The Archangel of Justice and a member of the Angiris Council, Tyrael is on a mission to protect Sanctuary.

Who Is Tyrael?

Who Are Tyrael?

Considered a black sheep by the rest of the Angiris Council for his love of (and devotion to) Sanctuary, Tyrael is ready to protect those who call it home at all costs.

Armed with El'druin, at often at odds with his peers – especially Imperius and Malthael – Tyrael has shepherded the Horadrim through demonic invasions on more than one occasion. But no matter the consequences – including becoming mortal – he is always ready to fight for justice.

Tyrael's lore is long and complicated, but his most iconic title – The Archangel of Justice – is a powerful one.

And iconic is the word. Tyrael's dark cowl, bright white-blue wings and shining sword are all icons of Blizzard Entertainment. He is often in the front and center of art displaying Blizzard's franchises.

I played Diablo II, but have few memories of it for some reason. I think I just wasn't good at it, to be honest. My friend's brothers were obsessed.

So I knew of Tyrael, somewhat, but didn't fully come to my consciousness until Diablo III – where he plays a vital role as the fallen mortal angel – and, more significantly, Heroes of the Storm's technical alpha. As is well-documented, I played the High Heaven out of HotS, and Tyrael was one of my favorites.

Something I loved about Tyrael in that game was his relatively high health on an unassuming frame for a tank. He felt like the Terminator, an unstoppable dealer of justice, constantly moving forward, ignoring movement impediments and blows.

Let's see if we can get that feeling into Pathfinder.

Keys to the Character

El'druin, the Sword of Justice

The Edge of Justice

El'druin, the Sword of Justice deserves a place alongside the great named swords of fiction – like Sting, Excalibur and Masamune. It's sharp, shiny and ready to deliver justice.

Scales of Justice

Tip The Scales

As the Archangel, and later Aspect, of Justice, Tyrael has a duty to what is right. Fortunately for Sanctuary, to Tyrael, that includes protecting humanity.

Tyrael's Wings

Flying At Lightspeed

Tyrael's design set the tone of angels in the Diablo franchise – especially that black abyss under the hood and the ethereal wings seemingly made of wisps of pure light. The wing design alone is unparalleled.

Angirus Council

Heaven Needs Counseling

For a big chunk of Tyrael's lore, he sat on the Angiris Council of the High Heavens, alongside Imperius, Malthael, Auriel and Itherael. It's run about as smoothly as any government body.

Building Tyrael

Tyrael could easily be built closer to the bruiser role, but my fond memories of HotS will push my build closer to the tank side of the line. Of course, they are similar in many ways.

And with that great named sword, he has to be able to hold his own with strikes, so that won't be ignored.

On the battlefield, Tyrael embodies the definition of the front line. He is as close as possible to the action, soaking up enemy attacks on behalf of his teammates, ready to heal his damage away on his own.

Self-sustain can be ignored in TTRPGs as an ideal tank quality, and Tyrael has it in droves. Some tanks, like Barret, focus on having giant health pools. Others, like Captain America, protect themselves with shields and resistances.

Tyrael takes hits head on, knowing he can lay on hands or defy death to remain in the fight longer. And that's a good thing for his allies, because he is no slouch in the fight. He has multiple ways of enchanting his sword, making it strike hard, no matter how many actions he has available after healing himself.

Outside of battle, Tyrael can use his intimidating visage to get answers from terrified targets. And his knowledge of religion can help answer his party members' big questions.


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Human - Aasimar

Was there any other heritage? Aasimar gives Tyrael the archangel touch he needs, starting right at level one with Angelkin.

As time goes on, he'll gain access to his iconic wings and a touch of angelic power as well. The Human ancestry is really only for shape, he won't touch a human feat.






There's no Archangelkin? This gives Tyrael the power to speak in the High Heavens and Sanctuary, and starts off his angel heritage.


Empyreal Blessing

Tyrael may bless himself and allies once per day.


Celestial Wings

Let those wispy, tendril wings of light out for the first time.


Celestial Strikes

Add a single point of good damage to strikes. Who knows when that might tip the scales?


Eternal Wings

Let those iconic wings shine at all times.


Circuit Judge

Sometimes when you're building a character for Pathfinder, "close" is close enough. Is Tyrael an actual Circuit Judge? No, not at all. But does this background give some flavor for being an impartial arbiter or justice? Yeah, better than any other.

Plus it gives some Legal Lore (helpful?) and a nice Wisdom bonus. That's useful as a character who becomes the Aspect of Wisdom one day.


Champion - Redeemer Cause

Okay... Paladin is the "lawful good" cause. That is very very appropriate for the Archangel of Justice – dealing out lawful retribution. But soon alignment will be stripped away from Pathfinder 2e in the remaster, due to leaving the OLG. So let's assume that the new way of showcasing a dedication to lawfulness is in flavor, not mechanics.

Why? Because the Redeemer cause is right where we want to be in this version of Tyrael, protecting allies and condemning foes.

The rest of the class feats are less controversial. Despite being built as a "tank", Tyrael is all about his sword – the best defense is a good offense, after all. Many ways of sustaining himself and injuring enemies are found in the class traits, positioning him as a front line beacon of justice.





Weight of Guilt

Stupify targets of redemption, rather than enfeeble them. I'd be stupified to see Tyrael, honestly.


Sun Blade

A mighty, holy whollop against anyone – but especially evil foes.


Attack of Opportunity

For those rounds without a redemption reaction.


Advanced Deity's Domain: Freedom

Tyrael's HotS iteration was one of the best at getting out of movement trouble.


Radiant Blade Spirit

Empower E'Druin with some extra angelic power.


Champion's Sacrifice

Take the brunt of an attack so an ally doesn't have to.


Divine Reflexes

Really start to be a great teammate, with an extra redemption each round.


Aura of Righteousness

All allies on the front lines become resistant to evil. Resit the demonic invasion!


Holy Light

Summon the light of the High Heavens to dazzle all evil creatures within 30 ft.


Sacred Defender

Who else will protect Sanctuary? Become the defender humanity needs.

Skills & General Feats

Spending so much time protecting humanity and presiding over the High Heavens has left Tyrael without much time to hone his skills, leaving him a master in a few categories, but legendary in none. Oh well, he hits hard and can fly.

Legendary: -
Master: Athletics, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Religion
Expert: Lore: Legal

Level Feat Notes
2 Titan Wrestler Spoiler alert: some demons are quite large.
3 Toughness Being in the front lines requires taking a few hits.
4 Intimidating Prowess What is more intimidating than the black morass of Tyrael's hood.
6 Terrifying Resistance Any foe judged by Tyrael is less effective against him.
7 Say that Again! If a foe is trying to demoralize Tyrael, they better not miss.
8 Pilgrin's Token Maybe it's a little friendship bracelet from Imperius.
10 Courtly Graces Is there any higher court than the High Heavens?
11 Sacred Defense Stay in the fight with temporary health, gifted from above.
12 Battle Prayer Some quick ranged damage, couresy the Angiris Council.
14 Consult the Spirits What do Auriel and crew have to say about what's next?
15 Shameless Request People tend to help out the protector of Sanctuary.
16 Evangalize Are you going to deny Tyrael's existence? He's right there, stupifying you!
18 Too Angry To Die Even when Tyrael falls, he rises again.
19 Sanctify Water Sure, it comes late. But even protectors gotta drink.
20 Foil Senses Have enemies saying. "Did I just see an orange blur?"

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Bastard Sword - a great start to the mighty El'Druin. Outfit it with a Holy rune asap.

Tyrael's Signature Items

Key Spells





Lay on Hands

A big, flashy heal for Tyrael or an ally.


Sun Blade

Smite a foe with sun power. Or REALLY smite an evil foe with sun power.


Champion's Sacrifice

Take on the sins (and pain) of allies.


Hero's Defiance

Refues to die, getting a sudden heal from above.


Weapon Surge

Fill El'Druin with extra energy, for striking.


Word of Freedom

Let nothing restrain the bringer of justice.


Tyrael Resources