Deckard Cain

An aged scholar and expert in all things Occult, Deckard Cain guides the Horadrim in their quest against Hell.

Who Is Deckard Cain?

Who Are Deckard Cain?

Introduced in 1997 in the original Diablo, Deckard Cain has become a surprising mascot for the series over the past 25 years. Surprising mainly because his old ass is the opposite of the frenetic gameplay of the quintessential hack & slash action RPG.

In a game with demons, summons and wild skill particle effects littering the screen, Deckard is a slow-moving, slow-talking old guy who implores us to "stay a while and listen."

Good thing we're interested in what he has to say.

Since that first iteration, he has been a mainstay in the games – usually giving us tutorial help or backstory. Or, in the case of Diablo III, a student who turns into she-diablo.

I missed Diablo as a 10 year old, but I remember my friend's older brothers being obsessed with it. I joined the franchise in the next installment, Diablo II, which has gone on in the scrolls of game history as one of the high points.

And, as well documented throughout this site, I was a big, big fan of Heroes of the Storm, where Deckard Cain joined as a support hero. That will form the basis of the biggest inspiration for this build.

Keys to the Character

Deckard's tome

Stay a While and Listen!

When you have lived as long and hard as Deckard, you have a lot to say. Fortunately, we like to hear it... to a point.

magical scroll

Scrollin' Stones

Countless scrolls litter Deckard's desk and poke out of his giant backpack. Hopefully none of those accidentally goes off! Wait... is that possible?

healing potion

Pass the Potion

Heroes of the Storm combined Diablo's health potion mechanic with Deckard's support, making him a support who tosses out potions to the floor for lucky teammates to pick up. I don't hate it.

town portal

Homecoming King

It seems like most Diablo games feature an early moment where Deckard gives or explains Town Hall Portals to you. The guy sure wants you to get home safe (and then get right back to the dungeon where you left).

Building Deckard Cain

A slow-moving, low-health, long-talker. Deckard is an incredible role-play character, but he has a few hurdles to overcome to be a compelling party member once encounters begin.

Luckily the Thaumaturge class fills a lot of those gaps for us out of the gate. On the battlefield, Deckard will put his many tomes, scrolls and research topics to good use, setting the stage for Deckard to be a 5-star support player. Strengthening allies and weakening enemies will be the fundamental part of his action economy, while a limited number of scrolls (from an ultra-wide spell list) can come in clutch when needed.

Plus, following the example set in Heroes of the Storm, Deckard splashes into an Alchemist dedication to craft and throw healing potions – another Diablo mainstay. This gives Cain some extra support utility, tossing out heals and esoterica from the backline.

Outside of battle, Deckard shines even brighter. His high performance skill can be the ultimate distraction for party members looking to get access to something, and his unparalleled knowledge of the world can be drawn on constantly for guidance.


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Ancient Elf

Human lifespans don't adequately represent how old this guy seems. His voice sounds 200, for starters. To get it right, we need him to be ancient.

The big benefit of this representation, of course, is that it allows Deckard to start with an immediate Alchemist Dedication, to get right into brewing those potions.

Level Feat Notes
1 Ancestral Longevity Being crazy old means you’ve picked up a lot of skills. Just need to remember them.
5 Forlorn Seeing every ally die has made Deckard steely (and sad).
9 Ancestral Suspicion Deckard is hard to dominate (still easily physically).
13 Ageless Patience No sense in rushing, do things slow but right the first time.
17 Know Your Own Recalling Elf Knowledge never goes terribly.


Occult Librarian

Do scrolls count as books, in a library sense? If so, Deckard Cain must be the foremost librarian in Hell, Heaven and Earth. This guy has scrolls everywhere, and is either reading them or moving slowly to a new place where they are kept.


Thaumaturge - Tome Implement

Deckard takes his giant book, his pack of scrolls, and his other random esoterica out with him to help allies and stop Hell. Sounds like a Thaumaturge for sure.

In addition to the baseline Thaumaturge activities of debuffing enemies through sheer knowledge, this class lets Deckard put his scrolls front an center with the scroll feat line. This give him an incredibly wide (though limited use) array of spells to use daily. And yes, that can include a Teleport back to town.

The Alchemist Dedication is taken at level one and adds a few feats, up to Healing Bombs. This can end up filling a number of actions each encounter, throwing clutch healing potions to allies ahead of him, and using a big scroll heal in a pinch.

Level Feat Notes
1 Alchemist Dedication From Ancient Elf. The potion-tossing capabilities unlocked.
1 Diverse Lore Deckard has a wide range of research topics, it can just be hard to remember them.
2 Scroll Thaumaturgy Unlock the ability to cast spells from scrolls.
4 Basic Concoction - Far Lobber Toss those alchemical creations further.
5 Second Implement - Lantern Stay a while and look.
6 Scroll Esoterica Each day, create any common scroll. Limited use, but infinite possibilities.
7 Implement Adept Tome
8 Advanced Concoction - Healing Bomb The HotS version of Deckard is here! Toss those healing potions at allies.
10 Expert Alchemy Stronger healing bombs.
11 Second Adept - Lantern Shine the way forward through fallen Tristram.
12 Elaborate Scroll Esoterica More scrolls per day!
14 Master Alchemy Even stronger potions. Deckard’s not so bad to have around now, eh?
15 Third Implement - Chalice A little extra healing utility.
16 Thaumaturge’s Investiture Deckard has collect a lot of magic items over the years. Wear them all!
17 Implement Paragon - Tome Stay a while and read.
18 Grand Scroll Esoterica A whole suite of scrolls to cast daily.
20 Wonder Worker One more daily spell of any tradition.

Skills & General Feats

Legendary Performance? Yes, what else is going to make you stay that long and listen that close?

Legendary: Crafting, Lore: Esoterica, Occultism, Performance
Master: -
Expert: Arcana, Medicine

Level Feat Notes
2 Lengthy Diversion Define lengthy. Is it “a while”?
3 Unmistakeable Lore You don’t out-knowledge Deckard.
4 Automatic Writing Like a search engine of Deckard’s brain.
6 Oddity Identification It’s second nature once you’ve seen as many oddities as he has.
7 Root Magic Protect from dark magic.
8 Assured Identification It’s like the Antique Road Show of Golarian.
10 Rapid Affixture Attach the correct talisman, fast.
11 Magical Crafting Put all those random pieces together into something good.
12 Bizarre Magic When Deckard pulls out a scroll, no one knows what it is going to do.
14 Distracting Performance How long are we supposed to listen?
15 Craft Anything Deckard has forgotten the blueprints to more gadgets than most ever learn.
16 Quick Identification To be fair, it’s the only thing he can do quick.
18 Disturbing Knowledge As a historian on Hell, all of his knowledge is kind of disturbing.
19 Prescient Planner Surely Deckard always has what he needs in that giant pack.
20 Inventor Pull out random baubles and keepsakes and makes something new.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Deckard Cain's Signature Items

Key Spells


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