Davy Jones

A bloodthirsty pirate cursed by his lover, Davy Jones ferry souls to the deep while playing haunting melodies on his organ.

Who Is Davy Jones?

Who Are Davy Jones?

Davy Jones is a bloodthirsty pirate, cursed by his spurned lover – the Sea Goddess Calypso – to ferry souls to the deep. Years of servitude to his curse has made him, and his indentured crew, hideous sea-creature hybrids.

Hideous and heartbroken, he plays a mighty organ from the depths of his ship, the Flying Dutchman. And boy does he play well, using his many tentacled beard as extra fingers for the keys.

The legend of Davy Jones' Locker has endured for centuries. The term was used by sailors referring to objects or people sunk to the bottom of the sea. While the origin is unknown, the figure at the center of the legend has taken on a life of his own throughout the years, including as an antagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Fifteen or so years later, the CGI that made Bill Nighy into Davy Jones in Dead Man's Chest still holds up pretty well. It is a great character design, a half-man, half-sea monster hybrid whose every word bubbles with sea water.

And that organ looks fun to play.

Keys to the Character

Davy Jones' organ

Tentacle-tickling the Ivory

Davy Jones' ship is home to a giant organ, which he uses to play haunting harmonies of love lost. While he his weird lobster hand may seem limiting for playing, his many tentacles are the perfect piano-pushers.

Heart in a box

Heart Shaped Box

Heartbroken (literally) by Calypso's betrayal, Davy Jones cut out his own heart and locked it away in The Dead Man's Chest, which represents the only way to kill him.

Kraken tentacles

Release the Kraken

When things get rough, so do the seas – because Jones can summon a giant, monstrous, sea creature to do his bidding. If his bidding is destruction.

The ghostly Flying Dutchman

Spooky Sails

Based on the Fata Morgana optical illusion, Davy's ship the Flying Dutchman is a ghostly boat that may never make port.

Building Davy Jones

Putting Davy Jones on the tabletop, like many pirate themed characters, will vary in fun depending on setting. He is undoubtedly at his best in water-heavy campaigns, where he can use his pirate skills (and water-breathing) to great effect.

But that doesn't he's dead in the water [Ed. Note: Pun not intended] in non-seafaring campaigns. No matter where the adventure takes place, the inspiring performance of a bard will always be a great boon to allies. Davy is no exception – his haunting organ music inspires  them to fight on.

Meanwhile, his grotesque visage intimidates enemies, scaring them half to death. Ugly is ugly, on land and sea.

While many of his actions will be spent on those typical bard activities of buffing and debuffing through focus cantrips, Davy also has access to a wide range of Occult spells. The most important, of course, coming late in the game with the heightened version of Summon Entity – the Quoppopak makes a great Kraken-style summon, with all the pomp and circumstance you'd expect from such a sea monster.

Outside of battle, Davy's legendary performance and intimidation skills can continue to do work for the party – most notably by making demands and causing distractions.


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Thalassic Azarketi

Once a human, years of being cursed has turned Davy Jones into something else – a hideous water-breathing sea creature hybrid! Azarketi is the closest thing to that, and it's really pretty close.

Plus, the need to return to water every 24 hours is a nice reference to Davy's burden.






A broken heart can leave someone hardened. Plus the weird barnacles.


Drag Down

Take those souls to the deep!



Lowkey one of the most terrifying feats in Pathfinder. Use a reaction to carry a grabbed enemy to the depths.


Water Strider

Cross the water like nothing


Perfect Dive

How is Davy Jones' form? Let's assume perfect.



Doomed to bring the souls of the dead to the bottom of the sea, Davy harbours a terrible curse. This background is as fitting as it gets, plus it helps with a Charisma boost for his bard life.


Bard - Enigma Muse

Using his expert organ playing as a basis for feats, and his lost love Calypso as an enigmatic muse, Davy Jones commands the battlefield as a Bard. But that's just the beginning.

In order to truly capture the Davy Jones experience, two dedications need to be taken along the way: a Pirate Dedication (duh) and a Lich Dedication. Of course, Davy's soul cage is his Dead Man's Chest, which contains his broken heart.





Pirate Dedication

He’s a pirate, after all.


Pirate Weapon Training

To get that cutlass. Throats await.


Dirge of Doom

Frighten nearby foes with a song.


Soul Sight

In order to ferry souls, one must see them.


Symphony of the Unfettered Heart

Use the power of music to end an affliction.


Walk the Plank

Move foes to the brink.


Lich Dedication

The creation of the soul cage – the locker – makes Davy somewhat unkillable. And somewhat dead.



Command your allies to do your will!


Frightful Aura

Who needs music? Any enemy that comes near Davy is frightened.


Fatal Aria

A song of death.

Skills & General Feats

Davy Jones is a frightful, intimidating man, who happens to be able to play a mean organ. His skills show that well. He needs to pick up Expert Crafting before taking the Lich Dedication.

Legendary: Intimidation, Performance
Master: -
Expert: Crafting, Diplomacy





Underwater Marauder

Being able to fight while under the sea is a must.



Diehard? More like Die Almost Impossible.


Intimidating Glare

You’d be intimidated too if something that grim glared at you.


Terrain Expertise - Aquatic

Davy’s so at home in the aquatic terrain that he is rarely allowed on land.


Virtuosic Performer

With over 30 tentacles to play with, he’s pretty good.


Lie to Me

It's hard to lie when you're terrified beyond belief.


Intimidating Prowess

You know what helps make someone intimidating? Tentacle faces.


Terrified Retreat

Run them right off the plank.


Group Coercion

Strength in numbers? Even groups are afraid of Davy.


Battle Cry

At least the battle cry is in perfect tune.


Scare to Death

And once they’re dead, ferry them to the locker.


Skeptic’s Defense

Hard to be affect by mortal concerns when you are cursed to the deep.


Legendary Performer

He may be a terrible ferryman of souls, but boy can he play that organ.


Lasting Coercion

When you're commanded by Davy, you don't just change your mind.


Terrifying Resistance

What is Davy afraid of? Other than keys to the locker, I guess.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Davy Jones's Signature Items

Key Spells

Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Haunting Hymn The first of many spooky ballads to come, played from a barnacle-covered organ.
Cantrip Know Direction A good sailor always knows which way they are going.
1 Inkshot Honestly, this is just here because it's hilarious. Does Davy shoot ink?
1 Bane A brutal, disconcerting aura that can grow wider every turn.
2 Darkness Davy makes the surface seem like the terrifying thallasic deep.
2 Sound Burst Turn that organ volume up to 11 and hurt everyone.
3 Impending Doom Just seeing the Flying Dutchman come across the horizon is a sign that your time is short.
3 Slow Make everyone feel as if they are trudging through the depths.
4 Dimensional Anchor Tether a foe to Davy's location, they are cursed to him.
5 Summon Entity In the beginning, it is some decent sea creatures. But Heightened +3, it's the Kraken.
6 Suspended Retribution Like the curse put upon him by Calypso, Davy's foes know they deal is doomed.
7 Visions of Danger Foes imagine being swarmed by tentacles, dragging them down.
8 Discern Location Find the target of Davy's scorn, the next one to ferry souls to the deep.
8 Canticle of Everlasting Grief Make sure Davy's foes understand that they are doomed forever.
9 Ferryman Reflavor of Undertaker. Curse a foe to Davy Jone's locker.


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