Danielle Moonstar

A Cheyenne mutant who terrorizes others with manifestations their worst nightmares – not always on purpose.

Who Is Danielle Moonstar?

Who Are Danielle Moonstar?

Psyche. Mirage. Valkyrie. Dani.

However you know her, tragedy struck when Danielle Moonstar, a Cheyenne girl from Boulder, first experienced her powers – manifesting visibile images of people's worst nightmares. She was ostracized from her community, hated by her people and accepted only by her parents and grandfather.

Then her parents were eaten by a Demon Bear. Not great luck.

Even worse luck? The Demon Bear turned out to be one of her manifestations. Yikes.

After being discovered by Xavier, Dani joined his school for Gifted Youngsters in an attempt to harness, or at least avoid, her Illusory Emotional Manifestation power. Going by Psyche, and later Mirage, Dani befriended her classmates and eventually lead the New Mutants.

Later still, after discovering the winged horse Brightwind, Dani became a Valkyrie, able to see people marked for death. Nice addition, Dani!

When a franchise has been around as long as the X-Men, the timeline becomes so relative. Dani, alongside Magik, is part of the "New Mutants". This sub-group of the X-Men may sound hot off the press, but they first debuted 40 years ago – longer than most IPs have existed. The story of these characters becomes convoluted and run-on. But when you boil them down to their biggest beats, you get the things that have made them endure. Dani has endured where so many other mutants have fallen by the wayside because of her devotion, her leadership and the fact that Demon Bears sound awesome.

And yet, somehow they still feel new, as her crew is somewhat lesser known than the teams that debuted 20 and 10 years before – featuring such iconic characters as Cyclops and Jean Grey or Wolverine and Storm, respectively.

I was an X-men fan growing up, but didn't know much about Dani Moonstar until much more recently. I have to admit, I love her power. I am a sucker for those mutants, like Rogue, who feel that their abilities are more curse than gift. The New Mutants movie did a good job of showcasing this power, making a quasi-horror movie where Dani was inadvertently providing the horrors.

But how do we build her in Pathfinder?

Keys to the Character

dani's bow and arrow


Sure, the arrows may be magical. And yes, maybe that magic makes enemies experience their worst fear. But that's all for nothing if Dani has bad aim. She doesn't.


To Catch A Predator (In Dreams)

Hopefully Dani's foes have dreamcatchers up, because she is coming to manifest their nightmares.

demon bear

From Hell To Hibernation

The "storm" that killed Dani's parents turned out to be a manifestation of her own fears, transforming her parents into an angry Demon Bear.

dani's valkyrie helmet

Dope Helmet, Doper Horse

After bonding with the winged horse Brightwind, Danielle Moonstar became a Valkyrie. It's as cool as it sounds.

Building Danielle Moonstar

Sometimes, characters like Dani Moonstar come around that have wildly different power sets in different eras of their story. Jean Grey is another example of this. We can't build Marvel Girl and Phoenix into one Pathfinder build and feel satisfied, we have to do either (or both, separately).

Dani's the same. I think it would be a trap to try to fill in the Valkyrie aspect of her at the detriment of the Mirage aspect. So we will clearly divide the two, with this build being the Mirage build. Maybe a Valkyrie build comes somewhere in the future.

For Mirage, we need to focus on shooting arrows and scaring the bejesus out of people. And maybe a Demon Bear shows up. Sounds good?

On the battlefield, Dani uses her bow coupled with her Magus Spellshot and her Ranger Dedication to fire arrows from range. Sometimes those arrows just hit and hurt foes. Sometimes they are combined with spellcasts that terrify them and those around them.

With the limited spell slots associated with the Magus class, Dani has to choose the best times to manifest her frightening illusions. Between those times, she is content to rain arrows at foes, waiting for her moment to strike.

Outside of battle, Dani can use her powers to intimidate others, scaring them into helping her team. Plus, her upbringing in Boulder has given her a good sense of survival and nature, making her a helpful companion when moving through wilderness.


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Half-Elf Human

The Human ancestry is needed for this build, as Multitalented is a required feat to hint at Dani's future as a Valkyrie with a splash into a Champion Dedication. As usual with mutant characters, however, it is nice to choose a heritage that represents the mutant gene in some way.

We've gone with the Half-Elf heritage, which will give Dani some extra speed to hunt her foes down.





General Training

For Incredible Initiative. Start hunting first, and enemies will be terrified before they know they're in combat.


Nimble Elf

A bit extra speed to get in the right spot for arrow firing.



For Wizard Dedication. Some more spell slots and illusions.


Stubborn Persistence

Black Eagle's training has made it difficult for Dani to get fatigued.


Heroic Presence

After overcoming the Demon Bear, you'd feel like a hero too.



Dani's grandfather, Black Eagle, raised her in the Medicine Bow Mountains after the disappearance of her parents. He taught her as much as he could about the history and customs of her people. He also tried to help her control her powers, until they became too strong for him to manage, and Xavier's school was the only option.

The background gives a Dexterity boost, perfect for an archer, and a Survey Wildlife skill feat.


Starlit Span Magus

At minimum, the Shooting Star conflux spell gives Dani's arrows a nice shining glow that fits the image we've seen all along, making Magus a decent pick. But it's the Spellstrikes that really shine, turning her regular arrows into neural arrows, capable of manifesting horrifying illusions when they strike a foe.

Spells like Weird and Mask of Terror fit this perfect, but require the Expansive Spellstrike feat to make their impact.

We pick up a few extra conflux spells in the build. They don't make too big of an impact, but they are mainly there for their bonus effects: a) additional focus points for b) refreshing spellstrike after a conflux spell.

Since ideally Dani will be spellstriking more often than she has spell slots, Gouging Claw is a nice cantrip to fill the gap. An arrow hits a foe, then a terrifying illusion gashes them. Awesome.

Because we are mainly concerned with only the extra conflux spells for the Magus feats, we pick up a Ranger Dedication early to get a bit better at actually shooting the arrows. The Hunt Prey action is a start, and Hunted Shot is even better.

Finally, we splash a Wizard Dedication through Multitalented. This is for more more more illusions, and some spellslots for casting them.





Expansive Spellstrike

Necessary for turning the spookiest of illusion spells into Spellstrikes.


Ranger Dedication

Get the Hunt Prey action for some finer arrows.


Cascade Countermeasure

It's a fine conflux spell attached to a finer focus point.


Basic Hunter's Trick

For Hunted Shot. Two arrows for the price of one.


Rapid Recharge

An instant, free Spellstrike recharge once per day. For those intense battles that require a full press.


Runic Impression

A dynamic property rune on Dani's bow for 1 minute. Plus, a focus point and Spellstrike recharge.


Advanced Hunter's Trick

For Skirmish Strike. Step, then shoot.


Basic Wizard Spellcasting

Three spell levels of scary illusions.


Advanced Hunter's Trick

For Deadly Aim. Even non-neural arrows can be effective.


Supreme Spellstrike

An extra action dedicated to making sure Spellstrike is ready.

Skills & General Feats

Magus isn't the most skill-forward class. Therefore, Dani really focuses on raising her Intimidation to legendary. I mean, you gotta be able to scare enemies with the illusions, right? They aren't manifestations of public speaking.

Legendary: Intimidation

Master: Nature

Expert: Arcana, Athletics, Deception





Incredible Initiative

From General Training. Get off to a scary good start.


Experienced Tracker

Dani's grandfather taught her all he knows about the hunt.



Get in position early, shoot fast, scare big.


Terrain Stalker: Underbrush

Growing up in the mountains of Colorado means knowing how to stalk in the brush.


Terrifying Resistance

It's tought to be effective against Dani when you're scared out of your mind.


Viking Shieldbearer

From Ancestral Paragon. Strap on a shield and longsword for those times when the bow is stowed, like a Valkyrie.


Steady Balance

Find the right perch to fire arrows from.


Battle Cry

Get enemies scared even without Spellstrike.


Incredible Investiture

Extra magic items and trinkets from Black Eagle.


Terrified Retreat

Shooting arrows is easier when everyone is afraid to be close.


Fleeing Diversion

Create an illusion and let the team get out of dodge.


Scare to Death

These illusions can be fataly frightening.


Too Angry To Die

Come back into the fray with Demon Bear vibes.


Predict Weather

It's easier to hunt prey if you can tell which way the winds are going to change.


Pick Up The Pace

Give the team the same pep talk Black Eagle gave Dani.


Skeptic's Defense

After overcoming the fear of the Demon Bear, it's hard to faze Danielle Moonstar.

Attribute Increases


Suggested Starting Equipment

Danielle Moonstar's Signature Items

Key Spells






Add to an arrow to make a stunning strike.


Torturous Trauma

A grueling illusion that leaves foes fatigued.


Gouging Claw

Dani's main Spellstrike cantrip. Illusory demons gouge at the foe, leaving them bleeding for real.


Mask of Terror

Turn an ally into something terrifying for their attackers.


Undermine Reality

Affect how an enemy perceives the world. Is any of this real?



Damage and terrify foes around the target.


Summon Ancient Fleshforged

The Thousand will fill in just fine for the Demon Bear. When things get crazy, get every enemy running for their lives.


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