Captain America

Steve Rogers is the first avenger, the recipient of the super soldier serum, and the first one to hold the title of Captain America.

Who Is Captain America?

Who Are Captain America?

Steve Rogers was a nobody WW2 soldier who became Captain America after being injected with the famous Super Soldier Serum. To date, he is one of the few successful recipients of the famous serum. Many more attempts have been made since, mostly disasters.

After becoming Cap, Rogers became an outlet for the governments war bond effort. He appeared in films and other war propaganda to help the cause. Interestingly, this is a bit of art imitating life. The initial Captain America comics were made during the real World War 2. They even featured the stars and stripes adorned hero literally punching Hitler.

In recent years, Captain America is known for his presence in the MCU. This has caused his popularity to surge – including with me. I didn't really care about the hero in the past. However, seeing the shield-throwing master in action really piqued my interest.

From there, the idea of playing a defensive, grappling, shield-bashing and throwing field marshal seemed like a fun build to try in Pathfinder. It is a unique take on the fighter, focusing on control and support over damage without the traditional tank playstyle.

In fact, it was this build – along with a hammer toting dragon rage Thor style barbarian – that really got this site started. I was so interested in seeing how those characters would play, and I discovered that others wanted to see for themselves. Thus, Pop Culture Pathfinder was born.

But, even considering all that, how does he play in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

Super Soldier Serum

The First Super Soldier

Enhanced by the Super Soldier Serum, Captain America has strength, speed and durability that far exceeds regular humans.

Captain America's Shield

Block Party

Beyond its use for protection, Captain America’s vibranium shield defies natural physics by bouncing off walls, people and anything else to return to him every time.

Captain America's glaring eye

I Can Do This All Day

It was Steve Roger’s heart and tenacity that made him the perfect selection for the super soldier serum. He never gives up the fight.

Uncle Sam's hat

Uncle Sam Needs Steve

Rogers rallies the troops around the tenants of justice, liberty and freedom. In fact, the government initially used him in that capacity – inspiring others to support the war through bonds.

Building Captain America

This is the second version of a Captain America build on the site. The first was a bit more focused on the Marshal Dedication, deliberately attempting to take those feats early to fill the role of field leader more clearly.

No offense to that build, but people want Cap to block things with shields, hit things with shields and throw shields at things. And so this V2 version was built – more shields, less feels. The Marshal Dedication is still there, starting at level 10, but the early levels are about blocking. The result is among the Pathfinder 2e best fighter builds, from a flavor perspective. Let's go cap!

In a party, Cap primarily fills the roles of Tank and Bruiser. By utilizing many feats that enhance his shield usage, he gains a lot of versatility with how he can block attacks – and who he can block them for. His shield also contributes to his battlefield control, as he utilizes the shove trait to push back and chase after the targets of his shield bashes.

This is made possible with the rules as written by an item introduced in The Grand Bazaar - Shield Augmentation. By applying to Captain America's shield, he can add runes that affect his bash, as well as weapon traits (specifically thrown 10 ft. and shove).

When he’s up close, Rogers focuses on grapples and shield bashes to further render targets ineffective and set up easier strikes for his allies. Despite this focus on control, his high strength and proficiency keeps him dishing out damage while doing so.

Finally, the build splashes into the Marshal Dedication to represent Captain America’s role as a propaganda symbol – inspiring his fellows to push themselves to greater heights.

As well, Cap can be an asset outside of battle, with his Legendary Diplomacy (and Master Intimidation) getting the party into places it may not have had access to.


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Human – Versatile

The versatile human combo is one of the best in the game for starting a build out with a lot of flavor right from level 1. That can be important for builds like Cap's, which take two different dedications down the line. Having Natural Ambition to give an extra fighter feat early let's him capitalize on his own class before dipping into others.

The versatile heritage also gives an extra general feat that we use for Toughness, giving some extra health right from the start of the game, positioning Steve to be the team's heavy.





Natural Ambition

For Everstand Stance. A specialized block and bash right at level 1.


General Training

For Incredible Initiative. Use those Super Soldier senses to act faster.


Hardy Traveler

But that boot camp training to use and march!


Bounce Back

"I can do this all day."


Heroic Presence

This feat shows up in a lot of builds with humans, but this is perhaps the most perfect fit.



This background works great for Cap’s military training and service. The Strength boost is key, to go along with a Constitution boost. Warfare Lore can come in handy in understanding the tactics of enemy forces.

Being trained in Intimidation is nice too. That's a skill he will eventually take to Master level, so getting a point in it early is great.



No other class better represents Captain America's depth and well-roundedness as a combatant and defender. He is a fighter, through and through.

One thing that fighter specifically does well is provide a great base class for other dedications. Weapon and Armor specializations continue to climb regardless of class feats, and features like Combat Flexibility give us access to a few fighter feats even if we spend every class feat on archetype choices.

That said, Fighter also is a class that has a ton of options to fit different playstyles – including a shield build. That's tought, because Cap would love to have a lot of those. There is definitely some FOMO and tough choices along the way. The biggest choice beign when to focus on feats that improve his shieldplay, and when to focus on other things, like damage or the Marshal line.

This build is a pretty robust collection of those elements. Early game is focused more on blocking, then mid-game is leading, and we end with bashing. All of it's fun.





Everstand Stance

From Natural Ambition. Block and bash with more power. It takes an extra hand, but Cap isn't holding a weapon anyway..


Power Attack

An extra action for a bigger attack, use those strikes with efficiency.


Bastion Dedication

Gives the Reactive Shield feat right now, and access to some exclusive shield feats later.


Rebounding Toss

The iconic Captain America shield ricochet.


Disarming Block

Use Cap's shield to disarm a foe after they attempt to strike.


Drive Back

Rather than just block for an ally, stop an attack against them by pushing their attacker away.


Everstand Strike

From Combat Flexibility. Bash with a shield and then stay protected.


Marshal Dedication

Become a field leader with an inspiring aura.


Coordinated Charge

Stride into battle and inspire all allies to follow.


Inspiring Marshal Stance

Any ally fighting near Cap just fights better through inspiration.


Stance Savant

From Improved Flexibility. Start combat in either Everstand or Inspiring Marshal stance.


Target of Opportunity

When an allie has a foe on the ropes, send a shield flying to keep them down.


Guiding Finish

Move a foe to a more advantageous spot, whether the strike hits or not.


Weapon Supremacy

Bash at least once per round, free.

Skills & General Feats

Steve's Super Soldier Serum shows its power through a legendary Athletics skill. This is Steve's climbing and jumping, sure, but it's also his grappling – somethign his teammates will want him to do to keep foes away from them.

Of course, Captain America also knows when not to fight. A legendary diplomacy skill ensures that he can talk his way out of tense situations when the need occurs, rather than bash his way out.

Legendary: Athletics, Diplomacy

Master: Intimidation

Expert: Acrobatics






From Versatile Heritage. Extra health to start tanking.


Titan Wrestler

Start grappling with giant foes.



Counteract the speed penalty of some armor.


Group Impression

Use Cap's celebrity to impress a crowd.


Incredible Initative

From General Training. Super Soldier Scouting.


Assurance: Athletics

Round out the curve when grappling enemies.


Fast Recovery

Super Soldiers have a healing factor.


Wall Jump

When in doubt, parkour it out!


Shameless Request

Cap is a celebrity, people will be eager to please.


Incredible Investiture

Extra magic items, or war medals.


No Cause For Alarm

It's a field leader's job to keep the team cool and collected.


Powerful Leap

Jump to an advantageous position. Usually to jump back down.


Cloud Jump

Super Soliders never skip leg day.


Rapid Mantel

Don't waste time climbing a ledge, get back in the fray!.


Legendary Negotiation

Being a true hero means knowing when NOT to fight.


A Home in Every Port

Everybody knows Captain America, and he's always welcome.


Battle Cry

Not only does Cap inspire allies, he frightens foes.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 18 12 16 10 10 12
5 19 12 18 10 12 14
10 20 12 19 10 14 16
15 21 12 20 10 16 18
20 22 14 21 10 16 19


Suggested Starting Equipment

Returning Sturdy Shield - Captain America needs his shield! For the returning (and any potency) runes, add Shield Augmentation: Thrown 10 ft., Shove

Gauntlet - To make sure the other hand can still make strikes

Mail Armor – A good mix of maneuverability and AC.

Captain America's Signature Items

Key Spells



  • Removed: Keeping Up Appearances, Reactive Shield, Quick Shield Block, Shield Warden, Rallying Charge, Overwhelming Blow, Back to Back
  • Added: General Training, Everstand Stance, Bastion Dedication, Disarming Block, Drive Back, Everstand Strike, Coordinated Charge, Stance Savant, Guiding Finish
  • Added Attributes

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