Princess Mipha

The princess of the Zora, Mipha was the healing champion trapped in the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Who Is Princess Mipha?

Who Are Princess Mipha?

Mipha is the princess of the Zora, the daughter of the Zora King Dorephan and – most importantly – one of the Hyrule Champions. She is a gifted healer, not too shabby with a trident, and (obviously) one heck of a swimmer.

During the Calamity, Mipha’s crush Link frees her from the Divine Beast Vah Rutah. Afterward, she bestows upon him her gift of healing to help him defeat Calamity Ganon once and for all.

In other representations, like Hyrule Warriors, Mipha uses water magic to attack foes alongside jabs from her trident. She can cast spells to summon watery phenomena like geysers and hurricanes.

The Zora have always been my favorite Zelda race. Even in Ocarina of Time, I liked the often-hated Princess Ruto quest. However, my love of the Zora really solidified in Majora’s Mask. In that game, Link uses the Zora Mask to take the form of the fallen Zoran hero Mikau – a hard rocking, fast swimming boomerang-chucking badass.

Water levels are nearly universally hated. I get it. But I like that the Zelda franchise goes back to that well every time, and has the Zora people as a recurring element of it. Mipha was a great addition to the trope in Breath of the Wild.

I’m also always looking out for interesting healers for the tabletop, and a water-bending Zora princess fits the bill perfectly.

Keys to the Character

Zora tribal symbol

The Mask of Zora

Mipha is the Princess of the Zora Tribe, an aquatic race who live an amphibious lifestyle. They are the protectors of the water of Hyrule, where they live in the place known as Zora’s Domain.

Mipha's Lightscale Trident

A Very Fancy Pitchfork

The Lightscale Trident is a ceremonial weapon owned by the Zora royal family. As the owner of it, Mipha is fairly adept as a spearfighter.

Mipha's Grace

Gracious Healer

The healing gift Mipha’s Grace was Link after she was released from the corrupted Divine Beast. The gift prevented Link from falling in battle when his health dropped. Maybe it could be used for some more proactive healing as well.

Water droplet

Water Water Everywhere

As master of the water domain, Mipha can cast many watery spells to boost allies and attack enemies. This includes summoning heavy torrents, waves, geysers and storms. As a Zora, she is an adept swimmer who can breathe underwater… hope her allies can swim!

Building Princess Mipha

Mipha is a shy, supportive healer who graces her allies with soothing, watery blessings. Above all, her focus is on healing damage. Once that is out of the way, Mipha can continue to support her teammates with powerful water-based spells that can reposition and debuff enemies.

In a pinch, Mipha can use her trident – and magic that manifests it into something greater – to assist her team with additional damage. But, let’s be honest, those spell slots would be better saved for heals.


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Azarketi – Mistbreath

It’s a shame that the Azarketi has a Wisdom flaw, because there is really no other choice for a Zora build. So we’ll just have to take the hit, in the name of flavor.

The Mistbreath Heritage helps capture the amphibiousness of the Zora, taking away the submersion requirement and adding some land speed in exchange for swim speed.

Level Feat Notes
1 Hydraulic Deflection A nice little water shield for those extra actions.
5 Water Conjuration Mipha is a Mistbreath Azarketi, but being able to create water never hurts.
9 Water Strider Mistbreaths give up some of their swim speed, so walk right over it.
13 Hydraulic Maneuvers It may not ever come in handy, but never hurts to help add some control.
17 Aquatic Adaptation Mipha can even help her friends breath underwater.


Otherworldly Mission

Mipha has been called upon by fate to be one of the Champions of Hyrule. It is this mission that dooms her to be trapped in the Divine Beast Vah Rutah for eternity. Until, of course, she is freed by Link after he defeats Waterblight Ganon.

The Wisdom boost the background gives is needed, and the prophecy flavor is always fun for the GM and you. Just don’t get encased in a Divine Beast!


Cleric – Cloistered Cleric

Starting with the cleric class gives Mipha the best healing available to show off her grace. Plus, by choosing a diety with the Water Domain, she gets access to a few nifty water-based focus spells.

The base cleric class gives more than enough of that, however, so not many cleric feats are taken throughout the build. Instead, most of the build is spent building up the Wave Druid Dedication. Through that archetype, Mipha will grab another focus spell or two, and all of the Druid Spellcasting feats.

This will expand her build from a pure healer role to a healer / nuker as she uses area of effect water spells to douse multiple foes at once.

Level Feat Notes
1 Domain Initiate - Water Add some control to the battlefield with the Tidal Surge focus spell.
2 Druid Dedication - Wave Order Start the path down the Druid Archetype.
4 Order Spell Some more terrain control with Rising Surf.
6 Basic Druid Spellcasting Time to get those water evocation spells.
8 Advanced Domain - Water Another focus spell (and focus point) with Downpour.
10 Heroic Recovery Some extra bonuses after heals.
12 Expert Druid Spellcasting More spell slots, more water spells.
14 Healing Hands It's a bit late in the build, but increase the power of Heals.
16 Primal Breadth Almost double the spell slots.
18 Master Druid Spellcasting Mipha isn't as adept at the water spells as she is at her cleric spells, but that fits the theme.
20 Maker of Miracles She is one of Hyrule's Champions, after all.

Skills & General Feats

As a Zora, Mipha has evolved to be a natural swimmer, attuned to the waters of nature.

Legendary: Athletics, Nature
Master: Medicine
Expert: Acrobatics

Level Feats Notes
2 Courtly Graces A princess needs to know the etiquette.
3 Ancestral Paragon Perfect Dive. Yeah, that checks out.
4 Underwater Marauder Zoras can definitely fight underwater.
6 Continual Recovery Mipha doesn't just use her diety's power to heal.
7 Ward Medic Improvements on Mipha's skill-based healing.
8 Influence Nature Her domain over water shows itself often.
10 Battle Medicine When the fonts and spell slots run dry, Mipha can use her skill to heal.
11 Advanced First Aid Probably have enough healing power that this won't be necessary, but nice to have.
12 Paragon Battle Medicine For when the spell slots are gone but the heat is on.
14 Natural Medicine It isn't traditional medicine that powers her healing skill, but water.
15 Water Sprint If she ever chooses to run rather than swim...
16 Robust Recovery Disease and poison has a lesser chance of taking Mipha down.
18 Terrain Expertise Need I say more?
19 Quick Swim Say no more.
20 Consult the Spirits Mipha calls upon the spirits of the fallen Zora for guidance.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Trident – The Lightscale Trident is a ceremonial weapon of the Zora, wielded by the royal family. Mipha can use it in a pinch as a striking weapon. More importantly, she can manifest the trident in many ethereal, powerful forms.

Explorer’s Clothing

Princess Mipha's Signature Items

Lightscale Trident

Key Spells

Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Shield A quick layer of water to protect from attacks.
Cantrip Spout Druid List. Produce some water.
Cantrip Gale Blast Druid List. Buffet foes with the elements.
1 Heal Maybe it's a little boring, but Mipha can heal like the best of them.
1 Hydraulic Push Druid List. Use water to push foes around the battlefield.
1 Personal Rain Cloud Druid List. Douse someone, or keep yourself doused.
2 Water Walk When swimming won't do, just walk over it.
2 Water Breathing Mipha can enchant her allies to breath underwater like she does.
2 Spiritual Weapon Druid List. Power up the trident.
2 Summon Elemental Druid List. Bring out a water elemental to aid the party.
2 Elemental Zone Druid List. Empower water spells with a Zora Domain-like zone.
3 Crashing Wave Druid List. Smash and douse almost the entire battlefield.
3 Wall of Water Druid List. Make it harder to get around with a forceful obstacle of water.
4 Soothing Spring Heals are great, but the healing energy of water can't be topped.
4 Hydraulic Torrent Druid List. Damage and knock back enemies. The power of water.
5 Healing Well Summon a spot where allies can heal on their own.
5 Sending How else will she send those mind messages to Link?
5 Elemental Form Druid List. Become a force of water.
5 Control Water Druid List. Raise or lower bodies of water at will.
7 Regenerate Heals over time.
7 Deity's Strike Summon the Lightscale Trident and do the bidding of the Zora Domain.
8 Divine Inspiration Like a quenching draw of water, renew a target's spell slots with the power of water.
9 Deluge Unleash the power of torrential rains across the entire battlefield.
10 Revival The ultimate power of a Zora Champion - raise all the recently slain.


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