The boy who shattered time, Ekko is a genius young tinker who uses his Z-Drive to make fights unfair.

Who Is Ekko?

Who Are Ekko?

The boy who shattered time, Ekko is a genius young tinker who harnessed the power of time through a device – the Zero Drive – that allows him to reverse its flow for a few moments.

In League of Legends, Ekko is an assassin who uses his Z-Drive to make surprising attacks on his enemies – lunging through space and time to strike them with a charged bat.

I'm a time travel fan. Big time. My favorite two time travel tropes are A) going back in time to save yourself and B) going back in time over and over again to try to get something right.

So Ekko hits both of these pretty well. Plus, he's got such a dope electric blue color scheme that I can't help but be a fan.

Keys to the Character

Ekko's Zero Drive

Absolute Zero (Drive)

Ekko uses his Z-Drive in a few ways to warp through space and time to attack his enemies. The two most well-known are his Phase Dive, where he blinks in for an attack, and his signature move: Chronobreak, warping back through time to redo the past few moments and strike with greater knowledge and power.

Ekko's scarf

Steam Punk Rock

An orphan from the seedy underworld of Zaun, Ekko has a swagger that is both annoying and endearing.

Ekko's bat

Batter’s Up

The second-hand of a clocktower, augmented to be able to hold a charge of energy.

A stopwatch

Stop And Smell The Roses

In addition to his fleet speed, Ekko appears to be even faster due to the slow effects that are regularly applied to his enemies, allowing him to run circles around them.

Building Ekko

Ekko is a fast-moving skirmisher, a confident combatant who attacks with the assurance that he can rewind time to try again with a greater advantage.

On the battlefield, this should be a character who has a high speed and a lot of movement shenanigans to deftly get into and out of engagements without suffering attacks of opportunity. Then, once he has moved in to engage with an enemy, Ekko should be able to take advantage of his dexterity and opening to strike hard.

Not only that, but the character needs access to a certain level of spellcasting – which, of course, will be flavored as gadgets and time machine hijinx.

There are a few options to capture this fantasy. The first one that comes to mind is Magus – and with Laughing Shadow, there are even some teleport abilities to consider.

But adding a Rogue dedication to the Magus to hit the street cred sensibilities of Ekko feels backward to me – puts too much focus on the magical and engagement side and not quite enough on the moving in and out, dodging and diving side.

To get the best of both worlds, the best version of an Ekko build is to go with an Eldritch Trickster Rogue racket with an added Wizard Dedication. Feats will mainly focus on building those Wizard skills – which is fine, because the base improvements to the Rogue’s martial ability and scaling sneak attack are more than enough to capture his fighting style on their own.

Then, the access to Arcane spells delivers on the time-gadget bonanza. This includes pitch-perfect spells like Rewinding Step, Time Beacon and Blink Charge. Plus, a couple reflavors, like a Temporal Field reflavor of Web.


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Human – Versatile

This ancestry captures the genius of Ekko , packing as many feats into his early levels as possible. He will take Ancestry Feats like Natural Ambition and General Training throughout to add even more versatility to his repertoire.

Level Feat Notes
1 Natural Ambition For Tumble Behind, to have a wide variety of moves at level one.
5 General Training For Steady Balance. Ekko nimbly moves across even narrow beams.
9 Clever Improviser Using brief jumps in time, Ekko has a chance to do well even in skills he doesn't use often.
13 Advanced General Training For Prescient Planner. Ekko looks ahead in time to see what he might need.
17 Bounce Back A brief step back in time helps protect Ekko himself from death.


Time Traveler

It’s the perfect background. Fits in thematically, while his Dexterity boost alongside the Intelligence he’ll need for his Wizard dedication. Plus, the once per day Bend Time action adds some extra striking when he needs it most.


Rogue – Eldritch Trickster

Ekko benefits from the Rogue’s ability to pack on many skills, feats and tricks. The Eldritch Trickster Racket in particular makes it easy for him to add the time-bending shenanigans that he is known for by adding a Wizard dedication at first level. Another way to go would be Laughing Shadow Magus, which gives some teleport-striking right at level one.

This is cool, but I feel it simultaneously limits his breadth of spells available to him, as well as putting more focus on them than his martial abilities. The Eldritch Trickster route takes a while to get going, but ultimately feels like a better representation at higher levels.

Level Feat Notes
1 Wizard Dedication From Eldritch Trickster. The start of Ekko's time-bending powers.
1 Tumble Behind Increase Ekko's physical nimbleness even more with an increased ability to tumble and get Sneak Attacks.
1 Nimble Dodge Increase Ekko's physical nimbleness even more with an increased ability to tumble and get Sneak Attacks.
2 Mobility Moving without triggering responses is the closest many characters get to teleporting. It will have to do for now.
4 Basic Wizard Spellcasting With a spell like Gravitational Pull, Ekko starts to display the time and space warping tech that will be his signature later. Increase this all the way to Master as levels go on.
6 Chromoskimmer Dedication As of Dark Archive, a dedication to help with time hijinx!
8 Reversing Charge Literally one of Ekko's League abilities.
10 Opportune Backstab Ekko creates the best opportunities by jumping back in time to the right spot.
12 Expert Wizard Spellcasting Some access to higher level time spells to really start making a temporal impact.
14 Instant Opening Guaranteed Sneak Attacks for the cost of one action.
16 Arcane Breadth Almost double the spell slots to make sure that Ekko can affect time when he needs.
18 Master Wizard Spellcasting The peak of Ekko's time powers.
20 Tricker's Ace One final spell slot, used as a reaction. The essence of the Z-Drive.

Skills & General Feats

With the high intelligence needed for the Wizard Dedication, Ekko gets a lot of skills.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics
Master: Crafting, Stealth, Performance, Thievery
Expert: Deception





Magical Shorthand

Ekko's expertise in temporal science as a tinker has given him insight into other fields.


Powerful Leap

All that practice at the clocktower pays off.


Rapid Mantel

Get up quick so you can fall back down. Next time just Z-drive it.


Quick Squeeze

Racing around the battlefield includes into tight spaces.


Nimble Crawl

Like Quick Squeeze - but, you know, low.


Combat Climber

Ekko uses his athleticism to get into hard to reach places with ease.


Trick Magic Item

Ekko is such an inventor other poeple think his gadgets are just junk.



A bit harder to crack.


Kip Up

Okay this looks cool, but Ekko can just Z-drive back to standing!


Swift Sneak

Move uneseen – at least until Ekko invents the "Invisibility Drive"


Wall Jump

With agility like this, surely he can do some parkour.


Quick Climber

With the Z-Drive, he only has to climb somewhere once. \


Incredible Scout

Almost as if he has seen this all before...


Bon Mot

Ever have that thing where you think of a comeback later? Ekko has a solution.


Quick Unlock

Growing up in Zaun means knowing how to pick locks.


Foil Senses

Some subterfuge, courtesy gadgets.



If one lie doesn't work, keep trying.


Water Sprint

Is that some kind of gadget-enhanced running?


Cloud Jump

A new way to get up the clocktower.


Quick Swim

Is that some kind of gadget-enhanced swimming?


Wary Disarmament

When Ekko sets off a trap, the Z-Drive can snap him back.


Experienced Smuggler

That Zaun training.


Legendary Sneak

Get through those Zaun alleys.


Virtuosic Performer

#1 Single: The Boy Who Shattered Time theme.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Name Cost Notes
Light Mace 6 sp Ekko’s bat is the second-hand from a clock tower, a light mace will have to do for that mix of sneak attack damage and bludgeoning.
Leather Armor 3 gp Can we dye it neon green / blue?

Ekko's Signature Items

Key Spells

Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Daze Stun foes with that electric blue flash.
Cantrip Tanglefoot A slight temporal anomoly to slow down enemies.
1 Gravitational Pull Use a gadget to disrupt gravity.
2 Temporal Field Reflavor of Web. Cause a temporal anomaly that slows everyone.
3 Time Jump Move across the battlefield in the blink of an eye.
3 Slow Affect time in a concentrated area.
4 Dimension Door Reappear across spacetime to a more advantageous position.
5 Blink Charge Zap next to an enemy to deliver a strong club smash.
5 Rewinding Step Anchor to a spot to quickly return there later.
6 Cast into Time Create a huge temporal anomaly that affects enemies mental state.
6 Unexpected Transposition Swap places with an attacker
7 Time Beacon Jump back in time to redo a turn.


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