Green Goblin

Norman Osborn let capitalism get in the way of safety. Now insane, he flies around on a glider, throwing bombs.

Who Is Green Goblin?

Who Are Green Goblin?

The Green Goblin debuted in in 1996, in issue #14 of The Amazing Spider-Man. It would be two years before he was unmasked to readers, revealing that the dastard behind Spider-Man's most famous adversary was Norman Osborn, the father of his best friend Harry.

That set up and reveal is notable, because it was rare back then. Honestly, I think this is mainly because of time. The same, like, 4 guys were writing and inking every issue of every Marvel book – and new ones were popping up constantly. Villains were a dime a dozen, and long-term serialized storylines were not commonplace.

It is this reveal – and the death of Gwen Stacy – that cemented the Green Goblin as the big one for Spider-Man. The Joker to his Batman. The Magneto to his Xavier. The Bowser to his Mario.

Green Goblin is the kind of villain that needs to be grandfathered in that way. You couldn't just add him in today whole cloth – a billionaire businessman and scientist who runs an empire by day and checks notes flies around on a glider, throwing "pumpkin bombs" in a green goblin suit by night?

What significance to pumpkins have with goblins? Why a glider? It is a grab bag of themes that, despite its eclectic nature, has worked for 80 years and keeps working.

Like a lot of millennials, my introduction to the Green Goblin was in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man, played by Willem Dafoe. Say less, right? It ignited the second boom of comic movies and had a huge impact on the culture. I loved it. And Defoe. And Green Goblin.

So how do we build him in Pathfinder 2e?

Keys to the Character

pumpkin bomb

One Pump Chump

The Green Goblin's signature weapon is as iconic as it is confusing. But don't worry about the theme, just pour those alchemist fires into some gourds and get chucking.

green goblin glider

Electric Glide

It moves on its own, it looks kinda like surfing, it can fire weaponry... the Goblin Glider is a top tier vehicle, but there with the Batmobile and Xavier's dope yellow wheelchair.

goblin serum

Failed Super Soldier Serum #856

Something I love about the Marvel universe is how many heroes and villains are the result of trying to remake the Super Soldier Serum that worked one time, on Captain America. Add Gobbers to the list.

oscorp logo

Less Evil Than Nestle

Who needs LexCorp? Who needs Stark Industries? Who needs another comic enterprise? Norman Osborn's Oscorp is all the late stage capitalism we need in our universe.

Building Green Goblin

Translating a pop culture character to Pathfinder is an exercise in compromise. Every character has a list of fantasies we want to hit – some class options will let us hit a few of them, a different class might let us hit others. The job is to find the combination of ancestry, class and dedications that hit the highest percentage of that fantasy.

All this to say, there is a class that makes and throws bombs baseline.The Alchemist. Hits the Green Goblin fantasy, right? Yes, but that's not the class we're building our Green Goblin around.

We're building an Inventor. Why? Because an Inventor with an Alchemist Dedication will let us throw bombs at 60%-80% effectiveness, but an Alchemist with an Inventor Dedication will not let us make a flying rideable glider. And we really, really want a flying rideable glider.

We accomplish our glider through the same method as our Doctor Octopus build, with this nuance in the rules: Riding an Animal Companion requires the "mount" special ability to use Fly Speed, but Riding a Construct Companion has no such restriction.

And so the build with the highest hit rate on the fantasy comes to life: an inventor who throws bombs while he zips around the battlefield on a glider – which is firing bullets and electric zaps. Green Goblin, check.

Norman plays the role of a skirmisher on the battlefield, using his ridable construct to get the best angle on enemies. Once he's found it, he bombs them, shoots them, blasts them and escapes to favorable positioning once again. It's annoying, it's safe, it's effective... it's Norm Osborn.

Outside of battle, Green Goblin can intimidate anyone into doing his bidding, and his crafting skills are so high that the group never finds themself needing anything. And if he can't craft it, why not steal it?


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  • Coolest mount ever
  • Lots of ranged attack options
  • Secretly rich
  • Glider doesn't fly until level 15
  • Hard to fit every wanted feat
  • Mask might be too scary


Charhide Goblin

This isn't just a clever little fun choice. It really is the ancestry that makes the most sense for the build... especially because Green Goblin needs to be Small sized in order to ride his construct from level 1.

Besides just size, Goblins get access to a ton of chaotic, fire-based feats. Which is great when you want to cause chaos with fire.





Burn It!

A super early upgrade to those pumpkin bombs.



Green Goblin is a pest with that glider, breaking buildings galore.



Time spent hanging on the glider makes Norman good at hanging on anything.



The Goblin Serum has left Norman alert… or paranoid.


Reckless Abandon

No risk, no reward.


Tech Reliant

If this pick is too controversial, there are several other Intelligence backgrounds that fit either Norman Osborn or his green alter ego: Tinker, Noble, etc.

But Tech Reliant gives us some flavor that feels a lot like the Goblin Serum. He becomes hard to affect with all spells... but at a cost. No magical healing. Luckily, Green Goblin has an alchemy dedication to make his own healing elixirs.

Sure, allies won't be able to heal him – but let's be real, does he have any allies?


Inventor - Construct Innovation

It was covered at length above, but Inventor is required in order to get a flying glider mount at level 15. And that's what this is all about, right?

Before then, Green Goblin is still a ton of fun to play, riding his land-based construct around the battlefield as it fires projectiles powered with lightning damage.

Outside of the glider, the Alchemist Dedication at level 2 is the star of the show. Most feats are from this archetype, reaching as high of a mastery in Advanced Alchemy as possible to keep the bomb throwing effective.

But really, even though the bombs never reach the highest level for Quick Alchemy, the glider is the star of the show. Shooting, zapping and zipping around.





Projectile Launcher

Initial Modification. For some pew pew.


Variable Core

Electricity. So the glider explodes into lasers.


Alchemist Dedication

One level without pumpkin bombs was long enough.


Quick Alchemy

Pull pumpkin bombs out of almost nothing.


Expert Alchemy

Improve those pumpkin bombs and additives.


Accelerated Mobility

Breakthrough Modification. For more gliding speed.


Basic Concoction: Far Lobber

An extra 10ft. of throwing power for the bombs.


Advanced Concoction: Calculated Splash

Green Goblin wants as much collateral damage as possible.


Master Alchemy

Improve those bombs and additives another step.


Advanced Concoction: Enhanced Fire

Burn it all from above.


Flight Chassis

Revolutionary Modification. For flying, finally



Another way for the glider to do some blasting.


Engine of Destruction

Turn the glider to “Kill Mode” to attack everyone in sight.


Full Automation

An extra action just for piloting the glider.

Skills & General Feats

As an inventor, legendary crafting goes without saying. Which is good, because it's kind of hard to hear Norman through the goblin mask.

Speaking of the mask, that gruesome look gives him a legendary intimidation skill. It comes in handy when he's using his extreme acrobatics to fly in off his glider and spook people before bombing them.

Finally, you don't found an enterprise without understanding society somewhat. What good is all that power without the feats to show it off?

Legendary: Crafting, Intimidation, Society

Master: Acrobatics

Expert: Medicine





Cat Fall

Just in case Norman falls off the glider.


Intimidating Glare

To be fair, it’s mostly the mask.


Rolling Landing

After hitting the ground off the glider, keep moving.


Terrifying Resistance

After spooking enemies, they are too scared to hit back.


Aerobatics Mastery

Doesn’t affect the mount, but the leaps off of it.


Slippery Prey

Get out of danger and back to the glider.


Specialty Crafting

Get some extra crafting juice for those bombs.


A Home In Every Port

The Osborn name goes a long way, in any world.


Terrified Retreat

Get weaker foes running from the mask.


Eyes of the City

Norman needs to track something down? He pays rubes to do that for him.


Craft Anything

Like gliders, serums, masks and cakes.


Impeccable Crafter

Stack those crits on crafting.


Scare to Death

You’d be scared too if that mask came flying toward you.


Incredible Investiture

Throw some nicknacks on the glider. Why not?


Too Angry to Die

When Norman hits 0 health, the serum takes over.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 X X X X
5 X X X X
10 X X X X
15 X X X X
20 X X X X


Suggested Starting Equipment

Green Goblin's Signature Items

Key Spells


Green Goblin Resources