Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo Shimada from Overwatch is a peerless warrior, agile and skilled with a bow.

Who Is Hanzo Shimada?

Who Are Hanzo Shimada?

Hanzo Shimada is one of the two surviving members of the Shimada Clan. The other, of course, being Genji – the younger brother he thought he killed. Hanzo took his position as heir to the leadership of the Shimada Clan very seriously. He took pride in his training, where he became adept in archery, sword-fighting and the Dragonstrike.

Later, the Overwatch organization dismantled the Shimada Clan. On a quest for redemption, Hanzo joined them.

I played as Hanzo regularly in both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. In fact, his port into Heroes of the Storm was one of my favorite representations. Back then, however, he had the Scatter Arrows ability, which he has now lost in Overwatch.

Keys to the Character

A dragon spirit

A Total Drag

Hanzo is trained in the art of the Dragonstrike, a mystical dragon themed attack, which lets him summon the powerful essense of a dragon. Or, perhaps, become one himself.

Hanzo's Storm Bow

Take A Bow (Not That Kind)

Although he is trained with a sword and hand to hand combat, Hanzo is a master with the bow. He rains arrows upon his foes with a mix of styles and shots.

Hanzo's storm arrows

A Storm Arrowhead

Hanzo has a number of specialized bow attacks that utilize his storm arrows.

Hanzo wall-running

Another Brick In The Wall Runner

Double jumps and wall runs are Hanzo’s bread and butter for getting around the battlefield.

Building Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo is an archetypal shooter, raining arrows upon foes from safe areas of the battlefield. He uses his amazing acrobatics and parkour abilities to get to hard-to-reach arrows, where he can safely strike with his bow.

In rare situations, when arrows aren’t enough, Hanzo can use the Dragonstrike. This ancient family technique summons the essence of a great cloud dragon alongside his arrow. In our build, Hanzo can take this technique to the next level by transforming into the cloud dragon itself.

Outside of combat, Hanzo is a quiet, reserved member of a party. He can use his ability to reach high ground and enhanced perception to good measure as a scout for the party. As well, he can sometimes stay in his position after alerting allies to strike from above.


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Elf – Whisper Elf

The Elf ancestry adequately invokes the nimbleness and litheness of Hanzo’s body. The Dexterity boost and extra speed fit his swift style as well, and the Constitution hit isn’t as bad on a shooter.

The Whisper Elf heritage suits his role as a trained archer. He uses his vantage point high above the battlefield to seek out any movement by the enemy.

Level Feat Notes
1 Nimble Elf Quick, quiet movements are Hanzo's hallmark.
5 Elven Instincts A bit more alert than his allies, he scans for foes.
9 Elf Step Two steps to get away from danger.
13 Ageless Patience Martial arts has taught Hanzo to be here now.
17 Know Your Own His history with the family clan has taught him all he needs to know.


Martial Disciple (Acrobatics)

Hanzo spent years training his body as a martial weapon. Therefore, the Martial Disciple background is tailor made for him. Especially the Acrobatics version, which gives him Cat Fall.

As well, the Dexterity bonus he gets is perfect for his archery basis.



Hanzo’s dedication to Martial Arts and his expert acrobatic feats are perfectly suited to the Monk class. Specifically, he is a Monastic Archer Stance Monk. This level one feat sets the tone by allowing the use of a longbow with the Flurry of Blows feature, raining multiple arrows with a single action.

Along the way, Hanzo represents his Dragonstrike family ability through the Dragon Disciple Dedication. This feature is normally reserved for access by Kobolds, Dragon Rage Barbarians and Dragon Bloodline Sorcerers.

This build assumes a discussion with the GM to allow access to this dedication to represent the years of Hanzo training Dragonstrike by the Shimada Clan. However, you don’t need to fret if that doesn’t fly. It is an easy switch to a Half Elf ancestry to grab a Sorcerer Dedication through Multitalented. Of course, this little less flavorful, but with no blurred lines.

Level Feat Notes
1 Monastic Archer Stance The essence of the build – using Monk feats with the longbow.
2 Dancing Leaf Parkour can be dangerous unless you learn to be the air.
4 Deflect Arrows Hanzo is such a master archer that he knows the trajectory of missiles coming to him.
6 Dragon Disciple Dedication - Cloud Hanzo earned access to this through years of training in the Shimada Clan.
8 Pinning Fire Stop enemies in their tracks.
10 Wall Run One of the cruxes of Hanzo's build. Find high ground to fire from.
12 Focused Shot Breath in. Fire. Breath out.
14 Breath of the Dragon The first showing of Dragonstrike. Unlease a blast of electricity in a line.
16 Shape of the Cloud Dragon Dragonstrike 2.0. Become the Cloud Dragon once per day.
18 Flinging Blow Fire an arrow with such force that it sends enemies flying.
20 Enduring Quickness Always on the move, now with an extra action.

Skills & General Feats

Obviously the skill focus above all has to be on Acrobatics and Athletics. Beyond that, the favor is on some Dragon Lore, Stealth and Society.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics
Master: Crafting, Stealth, Performance, Thievery
Expert: Deception

Level Feats Notes
2 Additional Lore (Dragon) The Shimada Clan is known for their connection to dragons.
3 Fleet Move like the wind.
4 Quick Jump Fewer actions for making leaps.
6 Powerful Leap Further. Stronger. Jumpier.
7 Feather Step Get out of danger, even through difficult terrain.
8 Kip Up Use those acrobatics to forgo spending an action to stand. Plus, it looks cool.
10 Combat Climber Even on the battlefield, Hanzo finds the high ground.
11 Wall Jump Be ready to use a wall to get to your next destination.
12 Quick Climber Get up there faster.
14 Rapid Mantel Hanzo doesn't fall... but just in case.
15 Cloud Jump The peak of leap.
16 Nimble Crawl Sometimes the best vantage point takes some work to get to.
18 Water Sprint Rivers are no barrier to Hanzo's speed.
19 Aerobatics Mastery Better flying, for dragon form.
20 Lead Climber Fine, Hanzo will show some others how he does it.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Longbow – Hanzo is a master archer monk. The lonbow is the best form of bow that he can use alongside his monk feats, such as Flurry of Blows.

Explorer’s Clothing – As a monk, no armor can be worn. However, Hanzo has reflexes and height advantage to make up for it.

Hanzo Shimada's Signature Items

Storm Bow

Key Spells


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