Pyke was a sailor who drowned, but returned to stalk the shipmates who left him for dead.

Who Is Pyke?

Who Are Pyke?

After spending years as a butcher on the slaughterdocks at Bilgewater, Pyke eventually joined ship crews to hunt the monstrous creatures of the deep himself. His ultimate prize, the mighty jaull-fish, became his downfall when he was swallowed alive… or so it seemed.

Somehow, Pyke’s journey to the deep in the belly of a jaull-fish was not his end. Rather, it was his beginning. Powered by an unknown evil, he returned to the slaughterdocks, determined to enact vengeance on all who had wronged him.

I’m rarely drawn to villainous characters, but Pyke checks a lot of boxes for me. I love the deep-sea, thalassophobia element to his theme. I love interesting takes on assassins, outside of a ninja archetype. Most of all, though, I love the unstoppable evil trope – like the Terminator or Chigurh.

I play Pyke in League and Legends of Runeterra, especially the latter.

Keys to the Character

Pyke's harpoon

Spears For Fears

What is the weapon of choice of deep-sea monster hunters? A very augmented harpoon. Maybe adorned with some trophies from former badfish.

Pyke's list

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Like all unstoppable evil vengeance seekers, Pyke is checking names off his list as he takes down his victims from the deep.

Glowing eyes underwater

Watery Eyes

An unknown power has kept Pyke in some version of “alive” – gifted with the ability to survive (and thrive) in the depths below.

Jaull-fish jaws

What Nice Teeth You Have

Killed by a jaull-fish? Guess again. He wears the monster’s teeth on his mantle as a prize. Kind of like really really gnarly shoulderpads.

Building Pyke

Pyke fits firmly within the Assassin and Bruiser roles. By trade, his is an assassin – using the element of surprise to take down his foes with surprise damage. In his case, that stealth comes from hiding in the depths and having access to a long-reach spear.

But although he leans hard on the assassin role, his Ruffian Rogue racket and Fighter Dedication keep him a lot more hearty than typical slayers. Once he makes his surprise opening on an enemy, he can fight toe to toe and get results.

That fighting comes in the form of his longspear – standing in for his harpoon.

Finally, while Pyke’s primary objective is to lay down melee damage, his method of doing so strikes fear into the hearts of enemies. This ability to frighten and intimidate can help his allies to more easily land their own strikes. In some cases it can even reposition enemies as they flee. Not bad!


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Human – Undine

An Undine heritage gives Pyke the Swim speed and amphibious trait he requires to wait below the surface, ready to lunge.

Level Feat Notes
1 Brinesoul A nice little daily boost to damage and status effects. Slay!
5 Tide-Hardened The surf doesn't sway you.
9 Marid Magic A daily cast of Obscuring Mist lends the perfect cover for a sudden strike.
13 Translucent Skin Extra hiding underwater!
17 Tidal Shield Pyke can handle his own in a – but extra AC goes a long way!



Though he started as a butcher, Pyke is most notable as a sea-monster hunting Sailor. A Captain Ahab for ocean-ghouls.


Rogue – Ruffian

Pyke is a rogue, of course. Sneak Attack is one of his defining characteristics. However, he is more than just silent strikes. The Ruffian Racket gives him the skills he needs to engage head on with enemies, scoring precision damage with a longspear.

Plus, the Fighter Dedication line gives him a lot of access to fear-based actions.

Level Feat Notes
1 You're Next Pyke's Sneak Attacks can finish off foes regularly – might as well add some Intimidation to another!
2 Fighter Dedication For more intimidation and survivability.
4 Basic Maneuver - Intimidating Strike Strike fear in the hearts of enemies.
6 Advanced Maneuver - Sudden Charge Once one foe is down, a great ability to close a gap to another.
8 Opportune Backstab Make use of your ally's ability to distract.
10 Sneak Savant Don't fail those sneak rolls.
12 Preparation An extra Opportune Backstab won't hurt. Well, it will hurt others.
14 Vicious Debilitations Weaken a foe that you don't finish.
16 Tactical Entry That unstoppable evil movement.
18 Bloody Debilitation If you don't kill a foe, they will die soon enough.
20 Advanced Maneuver - Fearsome Brute Extra damage for frightened foes!

Skills & General Feats

As a former sailor, Pyke has some experience with the skills required to work the docks and decks. And now, he has the stealth and intimidation to terrify foes by surprise.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Stealth, Survival
Master: -
Expert: Nature

Level Feats Notes
2 Intimidating Prowess Get scarier!
3 Armored Stealth A boost to stealth checks while still being robust in a fight.
3 Terrain Expertise No one knows the deep like Pyke.
4 Terrifying Resistance You scare spellcasters into fizzling.
6 Powerful Leap A little movement for gap closing.
7 Terrified Retreat A forced reposition for terrified foes.
7 Battle Cry You have a lot of buffs against frightened foes – this is a good way to frighten them.
8 Swift Sneak Move faster!
9 Foil Senses Don't get spotted!
10 Water Sprint When you're not in the water, you're running across it.
11 Fleet Unstoppable, fast evil.
12 Lasting Coercion People tend to listen to Pyke.
14 Quick Jump Fewer actions for jumping mean more for killing.
15 Kip Up See above.
15 Scare to Death Pyke can kill without even using the harpoon.
16 Cloud Jump Use those swimmer's leg muscles for some mega jumps.
18 Lead Climber Scale sheer cliff faces above the surf.
19 Legendary Survivalist We already know this to be true: nothing kills Pyke.
20 Quick Climb Scale those cliffs even faster.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Longspear – A stand-in for his harpoon, Pyke uses his Ruffian Racket to score Sneak Attacks with the high damage, reach-enabled longspear.

Leather Armor

Pyke's Signature Items

Key Spells


Pyke Resources