The Japanese god of storms and seas, Susano found a mystical sword after slaying an eight-headed dragon. Now he uses it to slay more.

Who Is Susano?

Who Are Susano?

Susano – or Susanoo-no-Mikoto in the real myth – is the Japanese god of storms and sea. In myth, he was an impetuous, rash god. In fact, he was thrown out of the heavens by his sister for his behavior.

To redeem himself, Susano tracked down and slayed the Yamata no Orochi, a monstrous eight-headed serpent. While slaying the beast, his sword broke as he swung at its tail. Intrigued, he looked closer to discover a wonderous blade hidden there – the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi.

He presented the sword to his sister as a peace offering. Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi went on to be a long-lasting symbol in Japanese myth.

Accounts of Susano are largely negative. Some scholars attribute this to his role as the god of storms – for farmers in an agricultural society, the rain is never the right amount at the right time.

As a god of storms, and later sea squalls, Susano has a control over the wind and rain. This includes lightning and thunder, of course, but Susano downplays these elements compared to, say, Thor. Instead, Susano harnesess the power of wind, rain and flash floods.

The storm god was added to Smite a few years after Yasuo was added to League of Legends. The comparisons are hard to ignore – not only are they both swordsmen with some control of wind power, but their movesets are very similar. Dashes, teleports, wind knockups and triple sword strikes.

But despite both being MOBAs, Smite and League play very differently purely because one is third person and one is top down. In that regard, I wouldn't mind having every League of Legends kit brought 1:1 to Smite, just to see how it feels to control in a different perspective.

And speaking of different perspectives, how would Susano play in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

susano's sword

Sword of Storms

Susano weilds the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi – an amazing sword found in the tail of an eight-headed serpent. He uses it in a flurry, charging it up with static electricity over time, waiting to discharge.

wind storm

Gust of Honor

Wind is a big part of what sets Susano apart from other nifty swordsman. He charges his strikes with powerful gusts that move enemies right where he needs them for a coup de grace.

japanese mythology

Japanese Legend

Susano is a god in the Japanese pantheon – the god of storms (and later, sea) to be exact. But also, he's a real piece of work that got kicked out by the rest of the gods for ruining a party.

lightning bolt

Cut Through The Static

Although Susano focuses on the rain and wind elements of the storm, a little bit of lightning can be a game changer. Shocking.

Building Susano

With a combination of sword mastery, wind magic and teleporting, a Laughing Shadow Magus feels just right for Susano.

With this build, focusing on the few wind spells that the Arcane tradition gets, Susano can spend his

On the battlefield, Susano is a gifted assassin, a expert at both ambushing priority targets and winning one on one duels with bigger bruisers through master swordplay.

When ambushing, Susano uses teleportation skills like Dimensional Assault or Frigid Flurry to make his way directly to his target, unimpeded. There, he can channel his highest spell slot into brutal, fulminating Spellstrikes that chunk the target down.

When dueling, Susano focuses on his sword skills over his magic, deftly dodging enemy attacks with his Rogue Dedication feats while striking back in a flurry with Hasted Assault.

Outside of battle, Susano's athletics and stealth can get him into tight squeezes and other locations where the team needs some infiltration. Plus, his adeptness with nature can be useful as well.


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Sylph Elf

Both of these choices are more for flavor than anything absolutely necessary to make the build work.

The Elf ancestry boosts Dex, which isn't the key ability of Susano, but it is still important for a medium armor wearer. It also gives a nice speed boost with Nimble Elf, which is unfortunately not cumulative with the similar Slyph feat.

And speaking of Sylph – this heritage isn't super impactful, but it adds a lot of nice roleplay elements to a god of storms. This starts right at level 1 with the Stormsoul feat and continues from there.

One notable feat is the Storm Form Slyph feat at level 17, which allows Susano to cast a 7th level elemental form – choosing the air elemental – once per day. Since this limits his attacks harshly, this will primarily be used for the 80ft fly speed more than anything else.






Electric resistance is fine, but this is a prerequisite to other Sylph feats, and it just sounds right.



Yes, this is the same as Nimble Elf. But we'll take it instead because we can.


Djinni Magic

The real winner here is the extra spell use – with Gust of Wind – for a Spellstrike.


Airy Step

A once per day get-out-of-jail-free reaction, creating a fog cover from which to escape.


Storm Form

Susano would rather swing his sword than use whatever elemental unarmed strike this gives, but 80ft. fly speed is 80ft. fly speed.



It is as thrilling to chase storms and ride the wind as it is to ruin your sister's party with seven unspeakable acts. What can I say, Susano is the Johnny Knoxville of the Japanese pantheon.

This backgrounds gives a nifty Strength boost, which we want, plus Combat Climber and Athletics training for a bonus.


Laughing Shadow Magus

To me, the success of Pathfinder is in how many ways there are to bring a pop culture character to life, with all of them feeling right. If someone brought a Susano build to the table built around a Fighter class and Sorcerer dedication – for optimal swordplay with a splash of wind magic – it would fit right in among this one, a Magus core with Rogue dedication.

It's all about what parts of the fantasy we want to emphasize. For me, the Magus is a great start to a gish character who wants sword strikes to feel elemental, like the wind or rain could be delivered through them. We start there, and add additional feats from archetypes for the sword use.

Magus is an interesting class to build other archetypes on because of their tight action economy. Spellstrike is two actions, and recharging spellstrike is another action – either manually or through a Focus Spell use. This doesn't leave a ton of space for nifty sword arts like the Fighter provides, or even parries, which cost an action.

Instead, we need to find feats that add value, damage and survivability without requiring actions. For that, a Rogue dedication will work very well. The Rogue archetype gives Sneak Attacker, extra damage (even on spellstrikes) when the target is flatfooted. It also gives Nimble Dodge, which is a one-time use reaction per round at a higher AC bonus than a parry. It's greater risk, greater reward, and it doesn't affect Susano's goal of spellstriking a priority target every turn until they are vapor.





Force Fang

This feat is close to mandatory on any eager Magus... a combination of focus point, damage and Spellstrike refreshing.


Expansive Spellstrike

A critical feat for Susano's preferred spells – wind lines and bursts.


Rogue Dedication

For some passives and reactions to keep Susano's actions busy with spellstriking.


Sneak Attacker

Susano's targets are often flat-footed from wind gusts, this takes advantage of that status.


Basic Trickery: Nimble Dodge

It's way late in the build for this important feat, but we'll take it when we can.


Advanced Trickery: Reactive Pursuit

One of Susano's prime goals is to take down weak priority targets, this ensures they stay in range of his spellstrikes.


Hasted Assault

A beautiful combo of refreshing spellstrike and gaining quickened.


Rapid Recharge

Like any good assassin, Susano needs cooldowns to pop for taking a target out.


Advanced Trickery: Nimble Roll

With no other Magus feats seeming interesting, some extra survivability and movement are welcome.


Supreme Spellstrike

Either strike again or refresh spellstrike every turn.

Skills & General Feats

With the wind in his steps, Susano is a stealthy character. Plus, whoever heard of a heavy god of storms? 

The combination means Susano is legendary in Acrobatics, with slightly lesser focus on Nature and Stealth.

Legendary: Acrobatics

Master: Nature, Stealth

Expert: Athletics





Cat Fall

Susano's gotta make sure that if the wind picks him up, he can come down gracefully.



Extra speed to chase down those targets in between teleports.


Rolling Landing

Get moving right after coming down from a wind gust.


Steady Balance

From Rogue Dedication. Even when Susano's own winds make it difficult, he can stay upright.


Titan Wrestler

Susano keeps one hand empty to take advantage of Arcane Cascade, so he might as well try some Trips or Shoves.



The elf ancestry starts with a Con flaw, this helps bring the health back up.


Predict Weather

Does it count as a prediction if you control it?.


Swift Sneak

Take advantage of his extra speed for extra sneak.


Powerful Leap

If you ask me, I think he's got some wind in his sails.


Shadow Mark

As an assassin role, it's important to keep an eye on the target to take out.


Kip Up

If Susano DOES fall over, he doesn't want to waste an action getting back up.


Feather Step

Maneuver in battle, regardless of the terrain.


Slippery Prey

Don't waste actions being grappled or otherwise kept from slicing and gusting.


Quick Jump

Get off the ground quicker, what happens after that is up in the air.


Consult the Spirits

Sure, they kicked Susano out for being weird at a party... will they answer his call?


Influence Nature

Promise some crops a drink if they help out a bit.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 18 16 10 14 10 10
5 19 18 12 14 10 12
10 20 19 14 14 10 14
15 21 20 16 14 10 16
20 22 21 18 14 10 18


Suggested Starting Equipment

Katana - a great start to Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. Needs a shocking rune quick.

Susano's Signature Items

Key Spells





Electric Arc

The standard Spellstrike fulmination, post Expansive Spellstrike. Can even arc to a second target.


Gale Blast

Less damage, but more control over Susano's surroundings.


Ray of Frost

The only cantrip with an actual spell attack roll, this is a concentrated blast of icy wind.


Gust of Wind

As part of a Spellstrike, can launch wind behind the target 60ft, knocking anyone in the line prone.


Elemental Form

Really need to chase someone down? 80ft. base fly speed go!



Useful as a hard cast until Hastened Assault is online.


Dimension Door

An extra teleport for those nimble targets.


Chain Lightning

The ultimate Spellstrike fulmination – zap the target of the slice and chain to any target(s) within 30ft.


Frigid Flurry

Susano's favored Spellstrike cooldown. This can be hard-cast as an additional movement tool, or used in a Spellstrike for 20d6 damage and an escape.


Susano Resources