Jean Grey

An omega level mutant with powerful telepathy and telekinesis, before Jean Grey was Phoenix she was Marvel Girl, the only woman in the X-Men.

Who Is Jean Grey?

Who Are Jean Grey?

Marvel Girl. One of the most famous, most storied X-Men, and Marvel characters in general. One of the few to go by her real name most of the time, which is a bit of a flex.

The first issue of X-Men features Jean arriving at the Xavier Academy as the new student among the original team. The earliest panels feature Angel, Beast, Cyclops. Iceman and the Professor looking out the window of the mansion as the car approaches, watching her arrive.

Just a few issues later, 3/5 of those watchers had crushes on her, a theme that has continued for 60 years.

As Marvel Girl, Jean was the only one of the X-Men who had similar powers to another mutant in those early days. Her telepathy was reminiscent of the Professor himself, though raw and untrained. But even Xavier knew that in reality, Jean's power vastly outmatched his. With training, she would discover that one day.

Jean is also at the center of one of the most famous storylines in comic history, the Dark Phoenix Saga. This story saw Jean be posessed by a powerful entity from the cosmos – the Phoenix Force – altering and unlocking her powers even more.

Jean Grey is my favorite mutant, and favorite Marvel character. The well of "untapped mutant power" is something they go back to a lot, but Jean holds a special place for me as the first version of that I experienced. Yes, the Phoenix Saga is cool, but being Marvel Girl and the matriarch of the Summers clan is as cool.

So how do we build her in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

marvel girl mask

A Marvellous Mask

Like the Wasp, the 1960's Marvel writers didn't always know what to do with the only woman in the group – so Jean's fashion changed a lot. That's what girls like, right?

telekinesis powers

Power of Pink

In the panels of the comics, Jean's telekinetic powers manifest in an awesome pink glow. It looks good when Gambit does it, but it looks better on Jean.

x-men logo on belt


As the first woman in the X-men, Jean had a lot to shoulder. Even though she was introduced in the same issue as the other originals, she was the fish out of water.

phoenix logo

Phoenix Phuture

Twenty years after her debut, Jean grey absorbs a mysterious solar flare – reaching her psychic potential and dubbing herself "Phoenix". Nothing bad happened after that. Let's move on.

Building Jean Grey

First thing's first, building a satisfying Marvel Girl and Phoenix combined isn't possible. Like we said with The Hulk, going halfway between the two builds to fit them all on the character sheet leaves both feeling underdeveloped and (more importantly) underpowered.

So we will build the Dark Phoenix in the future, and this build will focus solely on Jean Grey as Marvel Girl, the first woman in the X-Men.

With that in mind, the Psychic class goes so much of the way for us on it's own. Features like Unleash Psyche and feats like Emotional Surge seem tailor made for Jean, maybe even designed with her in mind somewhat. To make Marvel Girl feel right, we don't have to venture out of the Psychic class at all, it's just about picking the right combo of feats.

On the battlefield, Jean Grey is primarily a controller – but she is no slouch as a nuker either.

Her ability to control the battle and her opponents comes in two forms – telepathy and telekinesis. The first part is from her Conscious Mind, the Silent Whisper, which grants her many controlling spells – like Telepathic Demand or Synaptic Pulse. Additionally, it gives her some unique cantrips that can render her foes much less useful, forbidding them form certain actions or stunning and stupefying them on failed saves.

She also grabs Parallel Breakthrough for the amped Mage Hand – as well as some telekinetic spell choices – to be able to physically move her enemies around the battlefield, into more favorable positions for her allies.

Oh, and when she gets really upset, she makes everyone's head explode.

Outside of battle, Jean can use her telepathy to be the best negotiator the team has ever seen. No negotiation goes un-won, no request goes unfulfilled. The perks of having Marvel Girl.


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Seer Elf

It is not often in these builds that we don't need an ancestry feat to fulfill some pivotal aspect of the character. This is the case with Jean, and it makes her ancestry a largely aesthetic choice.

Of course, there are important implications of our choice – attributes and nice to have feats among them. So Elf is a great start – it is like human but mutated, first of all, which is a good start. The boosts to Dex, Int and free (Cha) get Jean started off on a high note.

Plus, some of those Elf feats, like extra speed and stepping, are good to get out of danger for a character who's main defense is "telekinetically push away".






It is crucial that Jean keep her emotions in check – Omega Level power can be trouble if there's an Omega Level bad mood.


Ageless Patience

Professor X has taught Jean to take her time: rest in reason, move in passion.


Brightness Seeker

Call upon the power of staying positive to see what the immediate future holds.


Elf Step

Marvel Girl needs to create a bit of distance between her and foes from time to time, to mind-smack them more easily.


Brightness Seeker that brightness a mysterious solar flare! Oh no! The Phoenix Force!


Academic (Arcana)

Jean attended on of the most prestigious private schools in the country: The Xavier Institute for Gifted Children.

To be fair, I don't exactly know what the curriculum is, or if the credits transfer to other institutions. But you learn to fly a jet on the weekends and fight Magneto's brotherhood whenever they're around.

This background gives an extra Charisma boost, which is Jean's key attribute. Plus it gives the Academia Lore, which seems fitting.


Psychic - Silent Whisper / Emotional Acceptance

In the overview of this site, I say that I started it because my Pathfinder characters were always the sum of my influences from pop culture. I, of course, am not alone in that.

It isn't a stretch to imagine that the designers at Paizo, when designing these additional classes, aren't as affected by their influences as I am. I think that this mostly manifests itself in the ability to build a class like a specific character. In the case of the Psychic, that could be Jean Grey.

The Silent Whisper / Emotional Acceptance conscious & subconscious mind combo seems uniquely designed to ensure that Jean Grey could be imagined within its rules. It makes this build somewhat easy to construct, but it also makes playing it feel very satisfying. With each feat, you are one step more powerful in the model of Marvel Girl – no feats are used trying to go down a line to fit another prerequisite or dedication, to fill a character theme.

In fact, this is one of those builds that feels a lot like the character right from level one, with the help of the Focus Cantrips – Daze, Forbidden Though and Message. Right from the get-go, Jean is attacking minds and talking to her team through telepathy. Go Marvel Girl!





Psi Burst

A one-action mental smack available when Jean's psyche is unleashed


Violent Unleash

It costs an action via being stunned, but creates a big shockwave of psychic damage.


Parallel Breakthrough

For the amped Mage Hand. To push foes around with the mind.


Whispering Steps

Amp a cantrip (like Daze) by adding some forced movement.


Emotional Surge

Careful there Jean... add a +2 status bonus to checks at the cost of an action.



Jean's true power starts to show. When an ally falls, she can Unleash her Psyche for free.


Deep Roots

Enemy's who are controlled by Jean also get headaches.


Constant Levitation

Marvel Girl suspends herself in air very gracefully, slinging psychic pink pain.


Cranial Detonation

Oops, there's that bad mood. Jean goes berserk and pops everyone's brains.


Unlimited Potential

Once per minute, get a free spell slot of rank 5 or lower.

Skills & General Feats

Is Jean really a legendary negotiator, or is she just able to affect the mind of the one she's negotiating with? We won't ask, in Pathfinder it's all the same.

Alongside Jean's legendary negotiation skills, she is also highly trained in Society (look at how fancy that school is) and Occultism – which stands in for Mutant Studies here.

Legendary: Diplomacy, Society

Master: Occultism

Expert: -





Bon Mot

The other kind of "getting in someone's head".



Move a bit faster, usually to keep a safe distance.


Group Impression

No need to impress people one at a time when you have the telepathic skills.



Jean sure she's charming, or did she make me think that?


Shameless Request

I feel compelled to say yes...


Slippery Prey

It's important to escape and make distance, so as not to provoke opportunity attacks when being psychic.


Schooled in Secrets

In this case, the X Mansion is the school and mutant life is the secrets.


Breath Control

One of the best things to do to remain calm... just breathe.


Aura Sight

A side effect of reading minds, knowing if someone is cool.


Biographical Eye

Somehow, upon meeting someone Jean seems to know a lot about them.


Legendary Negotiation

To be honest, negotiating with a psychic isn't really fair.


Discreet Inquiry

Marvel Girl can get information without letting anyone know what she's looking for.


Disturbing Knowledge

Jean makes a foe remember a time they really embarrassed themselves in high school.


Legendary Codebreaker

Moonlighting as a teacher at the Xavier Institute pays off.


Quick Recognition

Jean knows what spell is being case, but mainly because she knows how the caster thinks.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 10 16 10 14 10 18
5 10 18 12 14 12 19
10 10 18 14 16 14 20
15 10 18 16 18 16 21
20 10 18 18 19 18 22


Suggested Starting Equipment

Jean Grey's Signature Items

Key Spells





Telekinetic Projectile

The standard cantrip when there's nothing else to do. Fling a rock or something.



In the thick of it, raise a psychic shield as a last ditch effort.


Gravitational Pull

Yank a foe toward Jean, knocking them prone.


Kinetic Ram

Bash a bunch of foes away from Jean, also knocking them prone.


Warrior's Regret

Psychically injure an enemy who acts agains Marvel Girl and her party.



Cause chaos, making enemies mistake their allies for mortal enemies.



Lock an enemy in place, telekinetically.



Lift a friend or object using mind powers.



Cause a foe to swing wildly, hurting themself or anyone around.



Get in the head of a nearby creature for a chat.


Telekinetic Haul

Lift up to 80 bulk up and show how strong Jean's brain is.


Repelling Pulse

Damage and push back everyone around Jean. Sorry allies.


Synaptic Pulse

Reach out to the minds of all nearby enemies, stunning them.



Make a wide aura around Jean, making it hard for enemies to get close.


Wall of Force

Create an invisible telekinetic wall that blocks projectiles and people.


Telekinetic Bombardment

Jean's mad. Pick up something huge like a tree and just huck it at someone.


Force Cage

Lock up foes in their own invisible mind prison.


Falling Sky

Bring flying foes crashing to the ground in a giant pillar of force.


Telepathic Demand

Force someone to do Jean's bidding, unknowingly.


Time Stop

Do that classic Professor X and Jean move where everyone freezes for a little while without knowing they're frozen. Cool!


Fabricated Truth

Alter reality by changing a lie to the truth.


Jean Grey Resources