A street rat from Agrabah, Aladdin gets by with nothing but his wit, agility and best friend Abu.

Who Is Aladdin?

Who Are Aladdin?

Aladdin was a simple street rat trying to survive on the streets of Agrabah. He navigated the bustling streets, getting by with the help of his pet monkey (and best friend) Abu. The two of them stole what they needed to survive.

All of this changed when a fate encounter connected him with a magic lamp – and a powerful genie. With the genie’s help, he became Prince Ali and defeated the vizier Jafar. And, of course, found the courage to be himself.

I'm a 90s kid [Ed. note: please hold your applause] and the Golden Age Disney animated movies were a big part of that existence. At the time, Aladdin was up there with the best of them, mostly because of Robin Williams' incredible Genie performance.

Aladdin was effortlessly cool. He could talk his way out of anything, he did parkour before the French had a word for it, and he had a pet monkey. It was essentially everything I was trying to do at the time, as a 5 year old.

Keys to the Character

Agrabah, the city Aladdin calls home

Mean Streets of Agrabah

Aladdin has survived on the streets so long by becoming an expert thief. He is no stranger to pickpocketing and sleight of hand.

Aladdin's monkey friend Abu

You’re My Only Friend Abu

What is life on the streets of Agrabah without a monkey friend? Abu the monkey is Aladdin’s pet, confidante and partner in crime.

Aladdin's magic carpet

One Jump Ahead

An amazing acrobat, Aladdin can parkour around Agrabah with ease. He lives on the rooftops, gracefully outrunning and outjumping the city guards. It isn’t just freerunning, parkour and leaps of faith, though, Al also has access to a real magic carpet.

A magic lamp

I Dream of Genie

An all-powerful genie was released from the lamp Aladdin found, granting him three wishes. Even beyond the wishes, the genie helped Al on many occasions, from minor effects to life-saving assistance.

Building Aladdin

On the tabletop, Aladdin fills the Assassin role, aiming to make the right attacks at the right time, to finish off foes. Despite his fragility, though, he is a potent duelist who outlast his enemies by dodging hits and vaulting around the battlefield.

Despite the normal selfishness of the Assassin role, Aladdin aids his party by debuffing enemies with shoves, trips and grapples. As a gymnast swashbuckler, he needs to subject foes to these actions to gain panache, alongside tumbling around them.

In a skirmish, Aladdin uses his speed and acrobatics to engage with his choice of enemy while avoiding being surrounded. By Tumbling Through and using the environment to vault around, he can keep his foes in front of him and be ready to dodge.

Additionally, Aladdin brings some utility to the party in the form of his pet monkey Abu. By focusing several feats on improving Abu through the Animal Trainer Dedication, Abu can become a helpful partner.

Finally, the build uses the human Multitalented feat to splash into the Rogue Dedication to represent his thievery.

Outside of combat, Aladdin is a charming diplomat and performer who can both keep the attention of a crowd, or steal something important from under their noses. Abu can also be of great utility to a party – his small form and dexterity can allow him to infiltrate places off limits to the group with ease.


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Human – Suli

Aladdin is all human, but the Suli heritage represents his connection to a genie. The Ancestry feats tied to the geniekin heritage will provide him with some minor utility that will fill in for having an actual genie companion.






Genie helps keep Aladdin cool in the heat and warm in the cold.


Elemental Embellish

Genie provides a spectacle to help Demoralize foes.



Rogue Dedication. Aladdin has spent his life as street rat, stealing what he needs to get by.


Suli Amir

Genie can help decipher situations, or provide some help to get through them.


Heroic Presence

Aladdin – or Prince Ali – can now inspire his countrymen.


Street Urchin

Yep. Aladdin is a street urchin. This gives a free rank in Thievery and a boost to Dexterity, both of which are needed for the build.

Honestly the only way to make this better would be if it was Street (Rat).


Swashbuckler – Gymnast

Aladdin flips and vaults his way along walls, across rooftops and over narrow beams daily. Though he isn’t the strongest combatant, he makes up for it with deft acrobatics, always knowing the perfect time – and angle – to strike.

Alongside his gymnast feats, Aladdin will spec into the Animal Trainer archetype to gain abilities for his friend Abu, and the Rogue Dedication to gain some street rat-esque thief skills.

The alternative would be making him a Summoner, and focusing everything through the genie. That seems fun too, but I think that so much of Aladdin is the freerunning, fast-talking, swashbuckling thief.





Nimble Dodge

Aladdin darts and flips around his enemies, staying one jump ahead.


Animal Trainer Dedication

What is a street rat without his loyal pal, Abu the monkey.


Swaggering Iniative

Staying one jump ahead, Aladdin is always the first ready to act.


Mature Trained Companion

Abu gains some new features of his own!


Vexing Tumble

Freerunning, parkour – call it what you want, Aladdin gets where he needs to go.


Basic Trickery

Underhanded Assault. Abu can cause a distraction to allow Aladdin to strike hard.


Splendid Companion.

Abu becomes a Nimble Companion, with some boosts along with it.


Advanced Trickery

Stab and Snag. Got to get a little theft in during a tense battle!


Deadly Grace

Aladdin might not swing often, but when he does hit he tries to make it count!


Specialized Companion

Abu reaches the pinnacle of an animal companion.


Panache Paragon

An extra action just for acrobatics? Sounds about right.

Skills & General Feats

Aladdin puts an intense focus on the three skills he needs to get by – especially athletics and acrobatics to help him gain panache. Beyond those (and a legendary thievery) he is trained in almost everything, but no more than that.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics, Thievery
Master: –
Expert: –





Cat Fall

All that running on rooftops is dangerous, luckily Aladdin knows how to slow a fall.


Steady Balance

From Stylish Tricks. Balance is required when running along the edge of rooftops.



Gotta have extra speed for that freerunning.


Subtle Theft

A street rat needs to master subtle theft to survive.


Rapid Mantel

Hopping up to continue running is as important as grabbing the ledge.


Combat Climber

From Stylish Tricks.


Powerful Leap

His legs have been trained to make it from rooftop to rooftop.


Charming Liar

Sometimes you get caught... that's when it's time for charm.


Kip Up

From Rogue Dedication.


Experienced Smuggler

After stealing for a cart, Aladdin has to make his way through the crowd with his goods.


Wall Jump

Another way that Aladdin can slow his descent when making leaps of faith.


Quick Climber

Climbing is an important part of parkour.


Wary Disarmament

Aladdin has fast enough reflexes to dodge traps he sets off.


Quick Jump

From Stylish Tricks. No time to gather yourself when you're freerunning!


Water Sprint

So nimble that he can even use the surface tension of water to make his escape.


Quick Unlock

Years of accessing new hideouts throughout Agrabah has made him a deft lockpick.


Cloud Jump

Aladdin has trained his legs to the point of making stunning rooftop leaps.


Legendary Thief

His only equal in thievery is Abu.


Impressive Performance

Juggling, tumbling, a comedy duo with Abu... there are plenty of ways to distract a crowd.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Name Cost Notes
Short Sword 6 sp A scimitar would fit a bit better, but unfortunately that doesn’t work with Precise Strike. So the classic shortsword will have to make due.
Leather Armor 3 gp Can a flimsy vest and MC pants be made of leather? Asking for a street rat.

Aladdin's Signature Items

Magic Carpet

Key Spells