The hero of the Avarosan tribe, Ashe uses ancestral ice magic on her mission to unify the Frejlord... by force, if necessary.

Who Is Ashe?

Who Are Ashe?

As the leader of the most populous tribe in the north, the Avarosans, Ashe is looked to by countless members of the horde as the hero that will unite the Freljord.

That is no easy task, but luckily she has something on her side: a magical ability to wield a bow of pure ice. That's a pretty good start, as far as unifications go. In fact, her people believe she is the reincarnation of the hero Avarosa herself.

Guided by their belief, and her hawk spirit, Ashe trudges across the frozen north, toward the ancient tribal lands of the Avarosans, and a greater Freljord.

I'm always fascinated by the characters used as the "beginner" choices in MOBAs. By virtue of being a competitive game, they should still be comparable to harder to play choices. But at the same time, they need to have kits so easy to understand and use that new players don't go running for the hills after trying them for the first time.

Ashe is one of the beginner champs for League of Legends, alongside others like Garen and Master Yi. It makes sense: people understand what archers do, and her frost shots mean that Ashe automatically slows anything she hits, making targets even easier to hit repeatedly for new players.

Is she boring? Maybe she would be, if not for one of the biggest show-stoppers in the game for years: Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

Keys to the Character

ice magic

Stay Frosty

Everything Ashe does has some level of icy addition to it, especially many different ways of shooting arrows. This magic slows enemies down, making them easier targets for the next shot.

enchanted crystal arrow

An Arrow to the Everything

Sometimes Ashe puts away the normal arrows in favor of a giant, icy, crystal one that travels across the entire battlefield and is incredibly satisfying to watch.


Hawkeyes? Hawk Ice!

Far from a beastmaster, Ashe has a spirit hawk that helps her scout. It's hard to sneak up on Ashe's team when you can be spotted by a bird.

frejlord symbol

We the North

Ashe is the leader of the Avarosan tribe, and wants to unite the Freljord. What's that mean? She's not worried about a little ice and snow.

Building Ashe

Shoot arrows. Freeze foes. Repeat.

As Pathfinder 2e has matured along its lifecycle, more and more ways to accomplish certain fantasies have emerged. This build – the frost archer – is a great example: do we go Starlit Span Magus? Eldritch Trickster Rogue? Ranger with an Eldritch Archer archetype?

That last one is interesting from an Ashe perspective. The ranger class offers some excellent archery tools baked in, as well as some very in-theme survival flavor. Ashe is, after all, the warmother of the northern Avarosan tribe – a cold-weather people who find traveling in snow to be second nature.

Adding the Eldritch Archer archetype gives Ashe a quasi Magus shell, without requiring multiple feats to get to (a more limited) Spellstrike. There is, however, one very important caveat: Eldritch Shot, which allows Ashe to combine an arrow strike and a spell attack roll spell into one attack, is a 3 action ability.

It would be crazy to suddenly start going into the math of builds, but let's entertain the idea briefly. If Ashe spent all three of her actions on bow strikes at level 6 (the level she gets access to Eldritch Archer), the average damage against an average enemy would be 21. Meanwhile, if all three actions were spent on a Ray of Frost Eldritch Shot, at the same level, the average damage would be 20, with the chance of slowing them. Six levels later, at level 12, the same three strikes has an average of 29 damage, while the Ray of Frost shot reaches 33 plus the slow.

What is this really saying? I'm not sure, other than Ashe can choose her moments to Eldritch Shot rather than attack in a frenzy, gaining some damage and utility for doing so.

On the tabletop, Ashe wants to find the right spot in the encounter to post up and start shooting. She absolutely needs to be set up in the right spot to rain frost arrows at foes – there is no option for her to step away from a nearby foe and then blast them with a magic arrow. Therefore, she relies on some Athletic feats for climbing, jumping and otherwise getting to the best vantage point to strike. Luckily her hawk companion can scout out those strategic places for her, guiding her with vision she wouldn't otherwise have.


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  • All-around stats
  • Powerful long range attacks
  • Elsa with a bow
  • Eldritch Shot requires setup at three actions
  • Eldritch Archers are limited to spell attack spells
  • Cold personality


Wintertouched Human

Honestly, Wintertouched human offers less functionality that what we can get from a Versatile human, but how can we pass up the flavor?

As a member of the Avarosan tribe, Ashe is absolutely Wintertouched. As such, she treats cold as if it's just not quite as bad.

Despite not being "versatile", being a human still offers some classic benefits that Ashe takes advantage of. Natural Ambition, for one, gets the build started off with both Hawkshot and a Volley bringing us pretty close to the goal of the build from the get-go.

Later on Ashe also picks up the Elf Adopted Ancestry, for nifty feats like Elf Step.





Natural Ambition

For Hunted Shot. A leader of a tribe needs to be ambitious, for sure.


General Training

For Adopted Ancestry: Elf. Will help with a feat or two down the road.


Elf Step

As an archer, it is always helpful to be able to move well out of melee range to fire the bow.


Hardy Traveler

You think venturing across the Freljord is easy? No, it's hardy.



Is it ancestral magic? The power of the reincarnated Avarosa? Whatever it is, it's witchy.



Is it offensive to call the tribes of the north "Wildborne"? We hope not.

This background gets Ashe started with some of the survivability she needs to take back her ancestral lands, in the great white north of Runeterra. Plus, it gives a dexterity boost, which is up an archer's alley.


Ranger - Precision Edge

Ranger offers the most Ashe things right out of the box – in fact, with a frost rune on the bow, we barely need to go into any archetypes. We will though, to make that icy magic extra icy.

From the start, the Ranger class gives Ashe a "Volley" attack with Hunted Shot and a "Hawkshot" helper with a young bird companion. Plus, the Precision Hunter's Edge adds a big damage boost on her first bow attack, which will often be the only one she makes when using Eldritch Shot.

Speaking of which, the Eldritch Archer archetypes is grabbed at level 6, and it comprises most of the rest of her class feats. Those combine to allow for a decent range of ice magic, plus some truly devestating Enchanted Crystal Arrows – like Arrow of Death, Phase Arrow, or an Eldritch Shot with a Polar Ray attached.

What this combination of class and archetype gives us is a build that wants to use a lot of actions every turn. It's up to Ashe to figure out the best course of action each round – Eldritch Shot? Specialty arrow? Command an Animal for some Hawk support and an arrow shot? Things will change, like the political map of the war-torn north!





Animal Companion

It's a bit different from Hawkshot, but it is a Hawk that can do some scouting.


Hunted Shot

A volley (of two attacks) right at level one. Add a frost rune for full effect.


Favored Terrain

Is the arctic Ashe's favored terrian, or just her ancestral lands? Maybe she prefers swamps.


Scout's Warning

Ashe's Hawkshot means her team can start a fight a little more prepared.


Eldritch Archer Dedication: Primal

Avarosa reborn. Add ancestral ice magic to bow strikes, for a united Frejlord.


Enchanting Arrow

An arrow that deals extra damage and stuns on crit... This is Ashe's first Crystal Arrow, for sure.


Basic Eldritch Spellcasting

Add some spell slots for some additional options. Not every spell will be Eldritch Shottable... but they are still cool.


Expert Eldritch Archer Spellcasting

More spellslots, but also, more proficiency.


Sense the Unseen

Even if Ashe fails to notice baddies being stealthy, her hawk lets her now something is around.


Phase Arrow

A special arrow attack that goes through anything to reach its target. Crystal Arrow number 2.


Master Eldritch Spellcasting

Higher level spells and slots, including Polar Ray for the ultimate Eldritch Shot.


Arrow of Death

Ashe's arrow flies across the entire Summoner's Rift, adding 10d10 damage and potentiall just slaying foes outright.

Skills & General Feats

As someone who lives in the frozen north, it is most important for Ashe to have some legendary survival skills. Otherwise, uniting the Freljord will stop before it gets started, as she gets snowblind and doesn't even make it across the tundra.

Other than that, a mastery of Athletics and Nature is important, for largely the same reasons. As well, as leader of a tribe, Ashe needs some focus on Society. Though not too much, as she is kind of a reluctant leader.

Legendary: Survival

Master: Athletics, Nature

Expert: Society





Combat Climber

Ashe wants to use the terrain to her benefit, finding high ground to blast icy arrows from.


Terrain Stalker: Snow

No one is going to outrun the Avarosan Warmother on her home turf... or tund?


Survey Wildlife

The tribe looks to its leader to find the right hunting grounds, the best places to migrate.


Adopted Ancestry

From General Training. Pick up an Elf ancestry for some movement feats later.


Quick Jump

Another way for Ashe to move around the battlefield, finding her spot to shoot from.


Expeditious Search

All that perception must be good for things other than scouting. Use it here for finding goodies.



In her travels throughout the Freljord, as she scouts the other tribes, Ashe needs to eat.


Experienced Tracker

With a little help from her hawk, Ashe's team has the vision advantage.


Incredible Scout

While scouting, Ashe's allies get an extra bonus to iniative. Don't get caught in a teamfight unaware.


Lead Climber

She's not an expert climber, but chances are she will be the best in the party.


Rapid Mantel

Hop up from hanging on a ledge without wasting any time.


Legendary Guide

With Ashe leading the way, her party doesn't even slow down trudging through snow. And where she's from its mostly snow.


Legendary Survivalist

Speaking of the frozen wastes, one must be ready (and trained) to survive outside of civilization. Even the Warmother.


Quick Climb

Ashe wants to get to high ground, but also wants to save her actions for shooting a bow. Decisions, decisions.


True Perception

Is that talent, training or a bit of ancestral magic vision?


Quick Swim

This is just there in case all that ice melts. Oops.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 10 18 12 10 12 16
5 10 19 14 10 14 18
10 12 20 16 10 14 19
15 14 21 16 10 16 20
20 14 22 18 10 18 21


Suggested Starting Equipment

Ashe's Signature Items

Key Spells





Ray of Frost

When all other spells have been spent, add this to an Eldritch Shot for damage and slowing.



A beefed up version of a Ray of Frost Eldritch Shot.


Rime Slick

Spread ice around, making it hard for enemies to close in.


Cone of Cold

Kind of like the volley, without the arrows.


Frost Pillar

At worst, displace an enemy. At best, freeze them solid.


Frigid Flurry

Freeze all the enemies in a long line, yes. But also, let the Avarosan magic move Ashe to the end of that line, ready to shoot the True Ice bow.


Polar Ray

A beautiful spellattack spell for Eldritch Shot. 10d8 extra cold damage and a drain effect.


Ashe Resources