A hero to all the Frejlord, Braum travels across the tundra sharing his strength, shield and smile.

Who Is Braum?

Who Are Braum?

A towering, moustachioed protector who roams the frozen northlands, aiding all those that need him. That's Braum, one of the most genial and positive characters ever to come out of the League of Legends Runeterra universe.

Braum is a hulking figure, strong enough to hold his giant enchanted door – which doubles as a mighty shield – with ease. He is seemingly undeterred by the subzero temperatures of the Freljord, walking around shirtless to prove it. Where he goes, hope follows.

I think it is a bit of a crutch to make brooding, dour characters in games like League of Legends. It's harder, by far, to make positive characters – beacons of hope and happiness. How do you balance their positivity among the goth puppeteers, betrayed mage hunters and literal spooky scarecrows?

Braum is a success story of the happy MOBA character. From his release, he has been a popular, powerful and happy figure in the lore and meta. His giant, toothy grin under a thick mustache is forever memed and idolized.

He's also a fun implementation of a tank – an aggressive blocker who can mitigate damage for allies while freezing opponents to make them easier for followup strikes.

So how do we build him in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

braum's shield

Open Door Policy

Braum's giant shield is an enchanted door, full of Freljordian magic to shill his enemies and stop their attacks.

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True North

As a hero of the Freljord, Braum is no stranger to biting winds, deep snow and my personal favorite icy phenomenon: hoarfrost.


Battering Ram

Braum moves stalwartly forward, never retreating in the face of danger. Plus, his ever-onward attacks can stun enemies like a ram headbutt.


Poro Daddy

Accompanying Braum into Runeterra were the cute little mascots of the Freljord, the poros. They were arguably a bigger hit.

Building Braum

Building a tank in Pathfinder based on characters from popular culture often runs into one central problem: most "pop culture" characters don't use shields, and the best tanking in Pathfinder features shields.

So whenever there is an opportunity for a character that has a heavy shield focus, a lot of those tanking elements fall right into place. For Braum, shields are front and center in his character fantasy. He uses a giant, enchanted door as a shield – and a big part of his gameplay loop involves blocking on behalf of allies.

Alongside his defensive abilities, Braum also channels cold magic through his shield, which allies can draft off of to stun and damage enemies who are chilled.

A magic shield that is used as a conduit for cold magic? We can look to the Sparkling Targe hybrid study of the Magus to do a lot of the heavy lifting (pun intended) for this build. Add in some fighter feats for extra shield functionality and another dedication for heavy armor, and we have a hulking cold tank.

On the battlefield, Braum is in the front line, always positioning himself between the enemy and his allies, ready to block everything from sword swings to arrows to magical projectiles. He is always ready to adopt a defensive stance, raising his shield in reaction to danger.

But he isn't just a defensive dynamo. Braum uses his magical fist attacks and his shield to make spellstrikes, channeling cold magic that damages and slows enemies with spells like Ray of Frost and Cone of Cold.

Outside of combat, Braum uses his incredible survival expertise to guide his allies across the frozen fields of the north. Plus, we can't forget his uncanny ability to tame and train poros and other small boreal creatures. He's poro daddy, after all.


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  • Open door policy
  • Save on shirt budget
  • Unique tank playstyle
  • High moustache wax budget
  • Reactionary gameplay
  • Kind of chilly


Wintertouched Human

Braum needs to be wintertouched in order to withstand those freezing temperatures with his choice of (or lack of) clothes. But more importantly, the Human ancestry gives access to two feats we need to fill out the build: Natural Ambition and Multitalented.

Alongside his base human ancestry, Braum takes on the Dwarf Adopted Ancestry and makes good use of it. It is especially useful for adding some extra health for bonus tanking prowess.





General Training: Adopted Ancestry

For Dwarf. Braum may be human, but a lot of Freljordian traits are quite dwarf-like.


Natural Ambition

For Arcane Fists. Punches are Braum's weapon of choice, this is a nice Magus boost to them.


Multitalented: Fighter Dedication

For those extra-useful fighter feats utilizing the shield.


Mountain's Stoutness

Some extra health and toughness for our north-home brute.


Heroic Presence

The hero of the Freljord certainly has a heroic presence, and most of that is just his moustache.



Braum is a wandering hero, moving across the tundra in search of Freljordians in need. The nomad background captures this perfectly, adding a Constitution bonus that is great for tanking, as well as the Assurance skill in Survival.

As an added feature, Braum gains training in Tundra Lore, for extra knowledge of all things snow.


Sparkling Targe Magus

The sparkling targe hybrid study allows a Magus to channel their magic through a shield. It adds a lot of defensive functionality to the class, giving Shield Block at level one, and allowing Braum to use his shield to defend against spell attacks while in Arcane Cascade mode.

Sparkling targe also grants the shielded strike focus spell, which allows Braum to make a melee attack and raise his shield with one action. That's a great action economy, but it also doubles as a spellstrike recharge, making it one of his most potent combos.

Speaking of spellstrike, Braum uses Ray of Frost as his cantrip spellstrike spell, which requires a spell attack roll and has the added effect of slowing an enemy's movement speed. After picking up expansive spellstrike, Braum can use some of the more potent ice spells along the build – including powerful AOEs like Cone of Cold and Chilling Spray.

Alongside Braum's Magus base, he adds a Fighter Dedication through Multitalented. This is primarily grabbed to add some shield-focused feats and actions, such as Aggressive Block and Shield Warden. These add to Braum's overall ability to be a vanguard, pushing back foes while protecting allies.

Finally, Braum also takes a single feat in the Sentinel Dedication line, to go from Medium Armor to Heavy. This positions Braum's AC firmly into tank territory, making him a fun, active solo tank for a party.





Expansive Spellstrike

A lot of the most awesome frost spells involve saves and aoes, rather than spell attacks. It isn't necessary right now, but it's the best time to grab it.


Emergency Targe

A reaction to use a shield to affect a blow or spell that would have hit Braum already. Who needs Raise Shield?


Attack of Opportunity

As a front-liner, this is a must. Try to get past Braum, get smacked.


Sentinel Dedication

Go from Medium Armor to Heavy Armor to be the tank of the party's dreams.


Dazzling Block

After blocking, shine a bright frosty light from the shield that dazzles enemies.


Basic Maneuver: Aggresive Block

After blocking, push an enemy back for free.


Hasted Assault

Gain the quickened condition for extra attacks, plus a focus point for recharging Spellstrike.


Advanced Maneuver

For Shield Warden. While a shield is raised, protect nearby allies from attacks as well.


Cascade Countermeasure

The rules of this spells should read: gain a focus point for other spells.


Supreme Spellstrike

A handy action just for recharging spellstrike (or punching).

Skills & General Feats

Being as big and buff as Braum means having a legendary athletics score, and having a free hand available to punch with means being able to grab, push and otherwise athletic-check enemies often.

Alongside that, Braum is also extremely well-versed in Nature and Survival, necessary skills for a Freljord wanderer.

Legendary: Athletics, Nature, Survival

Master: -

Expert: -





Tame Animal

For making one of the cute northern creatures into a friend. Poro!


Ancestral Paragon: Unburdened Iron

Reduce speed penalties overall, including form the heavy armor we'll grab later.


Titan Wrestler

A big burly guy like Braum should surely be able to grapple with giants.


Train Animal

Teach those poro pals some tricks.



Extra health to burl up Braum's already potent burliness.


Steel Skin

Sleeping in armor? That's just some extra warmth.


Cat Fall

Extra useful in the event of slipping on ice.



Some extra speed for rushing into battle, shield first.


Experienced Tracker

Snow kind of makes everything look the same. Easy to get lost without experience.


Quick Climb

Go from grount to scaling the fjords in no time.


Cloud Jump

Is it a bird? A plane? A moustache?


Water Sprint

Is it cheating if the water is... ice?


Legendary Survivalist

It takes a lot of grit, determination and experience to survive the bitter, frozen north.


Legendary Guide

Not only can Braum traverse the Freljord, he can guide others through it.


Wall Jump

Does slamming his sheild into the snow count as a wall? Yes.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 18 12 16 12 10 10
5 19 14 18 14 10 10
10 20 16 19 16 10 10
15 21 16 20 18 12 10
20 22 16 21 19 14 10


Suggested Starting Equipment

Braum's Signature Items

Key Spells





Ray of Frost

Power up those spellstrikes with cold damage and a slow effect!


Chilling Spray

Turn a spellstrike into a cone of frozen cold that slows enemies.


Kinetic Ram

Use Braum's shield to force air forward, knocking back (and down) an enemy.


Mantle of the Frozen Heart

Call on the chill of the Freljord to deter enemies with icy skin and claws.


Polar Ray

Enhance a spellstrike with a draining, frozen blast.


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