Maui the demigod was a shapeshifting hero to humanity until his pursuit of the heart of Te Fiti left him stranded for years.

Who Is Maui?

Who Are Maui?

A demi-god from the legends of the South Pacific, Maui is the big, loud guardian of humanity. Born to human parents, Maui was raised by the gods, who bestowed upon him his magical fishhook. The hook, oversized and powerful, allows him to transform into any number of amazing creatures.

Using this power of transformation, Maui set out to be a protector and helper of humans. Among his claims to fame (all tattooed on his body) are pulling islands from the sea for humans to live on, and stealing fire from below to keep them warm.

But like many powerful figures, Maui went too far. His theft of the Heart of Te Fiti caused a terrible corruption to begin taking hold of the world, as well as awakening Te Ka. After battling Te Ka, Maui lost his hook and the heart, getting stranded on an island for years.

Moana fits so well into the Golden Age of Disney animated movies – taking inspiration from legends around the world, adding some catchy songs and a few sidekicks, and profiting. Maui, with his earwormy "You're Welcome" tune and voice performance by The Rock, was a great addition to the canon.

He is present in other media – like Smite – which may fit another build in the future. But this Disney version is a hit with me, and a great candidate for a boisterous shape-shifting dynamo.

So how do we build him in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

maui fishhook

Get Hooked

The gods bestowed Maui with superhuman powers – but more importantly, with a giant magic fishhook that he can use to shapeshift.

shapeshift forms

Multiple Menagerie

Maui always has the right form for the task at hand. Swimming, flying, sneaking... and yes, bashing.

maui's magical tattoos

Fresh Ink

The great adventures and victories of Maui's tenure as a demigod are inked across his body in magical tattoos.


Demi Glaze

Born to humans who tossed him away, Maui was raised by the gods to be something greater. Now, he is protector of humanity.

Building Maui

Some builds require a specific mathematical approach to getting the fantasy to fit into the rules. With Lux, for instance. attribute bonuses need to be carefully mapped in order to take the right dedications at the right time.

Maui, on the other hand, is a lot more straightforward. Why? Because one class makes shapeshifting a real possiblity: Druid.

So we start there, adding as many shapeshifting forms as possible – then focusing on shoring up health and actions with a few fighter feats. The result is a big, boisterous, shapeshifting force of nature!

On the battlefield, Maui picks the right form for the job, whatever that may be. Sometimes, that requires a nimble, flying form like a Giant Eagle. Other times, that requires a Kaiju. Both are cool. Kaiju is a bit cooler.

Outside of combat, Maui uses his expert survival to protect those around him – whether they are human or not. He can sail with the best of them, create camps out of nothing and, of course, shapeshift into a ton of different forms to fit the situation.


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  • Great for animal lovers
  • Dope ink
  • A form for every task
  • Shapeshifting doesn't reach highest itemization levels
  • Tattoo regret
  • Barely fits through doors


Ancient-Blooded Dwarf

Shapeshift forms tend to be just under the AC curve of a non-polymorphed frontline fighter, so even with the temporary health granted by changing forms, Maui wants to grab as much extra health as possible. The Dwarf ancestry helps out a lot, with a boost to Constitution and access to Mountain's Stoutness.

Meanwhile, the Ancient-Blooded heritage gives some additional "demigod" flavor, with a reaction that can boost a saving throw against magic.





Unburdened Iron

The reduction to heavy armor speed penalties won't apply to Maui, but the 5 ft. reduction to other speed penalties works in all forms.


Rock Runner

Getting around those volcanic islands in human form is a breeze for Maui.


Mountain's Stoutness

Some extra health to shield Maui from danger, since his slightly lower AC means he'll take a few extra hits.


Telluric Power

Gain a small circumstance bonus to enemies on the same ground as Maui. You know, since he pulled that island up to begin with.


Stone Bones

Maui may have lower AC, but that doesn't mean he isn't stout. In fact, he can shrug off crits.



Maui is a trailblazer in a literal sense of the world – blazing trails for humanity by pulling islands from the sea and fire from the depths. If not for his trailblazing, the people would even be without coconuts. No Pina Colada's or Painkillers? Maui, we need you?

The background gives a Constitution boost, which we want, and the Terrain Expertise feat. We'll go with Aquatic terrain, as a seafaring demigod should have.


Wild Order Druid

The Wild Order Druid gets access to the all-important Wild Shape focus spell, for a renewable source of shapeshifting. For Maui's purposes, it's functionally the same as the spell slot versions of the "Form" spells, since he won't have a high enough strength to take advantage of the bonus for using his own attack modifier.

Maui only has the one focus point, but since he wants to spend so much of his time in polymorph form, unable to cast spells, virtually all his spell slots can be used to double down on form spells. This lets him shapeshift as much as he wants, and has the added bonus of being more thematic – we don't think of Maui as summoning vine whips, like other Druids might.

Alongside the Druid class, Maui takes a Fighter Dedication to gain a few extra options in polymorph form – things like Attack of Opportunity, Sudden Charge and Power Attack. These staple manoeuvres work just as well in Bear, Snake and Kaiju form, so they are perfect pickups to round out an in-your-face shapeshift build.





Fighter Dedication

For some useful actions along the way that are good even in wild shape.



The first fighter action to improve shapeshifted forms, gain Attack of Opportunity.


Basic Maneuver: Sudden Charge

The classic early action for melee masters, close ground fast.


Soaring Shape

Unlock new forms for Maui, like a giant bird, wasp or bat.


Ferocious Shape

More forms for the hook, including triceratops and tyrannasours.


Advanced Maneuver: Power Attack

Way later than fighters get it, but nice to add some extra dice to a Triceratops smack.


Reactive Transformation

A very Maui feat, use a reaction to change shape to protect from incoming harm, like a fall or an attack.


Monstrocity Shape

Could Maui turn into monsters? If he was in Pathfinder he could.


Primal Aegis

Gain resistance to elemental damage, using that demigod power.


Heart of the Kaiju

Is Te Ka any match for a Maui Godzilla? We'll find out.

Skills & General Feats

As a trailblazing demigod known for making earth even hospitable for humans, a legendary Survival is a must. But Maui doesn't stop there, he is also pushes crafting to the limit in order to make his "legendary" tattoos, and boosts his physical form beyond ordinary human limits with a high Athletics.

Legendary: Athletics, Crafting, Survival

Master: -

Expert: -





Titan Wrestler

How is Maui going to grapple with the giant Tomatoa otherwise?



A quick speed buff to all Maui's shapes.


Tattoo Artist

Start crafting some of those nifty magic tattoos to tell Maui's story.


Assurance: Athletics

Smooth out that curve for grapples and shoves.



Some extra health, to stack with Mountain's Stoutness.


Underwater Marauder

With all that time spent at sea, Maui needs to be able to smack foes below the surface.


Hefty Hauler

Use that demigod strength to lift and carry more.


Planar Survival

Survive on any environment.


Quick Jump

Be ready to leap into any situation, however foolish that may be.


Quick Climb

Being from the South Pacific means being an expert in climbing some volcanic islands.


Legendary Tattoo Artist

Reach the pinnacle of magic tattooing.


Quick Swim

Go from ship to island in a flash.


Legendary Survivalist

Maui was cast aside as a human child, but survived to become protector of humanity.


Cloud Jump

Use those demigod legs to make moves, even in human form.


Legendary Guide

Use that master survivalism to guide humans to new locales.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 14 14 16 10 16 8
5 14 16 18 10 18 10
10 14 18 19 10 19 12
15 14 19 20 10 20 14
20 14 20 21 10 21 16


Suggested Starting Equipment

Maui's Signature Items

Key Spells





Deep Breath

Superhuman breathing ability is perfect for reaching those depths.


Gouging Claw

No weapon? No problem. Transform Maui's hand into part of his animal form for an attack.


Ant Haul

Embrace the ant form to carry incredible amounts.



Use the legs of an animal form to make an amazing leap.


Maui Resources