The Dragon Aspect of Life, Alexstrasza borrows her own life essence to heal and bolster all living things around her, while burning their enemies.

Who Is Alexstrasza?

Who Are Alexstrasza?

The Life-Binder. Alexstrasza, the aspect of the red dragonflight, holds an important position as the guardian of all life. No pressure.

One of the five great dragons imbued with power by the Titans, and charged with watching over Azeroth, Alexstrasza was chosen as the leader of the group. The Dragonqueen.

For many years, Alexstrasza was a passive observer over all life on Azeroth. But in recent history, as several of the other dragon aspects became "difficult", Alexstrasza was forced to take a more active role in the protection of the planet.

And so the mortals of Azeroth – humans, orcs, elves, trolls, dwarves and the like – have routinely teamed up with the Life Giver, working together to take down Malygos and Deathwing.

In many ways, Warcraft reminds me of the comics that many of the other characters on this site are based on. The old Batman and Iron Man comics from the 60's, for example – simple, unplanned works of fiction that blossomed and grew into sprawling volumes of lore that is impossible to categorize.

The original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans RTS laid a foundation for the franchise as thin as to be expected from games of the time. The backstory, told mainly in a few pages of the instruction manual, laid out the basics of Azeroth and the warring factions that laid claim to it.

Concepts like the Dragonflight, the Aspects, the Titans and the Pantheon would slowly be meted out over time as the universe expanded into more games, comics, novels, movies and expansions. Alexstrasza has been one of the defining figures in that overarching lore. A frequent and benevolent force, not yet corrupted for the purposes of expansion big bads.

My main exposure to Alexstrasza, of course, is through her inclusion in Heroes of the Storm. There, she takes her high elf form, with the ability to transform into a huge, area-denying dragon – whose fire both heals and hurts.

So how do we build her in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

alexstrasza dragon form

Drag Him Queen

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alexstrasza? I'm willing to bet it's a giant red dragon.

life binder

Life Giver (Literally)

Alextrasza's healing is a great sacrifice, often borrowing from her own life force to add to her allies and subjects.

fire breath

Purifying Flame

Sometimes healing something means burning it down completely to regrow it from scratch, right? Alexstrasza seems to think so.

healing energy

Circle of Life

Alextrasza's command over life force doesn't stop at healing creatures. Her breath has been said to grow flowers. I've heard of a green thumb... but a green sigh?

Building Alexstrasza

This is the first build on Pop Culture Pathfinder to use any character options outside of the Paizo Rulebooks or Adventure Paths. It uses the Battlezoo Dragon Ancestries.

I intended not to use third party materials in the builds here, and I will still stick to that going forward. This build breaks that rule because a) the Battlezoo ancestries are available in Pathbuilder, which is what I use to make these builds, and b) there is no real point in making an Alexstrasza build without them.

Okay, if one was really, REALLY, hard up to play as Alexestrasza with only the Pathfinder rules, some less flavorful version could be done. Probably with a Kobold ancestry, and a Dragon Disciple archetype. In fact, that isn't terrible.

However, it doesn't reach the flavor of Alexestrasza right out of the box the same way a Battlezoo Medium-size Red Dragon Life Oracle does, which is what we will be building here.

On the battlefield, Alexstrasza heals allies and burns foes. The order can vary.

As the Aspect of Life, her command of the life force of creatures and plants alike is incredible. Her spells heal allies and earth alike, sprouting new plant life to control the battlefield and protect her party. As an Oracle, her healing can become legendary, exuding healing energies at the cost of taking damage herself.

Meanwhile, as a dragon, Alexstrasza is an imposing figure, ready to burn enemies to a crisp with her fire breath. Her size also reaches Large late in the build, which makes her a zone threat that enemies need to work around.

Outside of battle, Alexstrasza's incredible control of the life force of all things gives her influence over nature, which can be a big help for her party while travelling. Plus, being able to be a dragon can be intimidating.


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  • Peak healing power
  • Fire and flying
  • Can be a human for parties
  • Might get burnt
  • A bit overprotective
  • Can be a dragon for parties


Red Dragon (Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons)

So it's come to this.

As we said above, using third party rules is not going to become a habit. But since the Battlezoo Ancestries are integrated into Pathbuilder, this was too enticing to ignore.

Alexstrasza starts out as a Medium-sized Red Dragon, taking the Change Shape feat at level 1 so that she can appear in her high elf form as much as she wants. This ancestry gives some very Alexstrasza things: wings for flight, a dragon-breath attack and some extra defense.

But what it really gives, above all, is the ability to be a dragon, which is arguable the thing Alexstrasza is most known for.

If third party options are non-negotiably outlawed from your table, a Kobold ancestry is a good start, coupled with a Dragon Disciple archetype that swaps some of the class feats for things we get innately with the Dragon ancestry. But honestly, just play a different character.





Change Shape

Allows Alexstrasza to take her humanoid form, which she often does when it's awkward to be a dragon.


Draconic Cantrip

Take Ignition as an innate spell, for throwing some mini fireballs when the time comes.


Dragon Breath

From Ancestral Paragon. Get that fiery dragon attack and start life fresh.


Dragon's Tenacity

Some extra health points, which is helpful when dealing with the Life Mystery Curse.


Empowered Mass

When in the full dragon form, Alexstrasza become Large! Tough to ignore a big, healing dragon.


Channel Wings

Being big is more important to Alexstrasza than flying around, so we wait until late in the build to pick up a wing feat.



Mystic is our stand-in for "Aspect" on Golarian. And really, what is an Aspect if not a very, very powerful mystic?

This background does not give a Charisma boost, which is what Alexstrasza wants as an Oracle. But, this build also goes heavy on Wisdom, so it works out in the end. Plus, the Arcana training seems right, doesn't it?


Oracle - Life Mystery

The incredible healing and life energy manipulation that the Oracle is capable of is really on point for Alexstrasza. Especially considering her Heroes of the Storm appearance, which put an emphasis on her sacrificing her own health for the sake of healing allies.

That is largely what happens here, as the Life Oracle begins to lose health each turn as their curse grows in intensity, while simultaneously making their healing more and more potent.

One of the really flavorful parts of the Pathfinder Oracle is their unparalleled ability to splash in spells from traditions outside of their own. This build leans into that as hard as possible, picking up Divine Access multiple times, along with Mysterious Repetioire and Diverse Mystery. The combination gives Alexstrasza multiple Primal spells, which are absolutely key to showcasing her ability to influence the life energy of nature, as well as her allies.

Spells like Summon Plant or Fungus, Tangling Creepers. Entangle and Burning Hands feel key to the build – being able to cast them as Divine spells with Legendary Proficiency is icing on the cake.





Mystery Domain: Healing

In WOW terms, this is a Beacon of Light. Boost healing on that tank to keep them tanking.


Divine Aegis

Boost saves against arcane, primal or occult magic (at the expense of being exposed to the other Aspects).


Divine Access: Sarenrae

Look no further than the classic Sarenrae for Burning Hands, Fireball and Wall of Fire!


Advanced Revelation

Gain the Delay Affliction focus spell, to heal an ally and deal with an affliction affecting them much later.


Divine Access: Green Man

Some more primal spells, this time on the natural side: Summon Plant or Fungus, Entangle and Tangling Creepers!


Spiritual Sense

Being the Life Mother means sensing the life force of everything around, event the recently non-living.


Greater Revelation

Transcend beyond even Alexstrasza's dragon form to become a true beacon of healing power.


Mysterious Repetoire

Keep any one spell outside of the Divine tradition, castable as a Divine spell. Perfect for a big impact Primal spell.


Diverse Mystery: Incendiary Aura

Create a 10-foot aura of fire around Alexstrasza, burning anyone close. As a large creature, that is a huge aura!


Blaze of Revelation

Summon all of Alexstrasza's power to cast focus spells without raising the curse. Defeat Deathwing!


Mystery Conduit

Cast spells without using a spell slot, at the cost of raising the curse.

Skills & General Feats

As one of the Aspects, Alexstrasza is legendary in Religion – in this case, the mythos of the Titans and the Pantheon. As well, her control over life leaves her Legendary in Nature, while her existence as an actual fire-breathing dragon makes her quite intimidating.

Legendary: Nature, Religion

Master: Intimidation

Expert: -





Intimidating Glare

Ever been stared at by a dragon? It's demoralizing, to say the least.



If Alexstrasza's curse is going to cost her health, she better have a lot of it.


Spirit Speaker

As the remnants of recently lost life force for answers about what the GM has planned.


Exhort the Faithful

Most on Azeroth know about the ancients. She should use that to her advantage.


Ancestral Paragon

For Dragon's Breath. Gain that cone of fire weapon.


Sacred Defense

Temporary Hit Points aren't healing, so this is a nice way to try to circumvent the Life Curse.


Sanctify Water

When you're this sanctified, you might as well help make some holy hand grenades.


Incredible Investiture

Alexstrasza has all kinds of baubles and items adorned on her horns. Make sure they can be active!


Influence Nature

It's not quite growing flowers with breath alone, but it's a start.


Terrified Retreat

That dragon glare gets even more intimidating.


A Home in Every Port

Aspects tend to be welcome whereever they go. You know, except the evil ones.


Divine Guidance

Look to the Titans themselves for help with what to do next.


Morphic Manipulation

Alexstrasza uses her breath to grow a single flower. Oh well, she'll get there someday.


Hireling Manager

Aspects are used to having underlings do their bidding.


Terrifying Resistance

Alexstrasza has gone up against some terrifying foes and lived to tell about it. Keep that up!

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 10 12 14 10 14 18
5 10 14 16 10 16 19
10 10 16 18 10 18 20
15 10 18 19 10 19 21
20 12 18 20 10 20 22


Suggested Starting Equipment

Alexstrasza's Signature Items

Key Spells






When heals are done and focus is gone and breath is spent and she's out of range... Alexstrasza throws a little fireball.


Burning Hands

Throw out another cone of fire, when the breath weapon is spent.


Summon Plant or Fungus

Use nature's life force to bring in some natural reinforcements.



Breath on an area to grow vines that lock down creatures there.



It's not just dragon breath that burns... it's dragon fireballs too.


Wall of Fire

Control the battlefield with a wall of flames that dares enemies to cross.


Breath of Life

It's classic Alexstrasza, stop a creature from dying with a breath.


Tangling Creepers

Summon vines in a huge area to lock down all creatures.



Stop death entirely.


Alexstrasza Resources