Coming from a prominent family in the magic-shunning Demacia region, Lux needed to hide her light-bending skills at all costs. But also, foster them.

Who Is Lux?

Who Are Lux?

Lux's home region on Runeterra – Demacia – was founded in the shadow of a magic-born calamity that almost destroyed the entire planet. Safely on the otherside of their brush with destruction, the first Demacians set the precedent that the region would be totally free of magic. In other words, magic is dancing and Demacia is the town from Footloose.

Coming from an old-money Demacian family, Lux (and moreso, her brother Garen) dutifully adhered to this principle. That is, until a chance run-in with some bloodthirsty wolves awakened a mysterious magical power with Lux – a power which she now has to hide... and grow.

Like Ashe, Lux is one of the League of Legends champions used to show newcomers the ropes. As such, she kind of has what might be considered the "standard kit" for a mage champ. Damage boost after spells on the passive, crowd control skillshot, support skillshot, aeo zone control and – the big one – giant nuke ultimate.

I'll admit, I find Lux's kit somewhat boring. At least I would, if not for that ultimate ability. Final Spark has come in clutch too many times, sniped too many running enemies, and had too many poggers moments to be ignored. I love it.

So how do we build it in Pathfinder 2e?

Keys to the Character

lux's baton

Pass the Baton

Out: Swinging a dusty old staff at enemies. In: Hucking a baton at foes like a marching band captain gone loco.

bending light

Refraction's Her Passion

Lux's magic manifested as an ability to control light. She can bend it, amplify it, shape it and so much more.

final spark

Final Spark

When the ultimate comes on line, escape becomes tough. Both hands come together in a wonderful act of Kamehameha.

demacia icon

Demacia's Light

As a member of a noble family from Demacia, Lux is looked upon to look after her family's estates and uphold the mores of the region. That includes shunning magic.

Building Lux

Lux is about bending light to protect allies, zone out enemies and, of course, blast a giant cannon across the entire battlefield. Thankfully, we can make a build that does all these things expertly, but it takes a bit of time to come online.

The method is this: take a Cloistered Cleric, which uses a wisdom key ability and gains legendary divine spellcasting, and add a Monk dedication for divine key spells. Specifically, Ki Blast. By the time this comes available at level 12, Lux is Final Sparking the entire enemy team.

On the battlefield, Lux can protect her allies with a litany of Divine spells – including heals – and focus spells that bolster defenses through the power of light. These activities are also probably what Lux's allies want her to do.

But what this Lux build wants to do is blast enemies with the power of light. Sorry about it allies, try not to get hurt.

So how does she blast? It starts with the Harm Font, which adds a bunch of daily spellcasts to Lux's abilities, dedicated to blasting with Harm. It's a straightforward damage spell with some augmentations, cast with legendary proficiency. Not too shabby.

Next, the Divine tradition has some damage spells that actually fit the theme of bending light really well. Most of them are fire, sure, but what is light if not super low-grade fire... in a way... right?

But the big blasts are the Final Spark, in the form of Ki Blasts. At max level, these mama-jamas are 18d6 60ft. cones, cast with legendary proficiency three times per fight. Like the ult in League of Legends, they take a while to come online – but when they do, they turn the tide. Oh, and they are like the Kamehameha, so that rules.

Outside of battle, Lux's experience keeping knowledge of magic secret has made fairly good at subterfuge.


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  • Final Spark: a 60 ft. legendary proficiency 18d6 blast
  • Tons of extra healing utility
  • Never in the dark
  • Final Spark isn't available until level 12
  • Teammates will expect heals
  • Demacia are kinda narcs


Half-Elf Human

The Human ability to take on a dedication for free at level 9 is only improved by the Half-Elf heritage, allowing that dedication to be taken without meeting prerequisites.

This goes a long way in this build, which wants to get a Monk Dedication without doing the usual strength or dexterity related Monk things.

Beyond that special interaction, the ancestry feats mostly come from the human side. One notable callout is the Adapted Cantrip & Adaptive Adept combo, which ads some non-divine spells to Lux's repetoire, cast with divine proficiency.





Adaptive Cantrip: Ignition

Shape that sunlight into handheld balls of blistering radiation, then send it flying.


Adaptive Adept: Burning Hands

This is limited by its inability to be heightened beyond level 1, but from time to time everyone needs a sunlight flamethrower.


Multitalented: Monk Dedication

In just three short levels, we'll be Final Sparking.


Pinch Time

Bend light around the prism of time to gain an extra action. Useful when three actions are spent on Kamehameha.


Heroic Presence

What human build is complete without a built in zealous conviction?


Kingdom Noble (Diplomatic)

Hailing from the prestigious Crownguard family, Lux and Garen are classic diplomatic nobles. It's a hyper-fitting background, adding a key ability boost in Wisdom, as well as some classic diplomatic flavor: City Lore and Group Impression.


Cloistered Cleric

Going with the a Cloistered Cleric for Lux is a bit of a bait-and-switch. It is a means to a very specific ends: Final Spark. For our purposes, that means we are going with Cleric for boosting our Monk Ki Blasts to legendary proficiency with a wisdom key attribute.

But the "means" part of this "means to an ends" offers a lot of flavor, utility and fun.





Domain: Sun

The closest thing to a dedicated "light" domain. Start light-bending!


Domain Initiate: Protection

Gain a focus point, and use that light-bending to protect allies.


Directed Channel

Turn those Harms into mini-sparks.


Divine Weapon

It's Lux's Illumination passive: power up the baton after casting a spell.


Advanced Domain: Sun

Draw the light of the sun around Lux, becoming a beacon of luminance that can be spent to heal allies.


Basic Kata: Ki Rush

Finally, we've got Ki Spells. Choose the Divine type for the spells, and we're just one level away from the Ultimate.


Advanced Kata: Ki Blast

Final Spark!!! At this point, it is a 10d6 60ft. cone of light that only gets stronger.


Advanced Domain: Protection

Give Lux and her allies damage reduction across the board by bending the light around them.


Holy Light

Dazzle evil creatures in a 30 foot round, 100 foot high pillar of light.


Divine Protection

Expand that Illumination power to gain damage reduction after casting spells.


Maker of Miracles

The classic extra 10th level spell slot.

Skills & General Feats

Lux focuses on growing her power over light much more than skills in any specific thing – leaving her quite good at many things but legendary in few. Diplomacy, of course, is one of her strong suits from her pre-magic life. Society, as a member of a noble family is high as well.

Finally, sneaking around hiding magic makes her surprisingly good at Stealth.

Legendary: Diplomacy

Master: Society, Stealth

Expert: Arcana





Recognize Spell

Secretly studying magic has given Lux an eye for it.


Ancestral Paragon

For Know Your Own. Lux's thirst for knowledge has given her a healthy understanding of her people.



Upon arriving at the capital city of Demacia, Lux's eyes were opened about how urban life operates.


Eyes of the City

Sneaking through the city to practice magic in secret has given Lux many contacts in the area.


Quiet Allies

Lux bends light. Can she bend sound?



Get information through Diplomacy faster, as necessary for keeping up estates.


Biographical Eye

Old-money familes tend to make an judgement of someone within the first bit of meeting them.


Trick Magic Item

Studying magic has given Lux an understanding of how magic items work.


Swift Sneak

For when someone hears light being bent and comes looking for the bender.


Magical Shorthand

At this point, Lux is becoming a tested and true magic user in her own right.


Incredible Investiture

For more of those magic items, which need to be hidden from her family.


Foil Senses

Bend light around Lux in a version of a disguise that confusers searchers.


Shameless Request

Those noble families just don't have shame.


Legendary Negotiation

In her role keeping up her family's estates, negotiating was a main skill.



For Lux, this means coming clean about magic and how it can help Demacia.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 10 12 12 10 18 16
5 10 12 14 12 19 18
10 10 14 16 12 20 19
15 10 16 18 12 21 20
20 10 18 19 12 22 21


Suggested Starting Equipment

Lux's Signature Items

Key Spells





Ki Blast

Final Spark!!!!!!.


Dazzling Flash

Blind and dazzle everyone in 30ft cone with bright light.


Protector's Sphere

Everyone around Lux gains her Prismatic Barrier, reducing damage.



Shape hot light into balls and fling them at foes.



I mean... come on.



The first step in turning Lux into a blaster, rather than a healer.


Burning Hands

Spray out a UV radiation flamethrower.


Radiant Field

Create a Lucent Singularity that blinds foes in an area.


Searing Light

A ray of light that burns foes. Lux will use this a ton, heightened for extra damage.


Cloak of Light

Bathe Lux in luminance that heals allies and hurts undead.


Radiant Beam

Like Searing Lught, but even more light-focused. Win-win.



Turn light into a giant sun-bomb that blasts everything.


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