The Human Torch

Johnny Storm was a skilled pilot before being mutated by cosmic radiation into a fiery force of nature.

Who Is The Human Torch?

Who Are The Human Torch?

Johnny Storm became The Human Torch after being exposed to cosmic radiation during an experimental spaceflight. A high school student at the time, he remained in high school and attended classes while being part of the Fantastic Four on the side. Though the identities of all the other members of the Fantastic Four were known to the public, Johnny kept his a secret like Spider-Man. At least until he decided to stop, and his classmates revealed they knew all along. Seriously, that's in the comics.

Johnny is impulsive, brash, and a show off. He's also super-powerful, able to "go supernova" to become so hot he represents a danger to earth.

He's also not the first Human Torch. Captain America fought alongside another fire-covered hero back in World War II – but we don't really talk about him much. This is our fire boy.

I love the Fantastic Four, and Johnny is a great early Marvel character. I like both his similarities and differences to Spider-Man at that time. I feel like his personality has never quite been captured right in the movies. The brashness is always there, but for me, the character has always worked best when there is a bit more naivety and innocence as well. He's in over his head.

In addition to liking the character, I have always been a fan of straight-forward pyromancers in fantasy games, and The Human Torch represents a cool chance to make a fun spin on one.

Keys to the Character

A fireball

Slinging Sizzlers

The Human Torch can produce flame to throw at enemies. If only there was an impulse that could do the same thing in Pathfinder...

Pilot wings

Hot Rocket

An expert driver, a hot dog pilot, a speed demon. Johnny goes fast, in whatever form he can do it in.

Human Torch's catchphrase "Flame On"

Flame On!

Unlike his friend The Thing, Johnny can turn his abilities on and off. Which is good, because otherwise it would be hard to keep an apartment.

Going supernova

Champagne Supernova

When called upon, the Human Torch can get really, really, hot. Do us all a favor, don't call upon him to do it.

Building The Human Torch

Go fast. Burn hot. Shoot fireballs.

That's the fantasy that a Human Torch build needs to deliver on. Luckily, it is very possible in Pathfinder 2e.

The key will be building Johnny around his "Flame On" ability – which in this case will be the Kineticist impulse Furnace Form. In it, Johnny gains the benefits for Fiery Body, but uses his own Elemental Blasts instead of the fire cantrip. This form can be sustained up to a minute, which becomes free at level 14. Plus, he can get a free movement up to half his speed when he sustains it.

On the battlefield, the Human Torch does one thing, but he does it really well: BURN THINGS. This is usually at range, slinging fireballs of varying sizes from across the terrain, but some of his abilities do allow for up-close-and-personal burns.

The Human Torch is a Nuker, constantly shooting fireballs at foes (and, if they're in the way, allies). When under the Flame On effects of a spell like Fiery Body, he can shoot off multiple fireballs per turn, blasting foes away with his supercharged heat.

Outside of those fights... well let's put it this way. He burns things.

The only other skill Johnny is bringing to the table is his exceptional piloting and knowledge thereof. So if there needs to be a wagon driver, I guess?


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  • Party never needs light or heat
  • Find a vehicle? You got a driver
  • Always something fiery to do
  • Can be hot-headed
  • Friendly fire (literally)
  • Burns first, thinks later


Human Ifrit

The Ifrit heritage, combined with the Elemental bloodline, represent the changes that Johnny underwent on a metaphysical level when he was exposed to the cosmic radiation that made him the Human Torch.

The Human part of his ancestry is helpful too. Multitalented gives him access to a free Swashbuckler dedication, for instance. He doesn't use it for any feats, but gaining panache for a bit of extra speed is something very Human Torch-esque, so that is a great fit for the cost of an ancestry feat.





Ember’s Eyes (Low-Light Vision)

Even before "flaming on", Johnny's eyes tell the story of the fire within.


Heat Wave

Heat just makes you harder to hit.


Multitalented - Swashbuckler Dedication

For even more nimbleness and speed.



Fly like an acrobat.


Blazing Aura

Your daily supernova.



This is a great background for the Human Torch. And since his life changes so drastically after becoming part of the Fantastic Four, we'll keep his Driving skill to the background, rather that go for a Trick Driver dedication. This gives him Driving Lore, Assurance with Piloting Lore, and a nifty Dexterity boost – and he wants to go fast.


Kineticist - Single Gate (Fire)

The cosmic radiation exposure changed him giving him the ability to command and control fire.

By choosing the Fire Single Gate and focusing on it all the way down the line, including during the Expand the Portal choices, a Fire Kineticist becomes very very much like the Human Torch we know and love.

It starts with his Elemental Blast, of course. Many Kineticists may choose to use the two-action version, to add their Con modifier to the damage. Johnny is all about slinging fireballs, fast and hot. On any turn he isn't using one of the bigger elemental impulses, Johnny wants to sling two or three fireballs, possibly burning his foes in the process.

The base fire elemental blast is a 60 ft. d6 fire attack, with the damage increasing by one die every four levels. With his Single Gate at level one, this already becomes a d8. A few levels later, it gains a 1d6 persistent damage critical effect by expanding the portal. Sling, burn, repeat.

The two other impulses to all out are the most fitting for the Human Torch. The first is Johnny's Flame On ability, Fiery Furnace. This gives him the effects of Fiery Body, plus an extra die of damage for his elemental blasts. This covers Johnny in flame, dealing 3d6 damage to anyone who strikes him, giving a 40ft. fly speed, immunity to fire and other effects. An older version of this build, made before Kineticists were released, was built completely around an Elemental Sorcerer going toward this spell – so it's great that it is still in the mox.

The other is his supernova ability – All Shall End in Flames. This deals up to 15d6 in a 30 ft. emanation around the Human Torch as he bursts into flame. Anyone killed is reduced to ash... including Johnny himself, who can take damage from the effect. If he does die, he rises from the ash the next turn, ready to sling again.

Finally, the Swashbuckler dedication we grab from Multitalented is mostly for flavor, but does grant a +5 bonus to speed while under the effects of panache.





Extended Kinesis

Gain a great command over fire, allowing it do a bit of Johnny's bidding.


Burning Jet

A straight line movement that ignores terrain and reactions. Later, it becomes a blast off, quasi-fly.


Scorching Column

An overflow impulse that makes a giant column of fire that can be sustained.


Kinetic Activation

Any magic item that has anything to do with fire isn't going to hold back the Human Torch.


Blazing Wave

An overflow impulse to create a cone of fire that can knock foes prone.


Flying Flame

From Expand the Portal. Create a fireball that has more control, zipping around the battlefield through foes.


Gate's Threshhold: Critical Blast

Start burning foes with elemental blast crits.


Volcanic Escape

A reaction that uses up the channeled elements to escape after being struck.


Elemental Overlap: Steam Knight

A useful stance that superheats the moisture in the air around Johnny, dealing damage to nearby enemies each turn, gaining speed and huge leaps.


Solar Detonation

From Expand the Portal. An overflow impulse that creates a blinding blast of fire, dazzling foes caught in it.


Gate's Threshhold: Aura Junction

Nearby enemies are weak to your fire attacks.


Chain Infusion Hit up to 5 enemies with one elemental blast, bouncing between them..


Furnace Form

Finally. FLAME ON!


Architect of Flame

From Expand the Portal. Shape fire into a structure of some kind, like a fire wall.


Gate's Threshhold: Skill Junction

Gain Intimidating Glare and a status bonus to using it. Fire is intimidating, yes.


Effortless Impulse

Sustain an impulse (like Furnace Form) for free.


Aura Shaping

Expand the Kinetic Aura up to 20 ft, making the Steam Knight damage or Aura Junction affect a wide area.


Walk Through the Conflagration

From Expand the Portal. Become fire itself and leap between burning sources.


Gate's Threshhold: Elemental Resistance

Gain resistance to fire and cold damage. How can cold or fire hurt a flame?


All Shall End In Flames

Supernova! Burn everything in sight, including Johnny. If he dies, he returns the next turn, ready to party again.


Kinetic Pinnacle

A permanent extra action to sling fireballs (or do a few other things, but let's be real).

Skills & General Feats

Johnny's speedy flight makes him a legendary acrobat, and he was already a legendary pilot before even becoming a superhero. That's about it, but it's a lot.

Legendary: Acrobatics, Athletics, Lore: Piloting
Master: -
Expert: -





Cat Fall

For when the "Flame On" fails. That's a long way down.



Faster, faster!


Quick Jump

A little heat makes the jump a lot quicker.


Powerful Leap

At least until you can fly…


Aerobatics Mastery

Flip, dive, fly like a pro!


Kip Up

Go from prone to bro 'n. Is that something Johnny would say?


Rolling Landing

Gotta get moving immediately after landing if you want to be in the lead.


Incredible Investiture

More magic items to power up the flames.


Steady Balance

Part of pilot training is working that inner ear.



You're not as starched as Reed.


Incredible Initiative

Start your turn faster! Then burn!!


Rapid Mantel

When flying doesn't work... climb, I guess.


Cloud Jump

For when flying is too tiresome.


Legendary Professional

You're a driver, start earning.


Wall Jump

When flying doesn't work... Parkour!

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 12 16 18 10 10 12
5 14 18 19 10 10 14
10 16 19 20 10 10 16
15 18 20 21 10 10 18
20 18 21 22 10 12 19


Suggested Starting Equipment

The Human Torch's Signature Items

Key Spells



  • Class overhaul. Change from Sorcerer to Kineticist.
  • Changed all class feats. Removed spells.
  • Changed attributes.
  • Adding Rolling Landing

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