Scott Summers – Cyclops – is the tortured field leader of the X-men and one of the storied Summers family.

Who Is Cyclops?

Who Are Cyclops?

Scott Summers – the X-men leader known as Cyclops – is a ubiquitous and polarizing member of the mutant group.

Cyclops was one of the first of Professor Xavier’s students, a tortured soul even then. In those early days as one of the first class, Scott's "boy scout" reputation began, as he quickly became the field leader on behalf of the professor. Another thing that started right from those early days was his relationship with one of the other members of the first class, Jean Grey.

This relationship is one of comics longstanding love stories. Like many of those that have endured, it has been a complicated, on again and off again affair – but that's to be expected after 60 years. It's also to be expected because Cyclops can be a bit of a pill

Much of his brooding comes from his mutation, which has required him to wear ruby quartz lenses that keep his force beams from firing wildly. The mutation has left him frustrated, feeling unable to live normally.

Honestly, he is my second favorite of the X-men, behind only his long-time love, Jean. I’ve always liked his relationships with other members of the team – some of the best love stories with Jean and Emma, the father-son dynamic with Professor X, the rivalry with Logan – all among the best.

There are "boy scouts" in many of the franchises and universes we talk about here. Superman and Captain America are prime examples. Of these, Cyclops is my favorite.

But can we make him fun to play in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

Cyclops's visor

Rose-colored Glasses

Cyclops’ namesake is his custom ruby-quartz visor that keeps his eye beams from firing whenever he opens his eyes. He also has them in a cool two-lens look for casual times.

Cyclops's optic blast

A Portal To Punches

You might think that the beams are lasers. Nope, they are punches. In 1983 the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe said that his eyes open portals to the “Punch Dimension”. This was later altered, but still… hilarious.

X-men logo

Field Leader of the X-Men

Professor X might be the guy in the chair, but on the field Cyclops is running the show. At times this can be a burden, an he may rub his fellow X-men the wrong way – but who could do it better?

Summers family tree

A Few Too Many Branches

Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, Cable, Havoc, Vulcan, Corsair, Nate Grey, Rachel, Hope. The Summers / Grey family tree is one of the most intertwined and complex in comic history – spanning multiple time periods simultaneously!

Building Cyclops

A successful Cyclops build needs two things: leadership and lasers. [Ed Note: I know they aren’t lasers].

When Pathfinder 2e first was published, the best Cyclops character build used the Sorcerer class, focused around extremely liberal use of Magic Missiles. Thankfully, as of the Guns & Gears rulebook, there is a much better option.

To bring Scott Summer’s force beams to the tabletop, the best combination is an Automaton Monk. Let me explain: Scott is a human, but the Automaton ancestry can stand in for his mutation, and the Energy Beam Ancestry Feat can stand in for his force beams. Plus, as a leader he is kind of robotic, right? It works.

This combination grants him a 20 ft. energy beam unarmed attack shot from his eye. Sound familiar? Once he has access to that, it’s all about buffing unarmed attacks and adding more blasts with the Monk Class and Handwraps.

On the battlefield, with this build, Cyclops is a mid-range shooter. Which is right where he wants to be, fighting alongside his allies in the X-men. His Monk ki spells are all ways of changing the way his optic blasts work – something we have seen a lot before. Flurry is the pew pew pew. Ki Strike is the bigger pew pew. Ki blast is the wide PEW. You know what I mean.

From mid range, Scott is also in the perfect position to have his allies benefit from an aura granted by the Marshall Dedication, which represents his field leadership qualities.

Outside of battle, Cyclop's legendary diplomacy can be the difference in the party's successful negotiations. He is often the best option as a spokesperson for the group, making his experience as a leader invaluable.


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  • Fast blasts, hard blasts, wide blasts
  • Helpful orders barked at allies
  • Dope glasses
  • Some Monk feats don't match the Cyclops fantasy
  • Always whining about Jean
  • Teacher's pet


Automaton – Sharpshooter

Without this ancestry, Cyclops’ Energy Beams aren't available. That’s the whole build!

The Sharpshooter heritage gives an option for Scott to focus for a longer range Eye Beam, which is a nice range boost, as he doesn't have a ton of movement shenanigans. Stand and deliver – that's Cyclops.

Finally, depending on how you want to flavor it, there is potential to pick up Core Cannon at 17. Though the description is about an Automaton transforming into a cannon, you could easily imagine it as Cyclops bracing himself and focusing fully into delivering a devastating blast – so focused on it that he is completely unable to interact with anything else.





Energy Beam

The crux of the build! Fire those beams.


General Training - Toughness

Since Cyclops is a mid-range shooter, good to get a bit more bulk.


Lesser Augmentation - Energy Beam

Improve the damage die of your main attack by one step.


Group Aid

Help your teammates as leader of the group!


Core Cannon

Channel all your energy into one devastating optic blast.



The Sheriff background is the closest thing to Scott’s job as field leader of the X-men. Plus, it gives either a Dex or Wis boost – perfect for Cyclops’ needs as a Monk.



Obviously Monk doesn’t seem like the first choice when you think about Cyclops. After all, he isn’t a gi-wearing martial artist at all. This is true, but Monk is the perfect class for two reasons: access to many improvements to unarmed attacks, and access to Ki Blasts.

The improvements to unarmed attacks work with Energy Beam, which is the lynchpin of the build. Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Deadly Strikes – all of the Monk feats that mention unarmed strikes or attacks will improve Cyclops and his ability to fire optic blasts around the battlefield.

Flurry of Blows works especially well with the build, considering the Marshall Dedication gives options like Steel Yourself!, which Cyclops wants to use to help his team. Flurry brings in two attacks with one action, meaning Scott can often spend his turn moving, aiding and shooting twice.

The Ki Spells is a great bonus addition. Ki Strike requires a Focus Point, but it works with Flurry and hits a lot harder than his standard optic blast. And Ki Blast is perfect for those times when he really unleashes, turning his optic blast into a devastating cone AOE.





Ki Strike - Occult

Spend a focus point to empower Scott's next optic blast (or flurry of blasts) with a boost to attack roll and damage.


Stunning Fist

Add a chance to stun on those blasts, a concussion from the punch dimension.


Marshall Dedication

Become the field leader that Prof. X believes you can be.


Ki Blast

Here we go, a bigger version of your optic blasts. Spend a focus point to turn it into a devestating cone attack.


Inspiring Marshall Stance

Inspire your teammates to do better in battle! A status bonus to attack to all allies nearby.


Ki Rush

Not completely flavorful, but needed for the final Focus Point. Think of it as the benefit of Danger Room training. Move twice with one action.


Steel Yourself!

Bolster a teammate to keep going with some temporary health.


Target of Opportunity

When an allie makes a ranged attack, spend a reaction to fire an optic blast as an opportunity attack at the same foe.


Flinging Blow

A powerful knockback from Cyclops' optic blasts. Does extra damage if the target hits something.


Diamond Attacks

Punch dimension for the win! The second attack from a Flurry (and beyond) does more damage.


Deadly Strikes

You're a lean, mean, pew pew pewing machine. More blasts per turn.

Skills & General Feats

As the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops to be a legendary diplomat. Just imagine trying to wrangle Wolverine. This diplomacy also comes in handy for his Marshall Dedication, which uses the skill for DC rolls.

Beyond that, Cyclops is pretty good at Athletics, after all that training in the Danger Room. He also has focused on some Medicine, Occultism (mutant stuff) and more.

Legendary: Diplomacy
Master: Athletics
Expert: Medicine, Occultism, Society





Bon Mot

The classic feat for any character trained in Diplomacy.


Weapon Proficiency

Needed for the Marshall Dedication


No Cause for Alarm

Calm everyone down. Listen to the leader!


Discreet Inquiry

Get info on the downlow.



Add a bit of extra health to help with being a mid-range shooter.



Sometimes being the face of organization means you have to make appearances.


Shameless Request

Cyclops isn't known for his charm, but he is important.


Incredible Initiative

Be the first of the team into the fray.



As leader, he is the first one to ask questions... and get answers.


Group Impression

Impress a few people at once.


Pick up the Pace

So annoying. Get your team's butts in gear.


Bargain Hunter

Sometimes leading the group means worrying about the finances.


Legendary Negotiation

For better or worse, Cyclops makes a big impression.


Breath Control

Calm down. Relax. Breathe.



Those students are impressed at this point.

Attribute Increases

Level Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
1 12 18 12 10 14 12
5 12 19 14 10 16 14
10 12 20 16 10 18 16
15 14 21 16 10 19 18
20 14 22 18 10 20 19


Suggested Starting Equipment

Handwraps of Mighty Blows – Despite being called Handwraps, these are used to allow Property Runes on all types of unarmed attacks. This is what Cyclops will need to add weapon dice and effects to his optic blasts.

Cyclops's Signature Items


Key Spells



  • Removed Armor Proficiency, Knockback Strike
  • Added Ki Rush, Toughness

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