She’s the icy Snow Queen of Arendelle, but the cold never bothered her anyway.

Who Is Elsa?

Who Are Elsa?

Based on The Snow Queen, Elsa of Arendelle is a princess with the ability to create and manipulate ice and snow. This gift – or curse – deeply affected her childhood after she inadvertently harmed her sister Anna. After that, she concealed her powers for years, until her royal coronation, when she sent the entire kingdom into eternal winter.

The original fairy tale of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen featured the title character as a villain. Elsa was reworked in Frozen, Disney’s eventual adaptation, into a misunderstood figure. She was fearful of her power and its potential to harm others, her “cold heart” a demeanour that she must adopt to protect those she loves.

Later, in Frozen II, her powers expand as she finds and tames the horse shaped water-spirit Nixie (Nokk).

I didn't see Frozen immediately (my kid came later) but when I finally did I was impressed with a lot of it – the songs, the snow animation, the sociopath badguy, and Elsa.

Keys to the Character

Ice Magic

Ice, Ice, Baby

Elsa was born with the ability to produce and manipulate winter elements. She has shown a wide variety of applications of this power – from a single snowflake, to a mystical castle of ice, to sending an entire country into eternal winter.

Elsa's frozen fortress

Fear and Loathing in Arrendelle

Elsa has been fearful of her power ever since she accidentally harmed her younger sister. Due to this, she has shut herself off to society. However, as she said in Let It Go, “And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all”. Things have changed!

Olaf the Snowman

Snow Sidekick’s Better Than No Sidekick

Elsa created Olaf, a dim-witted snowman who usually follows her sister Anna’s adventures.

Elsa's dress

The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway

Elsa lives on top of a mountain in a giant castle made of nothing but frozen fractals. Despite that, she wears a simple blue dress… and doesn’t have even a single goosebump.

Building Elsa

Any ice mage like a character based on Elsa is a powerful addition to any adventuring party. The upper reaches of her magical ability are incredibly powerful, and her ice-theme keeps her spells useful for more than just amazing damage.

Elsa’s ability to affect the battlefield itself needs to be unmatched. Her command of ice and snow is unparalleled, and needs to be reflected on the tabletop as she creates barriers and difficult surfaces to make life hard on her enemies before delivering untold area damage.

In Frozen, Elsa’s magical ability is innate – a scary power that she finds difficult to control for a long time. Innate spellcasting is of course the sorcerer bread and butter in Pathfinder, but this build goes a different route to represent her ability.

Instead, Elsa is an Ice Witch – a Winter Patron Witch. This gives her the total breadth of ice and snow spells available to a character. Plus, to represent the innate nature of her abilities, she will take the Cathartic Mage dedication to have her emotions affect her spellcasting.

The Witch class gives a lot of space for customization in the levels between Lessons, so Elsa will also spec into the Geomancer Dedication, which will give her greater control over the elements on the battlefield.

Off the battlefield, Elsa can use her status as Queen to bring great boons to her party. It is rare that someone will be better connected, and she is well known in even far away cities.


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Human – Wintertouched Human

This combo is pretty much perfect for Elsa. Human, but with a preternatural ability to not be bothered by cold. The Human natural ambition always comes in handy, but the Wintertouched Human heritage gives access to the Ice Witch feat later on. That is a no-brainer pick up for the Snow Queen.

Level Feat Notes
1 Natural Ambition To grab Cackle in order to free up a feat for the dedication we're taking later.
5 Courteous Comeback Royalty manners aren't something that come naturally.
9 Hardy Traveler Travelling up the North Mountain can't be easy, even for the Ice Queen.
13 Ice-Witch Cold resist and extra Wall of Ice
17 Heroic Presence It took a while for Elsa to commit to her title as Queen, but once she did, she inspired.



Speaking of the Snow Queen… Elsa is the princess of Arendelle. In other words, royalty. This background gives her some courtly knowledge, plus that Intelligence boost she’ll need for her class.


Witch – Winter Patron

Honestly, this build is a bit too easy. The Winter Patron seems custom-made for the Snow Queen. It naturally gives her access to all the snow and ice spells in the Primal tradition. Plus, it gives special focus spells and cantrips reserved only for the winter witches.

But what is the ideal familiar for her? No problem there, Olaf the magical snowman can fill the role perfectly.

Alongside the Witch class, she will spec into the Cathartic Mage dedication to highlight the effect her emotions have over her spellcasting. Finally, she will also grab a few feats from the Geomancer Dedication to improver her prowess over snow and ice.

Level Feat Notes
1 Cackle From Natural Ambition. Grants an extra Focus Point right off the bat.
2 Basic Lesson - Lesson of the Elements An extra hex to make enemies more vulnerable to ice.
4 Geomancer Dedication Not only does she create ice, but she excels when she's on it.
6 Greater Lesson - Lesson of Snow First part of the lesson: Don't eat yellow
8 Attuned Stride Elsa can walk across ice and snow easier than most of us can walk across cement.
10 Major Lesson - Lesson of the Frozen Queen A lesson about her? That's flattering.
12 Draw from the Land Another Geomancer feat, get tougher when on ice and snow.
14 Cathartic Mage Dedication - Fear Elsa needs to learn to embrace and control her fear in order to overcome it.
16 Effortless Concentration Eventually, slinging snowballs and making giant snow golems becomes second nature.
18 Work Yourself Up A quick way to enter the Catharsis state and hold power over fear.
20 Hex Master But now those Hexes are controllable! Good job Elsa!

Skills & General Feats

Legendary: Society, Nature

Master: Acrobatics, Intimidation

Expert: –






The ruler of a Kingdom like Arrendelle needs to know what goes on in the streets.


Intimidating Glare

You might describe her glare as "cold".


Terrain Expertise

A master of walking on snow and ice.


Bon Mot

She may not have a lot of one liners, but the bangers bang.


Hireling Manager

As Queen, Elsa has many underlings doing her royal bidding.



Like that Duke of Weaselton. Some good, some bad, all helpful.


Quick Contacts

Being queen tends to open up doors.


Incredible Investiture

With all these treasures and gifts, Elsa needs to make sure she can use them.


Influence Nature

Does wind, cold, snow and ice count as nature? Yes, she can do it.


Biographical Eye

An important part of being a regent is remembering who all these people are visiting your court.


A Home In Every Port

The Queen of Arendelle is welcomed everywhere.


Virtuosic Performer

It doesn't come up often, but man does she have pipes.


Legendary Codebreaker

All that time spent in a royal court gives Elsa a chance to understand espionage.



Seems late to get this, but at this point she is basically skating.


Nimble Crawl

Two words: snow forts.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Light Mace – The closest thing to a weapon we’ve ever seen Elsa hold is her royal scepter. A simple mace will do.

Explorer’s Clothing – As far as armor goes, it’s got to be a dress version of explorer’s clothing. Like usual, these offer no protection, but can be imbued with runes later on.

Elsa's Signature Items

Key Spells

Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Chill Touch She'd rather not get this close, but if she has to, she'll freeze ya.
Cantrip Gale Blast Blast foes with a quick gust of chilling wind.
Cantrip Ray of Frost The standard cantrip for a Frozen Queen.
1 Chilling Spray A 15 ft. cone of chill.
1 Snowball Here we go, send this thing rolling.
2 Rime Slick Make it tough for enemies (and... uh... allies) to walk without slipping.
2 Elemental Zone Summon a temperature drop to boost snow and ice spells.
2 Summon Elemental The first step to bringing in Marshmallow, the giant snow golem. Start with Frosty.
3 Wall of Wind Try getting close to Elsa when she doesn't want you to. It's a cold endeavor.
4 Ice Storm The kind that turns a summer day into eternal winter.
5 Cone of Cold The classic example of shotgun-esque freezing.
5 Wall of Ice Upgrade that wind-wall into something more solid.
7 Frigid Flurry Save your allies from the cold that buffets enemies. That's kind.
8 Polar Ray For when that Ray of Frost cantrip doesn't pack enough freezing power.
9 Storm of Vengeance The big one. Go for Hail + Rain and Wind. See you next summer.
10 Summon Kaiju Yarthoon - but we know it's really Marshmallow.


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