Quentin Beck was a special effects master whose failed career led him to become Mysterio, using illusions for crime.

Who Is Mysterio?

Who Are Mysterio?

In the 60s, when Superhero comics starting booming in popularity (and volume), villains were a dime a dozen. Every issue needed a rube to get socked by our hero, and so it seemed like every issue introduced another hapless foe. Most of them were inherently forgettable, or even laughable. Paste Pot Pete was a glue guy, for instance.

But for some reason, Batman and Spider-Man just seemed to win out in the villain sweepstakes. Their rogues galleries are rich, full of some of the best  enemies of all time – if not best characters, full stop.

Mysterio belongs in that pantheon. A great background, a solid history of storylines, a fantastic movie appearance. He's in the Spider-Man hall of fame for sure.

Quentin Beck, the man behind Mysterio, is a special effects master, trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood. After his acting career failed to take off, he realized he could use his special effects illusions to commit crimes, becoming a major Spider-Man foe in the process.

Like Iron Man, Mysterio's technology in the comics has gotten better over time, as technology in the real world has evolved. By the time Far From Home came out, with an excellent portrayal of Mysterio by Jake Gyllenhaal, the illusions were created using holograms and drones.

So how do we build him in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

mysterio illusions

Use Your Illusion

Do Mysterio's powers actually injure? Or are they so convincing that the brain thinks it's being injured? Or is it a drone? Does it matter?

mysterio clones

Spitting Mirror Image

Having a low AC and Health doesn't matter much when enemies can't tell you from your many illusions.

smoke and mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

It's not just Mysterio clones – Beck can fog the mind and confuse the senses to create fantastical feats of illusion.

mysterio helmet

Under the Fishbowl

Who is the man behind the curtain? Like Oz himself, Quentin Beck has built an illusory persona so good, we don't even want to know.

Building Mysterio

Illusions. Illusions. Illusions.

Building Mysterio is about packing as many confusing, confabulating, confounding and conspicuous features into one build as possible. Mysterio's enemies should never be sure who they are really attacking, or where Mysterio's attacks are coming from. It's all part of his smoke and mirrors persona, and it is a ton of fun.

To accomplish these many illusory activities, this build is packed full of uncommon and contradictory feats. But that's just Quentin Beck for you, if it was straightforward, anyone could be Mysterio. Mostly those come from Wizard Spellcasting – focusing on illusion spells, of course – but the Inventor dedication and Reflection heritage also pack a lot of options.

On the battlefield, Mysterio is everywhere. Despite being a caster with a low-health pool, enemies have a hard time targeting the correct Mysterio due to spells like Exchange Image and Mirror Image.

Outside of battle, Mysterio's illusions come in handy for many of the same reasons he is a successful villain for Spider-Man. Need a distraction to get into a place you aren't supposed to be? Mysterio has that covered in spades.


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  • Many for the price of one
  • Confusing for the enemy
  • Distracts foes for allies
  • You never sure if you're talking to the real one
  • Green smoke hard on the lungs
  • Lower damage, higher support


Reflection Android

Combining too rare character options into a borderline illegal combination is the first step this hodgepodge of feats that will become a great illusion master. Just make sure your GM is cool.

The Android ancestry is a great baseline for the "special effects technology" aspect of Mysterio. Feats like Nanite Shroud replicate those drones doing his bidding, for example.

Meanwhile, the Reflection heritage adds a ton of illusory flavor – including the classic Prestige trope of illusions: is this the original, or the clone?






Once per day when Mysterio would be hit by a strike: oops, it was an illusion! I mean, stop the build right here. It's set.


Nanite Shroud

Use tiny flying drones to hide Mysterio.


Internal Respirator

Put that fishbowl to good use, holding breath for an extra hour.


Redirect Attention

What's the first rule of special effects? Misdirection.


Reflect Foe

Enough Mysterio illusions... create a copy of a foe to confound and injure them.



As a special effects master, Beck is just a step away from a magician, dazzling audiences to make a buck. This background gives an Intelligence boost that Mysterio wants, plus the Deception skill and Charming Liar feat to improve that smoke and mirrors muscle.


Wizard - Illusion School

Like Arthur C. Clarke said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". In a grounded world, Mysterio is a special effects wizard. In Pathfinder, he's just a wizard.

The Wizard class has the highest level of

An additional benefit of being a Wizard is that since so much power comes from spellcasting, most class feats are relatively free for archetype options. We'll take advantage of that with an Armor Inventor Dedication. This dedication doesn't bring anything that the build is built around, but it is a great amount of flavor and utility, acting as the special suit Quentin Beck uses to power his illusions.





Spell Blending

Sacrifice casting MORE spells for casting HIGHER level spells. Life's about trade-offs.


Inventor Dedication

Armor Innovation. Get started on that nifty special effects suit. In this case, we'll go with the Subterfuge model.


Basic Breakthrough

Variable Core: Electricity. Power the effects suit with electric potential.


Convincing Illusion

Spend a reaction to double down on an illusion, tricking a victim who was about to successfully see through it.


Advanced Spell School

For Invisibilty Cloak. Where'd Mysterio go? There he is. Or is he?


Basic Modification

For adding Subtle Dampeners to the suit, strengthening its stealth potential..


Advanced Breakthrough

For Visual Fidelity. Power up the fishbowl helmet to see with lightvision, darkvision and even the invisible.



Wait... did the real Mysterio explode?


Superior Bond

Gain an extra use of Drain Bonded Item, for extra spell casts. That means extra illusions.


Infinite Possibilities

The best deceptions come from deft improvisations. Utilize a spell slot to hold improvisational potential .


Spell Mastery

Automatically prepare up to four spells per long rest, for additional on-the-fly spellcasting.

Skills & General Feats

What is an illusion master without legendary proficiency in Deception? A failure that's what. Lucky for Quentin, that's not the case. He adds to that legendary proficiency in Stealth, alongside being an expert in Thievery and Crafting.

Legendary: Deception, Stealth

Master: -

Expert: Crafting, Theivery





Bon Mot

What's more frustrating, Mysterio's illusions or his quips?



Make magic item usage look like spellcasting. It's all in the hands.


Magical Crafting

Or as we said before – super technological crafting.



What are illusions if not very epic lies?


Slippery Secrets

It is exceedingly powerful to read Mysterio's mind, even if you pick the right Mysterio.



Talk in a way that allies understand but enemies can't make heads or tails of.


Fleeing Diversion

Help allies escape with a little bit of razzle dazzle and green smoke.


Incredible Investiture

Deck out the special effects suit with greater itemization.


Quiet Allies

Don't let allies break your illusions with their heavy feet.


Shadow Mark

Follow someone without them noticing Mysterio, or Quentin, or a clone of either of them.


Reveal Machinations

Spoiler Alert: This was all part of Mysterio's plan.


Wary Disarmament

Gain a bonus to getting the heck out of dodge when Quentin's attempts to disarm a trap backfire.


Foil Senses

Make illusions so powerful enemies can't believe their eyes, or ears, or... nose?


Swift Sneak

Make good use of those decoys and get far away from trouble, fast.


Legendary Sneak

Quentin can hide so well he just disappears.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 12 14 10 18 12 12
5 12 16 10 19 14 14
10 12 18 10 20 16 16
15 12 19 10 21 18 18
20 12 20 10 22 19 19


Suggested Starting Equipment

Mysterio's Signature Items

Key Spells





Ghost Sound

Who said that? Who's out there?


Phase Bolt

Fire an energy blast that might come from an unexpected angle, ignoring cover.


Mirror Image

Summon additional Mysterios to evade attacks.


Chromatic Ray

A beam of light with special effects.


Mysterio Resources