Li Li Stormstout

A wandering brewer of tinctures and teas, Li Li travels the world helping others and discovering mysteries.

Who Is Li Li Stormstout?

Who Are Li Li Stormstout?

Li Li, from the Warcraft franchise, is the niece of Chen Stormstout, the brewmaster. The two have gone on many adventures together, including the exploration of the world after the mists fell around Pandaria.

In WoW, Li Li played a part in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, mostly as an escort quest NPC. Escort quests are almost universally hated, but Li Li wasn't so bad. Not great but not bad.

Where she really shined on her own was as a playable character in Heroes of the Storm, one of my favorite games. In HotS, she is a healer, using her tea mixtures to keep allies healthy.

I fell out of WoW before Pandaria, so my first introduction to Li Li was in Heroes of the Storm. I was a big fan of her automatic targeting mechanic with her main heal. Press the button and she'd toss out a tea to heal up an ally. It felt fun and thematic, as she was constantly on the move, never stopping to send out a heal. I played a lot of Li Li games.

It also made people super salty. Obviously, with auto-targeting, there was a lot of room for her to be called "anti-skill". That only made the qq's worse when a clutch Li Li ult – Jug of 1,000 cups – single handedly ruined an enemy push.

Can we get that feeling in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

Li Li's staff

Staff Party

Li Li is better known for her teas and healing than her fighting, but she is still a deft martial artist who strikes with a staff.

Tea leaf ready to be brewed

Fancy a Cuppa?

Much like her uncle, the brewmaster, Li Li is great with brew. However, with her it's a healing tea, rather than some sort of unnamed booze.

Li Li's map for travelling

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Li Li is dedicated to traveling the world, often alongside her fellow wanderer, her uncle Chen. Together, they were the first Pandaren to leave the Wandering Isle in generations, a move that helped reunite the race with the rest of Azeroth.

Li LI's cloud serpent

Cloudy With A Chance of Dragons

Li Li's watery cloud serpent makes an appearance now and then out of her alchemical concoctions. If she could hone that mixture, maybe she could get it to fight for her.

Building Li Li Stormstout

The fantasy of Li Li is a hyper-mobile healer, furiously moving around the battlefield, tossing healing mixtures to friends. Someone who is always in the right place at the right time to throw a heal to a friend? Sounds like a nice teammate to have.

The build here, then, is built around one very important Alchemist feat: Healing Bomb.

That's the ability that will let Li Li toss healing "bombs" of impeccably brewed tea at allies as she scoots around the battlefield, staying just out of range of enemy attacks, but infuriating them with her playful annoyance.

And, while she is dashing in and out, ideally she is laying a whomp or two with her staff whenever possible.

Outside of battle, Li Li's penchant for brewing can allow her to make some very handy elixers and other alchemical tools for the party. They're just not as hard as her uncle's stuff.


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  • Long-range healing bombs
  • Party is never thirsty
  • Small and skittery
  • Low damage if everyone is healthy
  • Not everyone likes tea
  • Annoying escort quests


Shoony - Fishseeker Shoony

Okay, if we're being honest, Shoonies aren't pandas. But they are anthropomorphic cute animals, so that's pretty close. Plus, a lot of Shoony feats are perfect for Li Li. Just imagine it's a Shoony with black and white fur and a penchant for bamboo.

Level Feat Notes
1 Scamper Underfoot A young Pandaren can move deftly through everyone's legs!
5 Tough Tumbler Getting smacked while tumbling around enemies doesn't stop Li Li!
9 Loyal Empath Being a healer means understanding the pain of others.
13 Steadfast Ally Not just heals, but emotional Aid.
17 Handy with your Paws Li Li's already a great crafter, this helps repair those crafts.


Root Worker

This background helps with Alchemy, which is great, but also imbues that small amount of mysticism into Li Li's background as an herbalist and alchemist – something that fits well with her martial artist heritage in Panaria.


Alchemist - Chirurgeon Research Field

Let's get this out of the way right now: Yes, Li Li is literally a monk in World of Warcraft. Doesn't matter, alchemist here.

It just fits so well with the tea-throwing, ally-helping fantasy she brings to Heroes of the Storm in a way that Pathfinder Monks can't reach. At least not without a very laborious build packed full of dedications.

Plus, it gives the crucial Healing Bomb feat.

But Li LI still gets some martial-arts love. Taking Staff Acrobat Dedication at level 2 gives her access to some bonus movement and staff-smacking down the line, for when she's not yeeting heals to her friends.

Level Feat Notes
1 Quick Bomber Toss off bombs without a second thought.
2 Staff Acrobat Dedication For those impressive staff vaults and tumbles.
4 Healing Bomb The big one, this is what turns Li Li into the tea-tossing alchemist we know.
6 Bullying Staff Li Li's small, so it's important to be able to use the staff for leverage.
8 Combine Elixers Make those tea's a bit more special
10 Perpetual Breadth More recipes!
12 Levering Strike Prep an enemy for a bigger attack from an ally.
14 Whirlwind Stance Defensive staff action
16 Pivot Strike Hit and shift!
18 Miracle Worker Your teas can now even revive.
20 Wish Alchemy Unleash the Cloud Serpent!

Skills & General Feats

Li Li's skills are based mostly around her crafting and healing, as well as getting around with agility.

Legendary: Crafting
Master: Acrobatics, Athletics, Medicine
Expert: –

Level Feat Notes
2 Forager Gotta dig up those herbs and whatnot for teas.
3 Fleet Move faster!
4 Battle Medicine When Li Li is out of tea's to bomb allies with, she has to resort to old fashioned battlefield aid.
6 Robust Recovery Heal more than just wounds – treat disease and potion!
7 Feather Step A helpful scoot around enemy feet.
8 Seasoned Help make some food and drink besides tea. But mostly tea.
10 Cat Fall Panda fall? Either way, get hurt less from heights.
11 Water Sprint Even water can't stop Li Li's running around the battlefield.
12 Inoculation After treating a disease, your patients are protected from contracting it again.
14 Continual Recovery Treat patients again sooner. Is that tea still brewing?
15 Craft Anything You mean there's more to craft that tea?
16 Nimble Crawl Get around those tight spaces quickly
18 Kip Up Hop up and keep running.
19 Advanced First Aid Better healing outside of battle.
20 Risky Surgery You can hurt your allies to heal them more. Worth?

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Staff - Used as much as a walking stick and pole vault as a whomper, Li Li uses her staff to great effect.

Alchemist Tools - What is an alchemist without their tools?

Li Li Stormstout's Signature Items

Key Spells


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