Illyana Rasputin is the teleporting, soulsword wielding sorcerer supreme of Limbo.

Who Is Magik?

Who Are Magik?

Illyana Rasputina looked up to her brother – the X-men member Colossus – for years before her powers manifested. In fact, for the first 8 years of the character’s existence, she was a background character. I knew her best as a character in Colossus’ origin story. His powers manifested when he protected her from a falling tractor.

But the character came into her own when she was abducted by Dr. Doom and sent to the Limbo dimension. It was there that Illyana became Magik – aging beyond her years, becoming a sorceress, learning to teleport. Basically, being badass.

It was during this time that Magik created the Soulsword, which she used to become the ruler of Limbo.

It took me a little while to come around to Magik. The main reason for this was because for a long time I resisted the more magical elements – like spells, sorcerers and Dr. Strange’s entire thing – in comic books. I loved the X-Men, and loved that all of their powers were explained by mutation. To have an X-men character who was a wizard, I didn’t love.

After the MCU introduced Dr. Strange and a somewhat grounded version of magic, I hopped onboard in a big way. Some of the spellcasters became my favorite characters. Magik included.

Which lead me to think about what she would bring to a Pathfinder group – a teleporting, soul weapon wielding, demon transforming badass. Sounds fun.

Keys to the Character

Magik's Soulsword

I Got Soulsword, But I’m Not A Soldier

Magik can manifest the mystical Soulsword. When she is wielding the sword, some nifty armor appears on her as well.

A teleport disc

Any Teleport In A Storm

Illyana uses her access to the dimension known as Limbo to facilitate teleportation across vast distances.

Demon metamorphosis

Inner Demons… Sometimes Outer

Magik’s demon alter ego, Darkchylde, can emerge when she uses certain dark spells.

Sorceress Supreme

Supreme Limbo Enthusiast

Move over Dr. Strange, Illyana is the Sorceress Supreme of the Limbo dimension, where her power is unparalleled. Unfortunately she is a bit nerfed when she’s on Earth.

Building Magik

Magik could be built a lot of different ways. Her character hooks are fairly varied – sword wielding, sorcery, teleporting, transformation. She runs the risk of being a jack of all trades, master of none.

So, then, it would be the most fun to focus on a particular aspect of Magik and splash in the others. This build will focus on her soulsword wielding and teleporting, then. The way she is when she’s on earth. Maybe there is an alternate build for the Limbo-ruling Illyana in the future.

On the tabletop, the Earth version of Magik is a nimble swordfighter who can enhance her melee capabilities with spells, teleports and transfiguration.


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Ancient Elf

Magik's years spent in limbo are the justification for an Ancient heritage, which allowed her to study magic on a deeper level and gain a Wizard Dedication to shore up her spellcasting.

The other option would be to go Elf – Tiefling, which is good. However, this way misses out on the Ancient Elf Wizard Dedication, which is flavored as the time she spent in limbo, and that is too pivotal to the build to ignore. Instead, her connection to the Darkchylde personal will be hinted at through the Demon Form spell.

Level Feat Notes
1 Nimble Elf A bit more speed – not that it's necessary when you teleport everywhere.
5 Demonbane Warrior The ruler of Limbo needs to be able to handle a demon or two.
9 Elf Step The laymans version of a teleport: moving without being hit.
13 Avenge Ally True strike if an ally goes down.
17 Magic Rider Improved teleport!


Magical Misfit

Magik needs a complicated initial array of ability scores in order to qualify for the two dedications she takes in the first two levels. Magical Misfit adds some flavor and an Intelligence boost for one of them. Her key ability is Strength, but she’ll need at least 14 Wisdom and 14 Intelligence to start the build.


Magus – Laughing Shadow

The Laughing Shadow Hybrid Study gets access to the Dimensional Assault focus spell, which is hugely flavorful for the teleporting Magik. Not only that, but it is one of the best marriages in Pathfinder of martial and magic ability.

As a Magus, Magik will get access to a handful of cantrips and a limited number of spell slots. Unlike many Magus builds, she doesn’t take Expanded Spellstrike to use more types of spells with her Spellstrike ability. Instead, her spells slots are mostly focused on teleports and transfigurations.

The Soulforged Dedication truly seems custom made for Magik. With it, she can manifest the Soulsword (and the accompanying armor) with an action. Not only that, but once per day they both get some extra boosts for doing so.

Finally, the build leans a bit more into Magik’s spellcasting ability by adding a Wizard Dedication through Elf Atavism and going all the way through Master Wizard Spelllcasting. This adds 14 additional spell slots to the build, which can improve her prowess as a teleporting, demon transforming, sorcerer supreme.

Level Feat Notes
2 Force Fang Extra focus point and a stronger weapon swing. Make that Soulsword sing.
4 Basic Wizard Spellcasting er time in Limbo was training for being an expert spellcaster.
6 Attack of Opportunity If Magik is going to be a bruiser, this is a must.
8 Arcane Breadth More spell slots! More power!
10 Soulforger Dedication - Harmful Malice Manifest the Soulsword!
12 Expert Wizard Spellcasting Improve that spellcasting.
14 Hasted Assault Extra strikes, and more importantly an extra focus point.
16 Soul Arsenal - Magical Resilience When the Soulsword is manifested, some armor comes with it.
18 Master Wizard Spellcasting Spellcasting mastery.
20 Supreme Spellstrike Extra strikes, or spellstrike recharges.

Skills & General Feats

Magik focuses her skills on Arcana (for the Wizard Dedication) and Intimidation. And let’s face it, someone who grew up in a demon infested wasteland is intimidating.

Legendary: Arcana, Intimidation
Master: Athletics
Expert: –

Level Feats Notes
2 Arcane Sense Sorceress Supreme should definitely have some sense of what is Arcane.
3 Toughness Any up-close-and-personal bruiser needs to be tough.
4 Intimidating Prowess Even without the Demon shape change, pretty intimidating.
6 Eye of the Arcane Lords Arcane Lords = Sorcerer Surpremes
7 Powerful Leap Usually she teleports, but sometimes jumps.
8 Intimidating Glare Even the threat of the demon transformation is intimidating.
10 Wall Jump A little parkour without teleporting.
11 Incredible Initiative The earlier Magik acts, the sooner she can teleport in.
12 Terrifying Resistance The scary don't easily get scared.
14 Battle Cry Magic calls out a demonic / Russian wail as she teleports in.
15 Fleet A little extra speed is always welcomed, if not entirely necessary.
16 Unified Theory Become the true Sorceress Supreme, across all disciplines.
18 Terrified Retreat Make thoses foes run!
19 Diehard Tough to hurt, tougher to kill.
20 Scare to Death Even without magic, Magik can make foes drop.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 18 12 10 14 14 10
5 19 12 12 16 14 12
10 20 12 14 18 14 14
15 21 14 16 19 14 14
20 22 14 18 20 14 16


Suggested Starting Equipment

Bastard Sword – This is the biggest sword that Magik can wield while still qualifying for the benefits from her Laughing Shadow Magus hybrid school.

Leather Armor

Magik's Signature Items

Key Spells

Level Spells Notes
Cantrip Produce Flame For Spellstrike
Cantrip Acid Splash For Spellstrike
Cantrip Gouging Claw For Spellstrike
1 Shocking Grasp For Spellstrike
2 Acid Arrow For Spellstrike
2 False Life Some Limbo spell flavor for staying alive in the fray.
3 Blazing Dive Another way to get into the fray when teleporting won't cut it.
3 Vampiric Touch A bit more Limbo-esque self-sustain.
4 Dimension Door Extra teleportation!
4 Fire Shield Harm enemies who attack.
4 Weapon Storm For Spellstrike
5 Black Tentacles For Spellstrike (straight from Limbo)
5 Shadow Walk Access Limbo to move across space.
6 Demon Form Here it is, Magik's classic transformation.
6 Teleport Teleport friends anywhere, via Limbo.
6 Disentegrate For Spellstrike, the big one.



  • Fixed illegal dedication order
  • Reordered most Class feats to allow for multiple dedications

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