A high templar of the Protoss, Tassadar refused to sacrifice the Terrans to destroy the Zurg... but was willing to sacrifice himself.

Who Is Tassadar?

Who Are Tassadar?

One of the most iconic figures in the Starcraft franchise, Tassadar is our representation of the Protoss High Templar unit. Known for his wisdom, bravery, and unconventional tactics, Tassadar played a crucial role in the Protoss campaign of the original StarCraft game, where he defies the orders of the Protoss Conclave, seeking to find a way to defeat the Zerg without annihilating the Terran colonies in the process.

Tassadar ultimately sacrifices himself to destroy the Overmind, the central hive mind of the Zerg, by merging his energies with those of the Dark Templar and crashing his carrier into it. This act of self-sacrifice and unity between the High Templar and Dark Templar helps to bring about a new era for the Protoss, fostering greater understanding and cooperation between the two factions.

Outside of Starcraft, Tassadar was one of heroes in the original release roster of Heroes of the Storm, where he originated as a Support focusing on shielding allies, controlling enemies and psi storming. When in doubt, it's always psi stroming.

I was more of a Terran player in my meagre history playing Starcraft (Silver players unite). However, I absolutely loved the Tassadar of HotS. And even more than loving to play Tassadar, for some reason I loved seeing people complain about his design, complain when he was picked, and complain about his talent selections when people played him. Perhaps the secret to Protoss success is salt.

So how do we build him in Pathfinder 2e?

Keys to the Character

psionic storm

Psi of the Storm

Having a bunch of High Templars lay down enough psi storms to delete an entire zergling force remains one of the most satisfying things in all of gaming history.

force wall

Another Invisible Brick in the Wall

Well placed force fields or force walls have decided games many times in both Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm. They are often used defensively, but it's more exciting to lock enemies in with you.

archon form

Archon, Archoff

High Templars have the power to combine their energies into a big, psi-powered, energy blasting Archon. Power up!

protoss symbol

Legacy of the Void

Tassadar belongs to the Protoss race of strong, durable people who are empowered by psi energy and a high tech infrastructure.

Building Tassadar

Trying to fit Tassadar into a singular tidy role is a battle well known by Heroes of the Storm players. There, he is perhaps the most reworked hero, and even took the unprecedented leap from Support to Damage.

But if we take the sum of the things he excels at – area denial through force walls, area denial and damage through psi storms, damage and ability denial through feedback – he fits pretty well into the Controller role as we define it.

To tap into those actions, we'll build Tassadar as a Sorcerer, while making use of the Ancient Elf heritage to start at level one with a Psychic dedication as well. These will work in tandem with each other to provide the varied tools, spells and feats Tassadar needs to be the High Templar of our dreams.

On the battlefield, Tassadar has a very reactionary, non-repetitious gameplay loop. He is always surveying his surroundings, trying to stay a step ahead of the enemy in order to hinder their plans – whether that is through a well placed force wall, a bunch of extra area damage or a debilitating status effect.

Like many characters with a lot of tools at their disposal – and like his HotS counterpart – Tassadar doesn't necessarily excel at any one thing. But the sheer volume of his tools, and the many opportunities he has to use them, makes him a versatile companion anyone would want supporting their team.

Outside of combat, Tassadar can be a valuable resource of knowledge as the party adventures through the land. His high Occultism, and relatively high Diplomacy, Society and Arcana, make him perfect for gathering (or remembering) information that can be useful.


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  • Psychic spellcasting battery for more pew pews
  • Locks down enemies with force
  • Stoic. Like really stoic.
  • Relies heavily on spell saves
  • Archon form capped at Spell Level 7
  • Kind of spooky mouth situation


Ancient Elf

Thematically, something about the Ancient Elf just seems to fit with a Protoss High Templar. And it's a good thing the vibe check out, because it is a super hlpful fit mechanically as well.

The uber-powerful ability to choose a dedication at level one via the Ancient Elf Heritage is the closest thing to multiclassing we have without using variant rules like Free Archetype or other funky setups. Nothing wrong with those, of course, we just don't use them in Pop Culture Pathfinder builds.

But Ancient Elf for Tassadar lets us grab a Psychic dedication that meshes so well with his main class, it would be dificult to imagine the build working without it.

Beyond that, the ancestry also gives a few other of the classic Elf feats. They aren't as pivotal to the build as that heritage, but they're nothing to shake a psi blade at.





Unwavering Mien

As a being with intense psi power, it is pretty hard to affect Tassadar's mind with magic.


Elven Instincts

A boost to perception, which Tassadar has through his passive in HotS. And psi energy I guess.


Elf Step

An improved step to get out of melee range for spellcasting.


Avenge Ally

As a hero of the Protoss, who allied with Jim Raynor, Tassadar has many allies to avenge eventually.


Magic Rider

For when the Protoss mothership beams Tassadar down, or somewhere else.


Scholar (Occultism)

Is a Scholar the same thing as a High Templar? No, is the obvious answer, but it can fill in here in a pinch.

The Scholar background doesn't give us a Charisma boost we're looking for, but the extra Wisdom for a high perception is welcomed. Additionally, Tassadar gains Assurance in Occultism right from level one, smoothing out the curve on checks into the spooky or mysterious.


Harrow Sorcerer

Sci-fi characters built in Pathfinder 2e rules require perhaps the most imagination of any build type. The flavor is never going to match one-to-one – instead, it is always an exercise in pushing the rules to create a flavor or feeling that somehow captures the essence of the character.

For Tassadar, there are a lot of ways we can start that process. Oracle, perhaps. Psychic, definitely. But with Heroes of the Storm in mind, a Sorcerer provides a ton of opportunties to meet that fantasy, combined with spontaneous spellcasting for that innate High Templar power.

When it comes to bloodline, things start to get specific. Since we're taking a Psychic Dedication at level one, we want a Sorcerer bloodline that complements occult psychic spellcasting. This way, that Psychic dedication becomes a bit of a battery – 9 additional spell slots cast at the same legendary proficiency as the rest of Tassadar's sorcerer spells.

There aren't that many occult sorcerer bloodlines, and the Harrow is the closest to feeling right.

So we pick up the Harrow bloodline, the psychic dedication and every psychic spellcasting feat. Before you know it, we're psi storm and psi beaming the entire tabletop.

For the Psychic Dedication, we'll pick up The Infinite Eye conscious mind with Charisma spellcasting and the Guided standard cantrip.





Psychic Dedication

From Ancient Elf. Infite Eye, Charisma Spellcasting, Guided cantrip. Psi power!



With an extra spellcasting dedication, Tassadar learns a few extra spells for a sorcerer. Ripe for countering.


Basic Psychic Spellcasting

More spell slots and spell learning opportunities for Occult spells.


Psi Development

For the Glimpse Weakness cantrip. Empower allies to smack harder.



Use psionic power to sense the life energy of creatures. That's Templar stuff.


Greater Bloodline

For Rewrite Possibility, giving an ally or Tassadar the power to retry a skill through psionics.


Expert Psychic Spellcasting

More spell slots and spells for the blastin'


Reflect Spell

Upgrade Counterspell to fling it back at the caster. Shields up.


Spell Shroud

Tassadar gains concealment after casting a spell, making him harder to stop.


Master Psychic Spellcasting

The final level of extra spell slots and spells to act as a battery for Tassadar's sorcerin'.


Bloodline Mutation

Is your GM cool? If so gain a fly speed for that cool High Templar floating.

Skills & General Feats

Occultism may seem like the wrong word, but in the Pathfinder mythos, that is the tradition of "psi" characters. As a High Templar, Tassadar is undoubtedly "psi", so he must be legendary in Occultism.

As a High Templar, he also must be somewhat skilled in Diplomacy and Society. Finally, Archons are fairly intimidating.

Legendary: Occultism

Master: Diplomacy, Society

Expert: Arcana, Intimidation





Schooled in Secrets

Is the Protoss Templar order a secret cult? Either way, Tassadar knows something of psionics that is mysterious.


Cat Fall

That floaty High Templar thing can be cat fall like at first.


Slippery Prey

Going intangible to get the hell out of dodge was Tssadar HotS 101.


Rolling Landing

Turn that floating cat fall into a full on run.


Disturbing Knowledge

Use psionics to tap into an enemies mind and spook the heck out of them.


Bizarre Magic

Make those psionic spellcasts hard to decipher.


Consult the Spirits: Occultism

Tap into the collective conscious of the templars and learn some useful tidbits.


Incredible Investiture

Make room for some nice adornments on that beautiful gold Protoss armor.


Shameless Request

Do High Templars hold respect in Protoss culture? If so no one will say no.


Aura Sight

Tassadar sees with his mind, not his eyes. That's aura stuff.


Quick Identification

The knowledge of the templars lets Tassadar understand how things work faster.


Steady Balance

Does it count if he is kind of floaty?


Glean Contents

To be fair, he isn't really counting. He's more, like, knowing.


Incredible Initiative

Go earlier in the turn order to control the battle before things get bad.


No Cause For Alarm

This usually starts in the draft screen in HotS. "It's okay dudes, I'm a good Tass."

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 10 14 10 12 14 18
5 10 16 10 14 16 19
10 10 18 12 14 18 20
15 10 19 14 14 19 21
20 10 20 14 16 20 22


Suggested Starting Equipment

Tassadar's Signature Items

Key Spells






Protect Tassadar with one of those patented Protoss shields.


Warp Step

When the going gets tough, Tassadar gets going.


Ray of Enfeeblement

For Tassadar players, any spell with "ray" is going to be a winner.


Inner Radiance Torrent

Got some extra actions? Explode, like, big time.


Chromatic Ray

See: Ray of Enfeeblement


Shadow Blast

Psi Storm! Here it is! Cast as many as you can!


Wall of Force

Force Field! Finally! Cast as many as you can!


Force Cage

A kind of "personal" wall of force. Stop someone imparticular.



HotS Tassadars know: When your team dies, dissapear.


Alter Reality

For a level 7 cast of Elemental Form. Or Archon form, in Tass's case.


Tassadar Resources