Master Yoda

The 900 year old Jedi Master who now lives exiled in the swamp, getting carried in a backpack.

Who Is Master Yoda?

Who Are Master Yoda?

Jedi Grand Master Yoda was already 900 years old when he first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. A grizzled, wrinkled, little green Jedi Master.

He instantly capture the attention of Star Wars fans and non-Star Wars fans alike with his unique way of speaking and mysterious origins. Plus he seemingly just gets really tired and disappears.

In a franchise that has spent a lot of time over the past 20 years answering questions we didn't necessarily want answered, Yoda's origins are still somewhat mysterious. That might be why his image endures. And now, we've got Baby Yoda (Grogu) who has reignited that spark.

I am not the biggest Star Wars fan out there, in fact I haven't seen most of them. But I have always liked the idea of the Jedi – and, more importantly, I love Frank Oz and the Muppets.

There's something I find very cool or funny about the fact that the wise old figure overseeing this giant franchise is a little green Miss Piggy-sounding Muppet. I love it. Especially when you go back and watch Empire, before his CGI or animated versions that followed.

That's the version of this build, the old, cane-using Jedi Master who lives in a swamp and talks inexplicably.

Keys to the Character

Yoda's cane

Cane-Do Attitude

The Return of the Jedi Yoda is a slow-moving, cane-toting old green dude. But even though he may seem muppet-ish, that cane still smarts when you're whacked with it.

Yoda's hand using the force

May The Force Be With You

Lifting an X-wing out of the swamp is big flex when Luke is just lifting a rock or two. I wonder what else that Force power can do?

Jedi Master teachings

Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

[Ed. note: isn't that an absolute?] Having Yoda for a teacher might be a bit tough. Whatever happened to A for efforT?

Dagobah swamp

I'm Really Swamped

Yoda's elf-exile since the Order-which-shall-not-be-named has been on Dagobah, a swampish area filled with bugs and humidity.

Building Master Yoda

Building the Empire Strikes Back version of Yoda is a balancing act of the power of the Force vs. the slowness and frailty of the little 900 year old "swamp gnome". Like I said above, this isn't the Clone Wars jumping, flipping little green man. His acrobatic days are behind him – other than beating R2D2 with a stick a bit and riding on Luke's back.

But let's assume that he was given the title "Master" for a reason, and behind his slow, stationary physique is the immense power accompanying someone hyper-attuned to the Force. What would that look like in Pathfinder?

On the battlefield, this version of Yoda is slow, but steady. He uses the Force to pick and throw anything not bolted down at enemies. And, more importantly, he also throws those enemies from time to time.

Yoda is at risk of direct attacks, at range and in melee, but has several telekinetic tools to keep him safe, repelling enemies and projectiles away.

Outside of battle, Yoda can use the force (in the form of Legendary Diplomacy) to mind-wipe anyone who is posing as an obstacle between Yoda's party and what they want. It's an incredibly powerful tool, one that he is hopefully using for the right reasons.


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Vivacious Gnome

Before you say it, stop: yes, Yoda looks almost exactly like a classic Pathfinder Goblin. But the similarities stop there. Obviously, he isn't a sharp-toothed pyromaniac with a thirst for the explody-explody, so we're not even touching that ancestry.

Gnomes, on the other hand, are similarly short-statured. But they also have some additional Yoda-like benefits, and with a few of their Fey ancestry feats. can even get the classic ears and skin.

Level Feat Notes


Illusion Sense

Gotta tell force ghosts from real ones!


Fey Influence

Gremlin. This is the first big helper for looking like a Yoda, Yaddle or Grogu


First World Adept

Extra Force powers


Eldritch Calm

Yoda doesn't sense much fear in himself.


Fey Transcendence

Meditate in Dagohba for extra healing and serenity.


Scholar (Religion) 

Master Yoda isn't just the master because he can "do the Force" the best. He's a 900 year old walking institutional knowledge-holder of the Order itself.


Psychic - Distant Grasp / Gathered Lore

I thought about Oracle and Cleric to give the wise and slow feeling, but neither have quite enough access to the telekinetic power that will give us the feeling of wielding big force in a small package. Surely the starting point has to be a Psychic.

Specifically, a Distant Grasp Psychic, which helps replace his "ordinary" attack with a souped-up smack from whatever happens to be laying around, delivered by the Force.

Level Feat Notes


Counter Thought

Hard to attack the mind of a mind-master.


Mental Balm

When Yoda uses the Force, it inspires everyone.


Sixth Sense

It’s not seeing dead people, it’s disturbances in the Force.


Whispering Steps

After striking an enemy with the force, convince them to move against their will.



Sense the force in all nearby living things.



More famously said by Luke, Vader and others.


Conscious Spell Specialization

Being a Master of the Force means using it a bit more often than say, Finn (not his fault).


Constant Levitation

Easier than being carried in a backpack.


All In Your Head

Physical maladies don't affect Yoda if he chooses not to be affected by them.


Unlimited Potential

Behold… the Force!

Skills & General Feats

Yoda has had over 900 years to accumulate some skills. But after 900 years, you start to lose a few.

Legendary: Religion, Diplomacy
Master: Lore: Academia
Expert: -

Feat Notes


Bon Mot

Yoda can quip with the best of them.


Weapon Proficiency

For the cane.


Schooled in Secrets

The entire history of the Jedi Order is a secret unto Yoda.


Student of the Canon

In this case, canon = Force.


Consult the Spirits

Sometimes you gotta ask a few Force Ghosts wassup.


Sacred Defense

Call upon The Force to protect Yoda with temporary health.


Efficient Explorer

Gotta be efficient when you move slow.



Like, 900 years hard.


Unmistakeable Lore

No one knows the Order like Yoda does.



It's time to spread the word of the Force once again. Order 66 be damned.


Divine Guidance

Divine in this case being midichlorians.


Shameless Request

A little Force will help grease those wheels.


Exhort the Faithful

Have a bigger influence over fellow Jedi, if any still exist.


Legendary Negotiation

It's hard to negotiate with someone who can use the Force to change your mind.


Quick Coercion

What makes the coercion so quick? You might say it's "force"ful.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Master Yoda's Signature Items

Key Spells

An important note before these spell suggestions – a lot of the really thematic "Force" style spells available are actually given automatically as part of the Distant Hand subtype of the Psychic. So, while spells like Kinetic Ram, Telekinetic Maneuver and Telekinetic Haul aren't listen here, Yoda will make heavy use of them.

Level Spells Notes



Assist an ally using the Force.


Join Pasts

Help two people see each other's journey.


Calm Emotions

I sense much fear in you.


Forceful Hand

Shove someone with force!


Repelling Pulse

Shove everyone with force!


Zero Gravity

Harken back to your Clone Wars days with a leap or two.



Automatic force pushes.


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