Advanced General Training. Usually used to find a way out of an impossible situation.
14 Confabulator Lies on lies on lies. Just try to keep track of them.
15 Legendary Professional At this point, the best way to earn credits is for Han Solo to do what he does best. Smuggle and look good doing it.
16 Legendary Codebreaker Having to communicate with cyphers means understanding how to read one.
18 Slipper Secrets Even magic can't determine if Han is telling the truth.
19 True Perception Smugglers and pilots have to be on their toes. Han is both.
20 Doublespeak Say one thing to enemies and make sure allies understand something different. But it's up to them to follow the directions.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Han Solo's Signature Items

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